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The Profound Impact of Gregor’s Transformation on Human Nature

Jul 4, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 4, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

1. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka portrays the contention for acceptance of individuals in a time of need. From the start, Gregor, who is the central character of the story works very hard to provide for his family financially, but he receives remarkably little recognition for his work. Gregor goals are to see his family getting the best out of all and is desperate to be loved by them. One morning he wakes up and finds himself transformed into a human-size insect; however, he does not show to be so much concerned about the sudden change. His transformation into an insect proves to be more profound than the transformation of his character. While in the insect state, instead of his family appreciating him, they abuse him. However, Gregor does not lose hope of connecting with them.


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2. Clearly, in The Metamorphosis, Gregor’s physical transformation does not change his feeling like a human being. (clear up this sentence, phrase it differently keeping its meaning)

Gregor’s entire life is centred around his job as a travelling salesman. He follows the same schedule every day and put his best effort at work. Nevertheless, his primary intention and motivation is to ensure he settles his parent’s debts and sends his sister, Grete to a conservatory where she could improve her skills as a violin player. His family depends on his job so much that they are entirely invested in his capability to work and provide. Furthermore, when he finds out that his physical body has changed, he reacts so indifferently. He thinks it was a dream and attempt to find a comfortable position to sleep because his insect body does not permit him, but his feelings are still attached to his job and he regrets his inability to do his duties. He cried to God of the nature of the job he had chosen (Kafka, 4). It is clear that Gregor is not surprised by his insect body, rather than the fact that he is late for work, meaning that his new body does not change his feelings about his job.

3. At first, when his family discovers about Gregor’s transformation, it appears they sympathize with him. His sister Grete leaves him food so that he can eat while his mother creates accommodations to help him adjust to his new body such as shifting the furniture around the house so that he can move around freely. Also, his family maintains the door of his room open so that he can see and hear what the family is doing. Nevertheless, as time went on with the new body, his family started feeling the effect of Gregor being jobless. His father had to look for a job, and the family had to find a way to help in paying the rent. As a result, Gregor felt detached from the family because they became less concerned about his wellbeing. Gregor grew to become a nuisance and no longer needed in his family because he was not productive and desperately sought to connect with his family although his attempt was not welcomed. Neither his sister appreciated him nor his parents. Gregor feels that his family is not as kind and considerate as it should be. Indeed, his family loses their capacity for mercy and justice for him despite the fact that he had been working hard to provide for them.(please after reading this paragraph, try to focus on how Gregor reacts to the attitude of his family, how his feelings are perceived.. find evidence in the text and cite.)

4. For instance, there was a moment in the story when Gregor is deeply moved after hearing his sister Grete playing the violin, but Grete is not moved by Gregor appreciation of her music. This is shocking to Gregor because he still had the human feeling of compassion despite being in an insect body. Gregor got deeply moved by his family for not showing appreciation and compassion to him. He is shocked because he still has the human feelings of compassion despite being in an insect body. (please, add more to this paragraph and cite from the text, always make sure that what is written supports the thesis statement)

5. Apart from Gregor’s family turning a blind eye to him, they also mistreated him in a myriad of ways. Even though they heavily depended on him during the earlier sessions of the story, it is evident that they gave him tiny support when his body transformed into a gigantic insect. Despite Gregor acquiring the new body, he still had compassion and human feelings towards his family. Therefore, Gregor’s metamorphosis did not affect his reasoning and sensitive aspects of his human nature. (refine the conclusion, and add more if necessary)


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