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183 Argumentative Essay Topics For an Outstanding Paper

Oct 22, 2022 | 0 comments

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Oct 22, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

Argumentative essays are a valuable part of any English student’s education. They require students to think critically about an issue, research it thoroughly, develop their argument and then present it persuasively. These essays can be very powerful and persuasive, but they can fall flat when written poorly. This article will look at some argumentative essay topics that have worked well for other colleges, high school, and middle schoolers worldwide.

Best Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. If a person is born with a genetic syndrome or disability, should they be allowed access to genetic testing?
  2. Has technology made us lazier human beings?
  3. Is there any evidence that supports the idea that vaccines cause autism?
  4. Should there be more regulations on advertising to stop companies from targeting children as consumers?
  5. Do parents have any responsibility for teaching their children about sex education?
  6. Will artificial intelligence help the world or hurt it?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The value of a college education
  2. The impact of the internet on society
  3. Why do you believe in God?
  4. Exploring the concept of reincarnation in the context of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism
  5. Is it important to be beautiful?
  6. Should illegal immigration be legalized? Why or why not?
  7. What is your favorite movie genre, and why?

Simple Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. “I think the best way for students to learn is by listening.”
  2. “I think students should be allowed to have cell phones in school.”
  3. “I believe teachers should be allowed to give grades on homework.”
  4. “I believe students should be allowed to listen to music in class.”
  5. “I think homework is important because it helps prepare students for what they will learn in the future.”

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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Smoking in public places should be banned.
  2. The government should pay for children to go to college.
  3. All criminals should have their DNA stored by the government, even if they haven’t committed a crime yet.
  4. Police officers should be required to wear body cameras at all times
  5. The government should be allowed to wiretap any phone conversation of any citizen
  6. The government should allow citizens to carry concealed weapons in public (e.g., handguns).
  7. The government should ban all forms of pornography, including all sexually explicit literature, movies, and television shows.
  8. In cases of terminal illness, should a patient be able to request medically-assisted suicide?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Kids in Elementary School

  1. What is the best way to make friends?
  2. Should children be allowed to play violent video games?
  3. Is getting pets or a new baby sibling as your first pet better?
  4. What are the benefits of going to school every day?
  5. Should schools allow students to bring their pets on field trips and other school activities?
  6. Do you think that homework should be banned at all levels of education

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Should schools have a dress code?
  2. What should happen to students who don’t do their homework?
  3. Is television bad for children?
  4. Should the government provide free health care?
  5. Is it important for a child to get good grades in school?
  6. Should kids be allowed on social networking sites?
  7. Should schools have uniforms?
  8. Should cell phones be allowed in class?
  9. Should the government provide free health care?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Should schools be required to have uniforms?
  2. Is the death penalty acceptable in cases of murder?
  3. Should teachers be allowed to use corporal punishment on students?
  4. Do you think parents should have a say in their child’s extracurricular activities at school?
  5. Has technology made it easier or harder to communicate with others (e-mail, texting, etc.)?
  6. Should there be a ban on junk food in schools?
  7. Should students be allowed to bring cell phones to school?
  8. Should the government provide free health care for everyone in the United States?
  9. Do parents have any responsibility when it comes to their child’s education?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  1. Does social media have a place in education?
  2. Do the benefits of online shopping outweigh the negatives?
  3. Should all student-athletes be required to pass a drug test before playing in their first game of the season?
  4. Should we allow students to use electronic devices during class
  5. Should the government ban all forms of gambling
  6. Should schools be allowed to search students’ cell phones without a warrant?
  7. Should athletes who protest against their coaches be kicked off their teams?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Family

  1. Why is it important to have a family?
  2. Is a two-parent household better than a one parent?
  3. Are there any benefits to single parents?
  4. Why do some people get married and others don’t want to?
  5. What makes the family bond strong enough to withstand the hardships of life (i.e., divorce, death)?

Law Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

  1. The use of drones in armed conflict is ethical.
  2. The death penalty deters crime and should be reinstated.
  3. Police officers should be allowed to use excessive force when arresting
  4. Mandatory sentences for non-violent drug offenses are effective deterrents to crime
  5. The United States government should enact stricter gun control laws to prevent mass shootings from occurring in public spaces
  6. Private prisons are more cost-effective than state-run ones
  7. When a criminal poses a danger to themselves or others, the police can use force.

Ethics Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Electronic voting
  2. Global warming and its effects on the environment
  3. Animal testing in scientific research
  4. The use of steroids by professional athletes
  5. The legalization of marijuana for medical purposes

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The role of psychology in a person’s life
  2. The relationship between psychology and social media
  3. Mental health and its impact on relationships
  4. How to treat mental disorders with therapy, medication, or both
  5. Whether or not mental illnesses should be treated using medication and therapy

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  1. The Benefits of Online Courses
  2. The Importance of School Uniforms
  3. The Necessity of the Re-Education of Teachers
  4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Learning Tools
  5. Student Loans in the United States

Argumentative Essay Topics on Foreign Policy

  1. The Issue of Foreign Policy and War
  2. The Role of Diplomacy in Foreign Relations
  3. The Importance of Military Strength in Foreign Policy
  4. US Foreign Policy and its Effect on the World Economy
  5. America’s Role as a Superpower in the Current World Order
  6. Has US foreign policy been effective?
  7. Why does the United States have such a strong military presence abroad
  8. What is the role of diplomacy in foreign policy?
  9. Should illegal immigrants be granted residency?

Economics Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The effects of the rise in the minimum wage on unemployment
  2. The impact of U.S. trade policy with China on America’s economy
  3. How to reform the U.S tax code to make it fairer and less complicated
  4. Why the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is ineffective, and what should be done about it?
  5. Should Congress raise taxes or cut spending, so there’s enough money for our government services?
  6. How to reduce the federal deficit without cutting spending on Social Security, Medicare, or defense
  7. Why are some people against raising the minimum wage?
  8. Should we have a single-payer healthcare system in America?
  9. How can we improve our nation’s infrastructure without increasing the national debt?
  10. What should be done about fossil fuels and climate change?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Military Science

  1. A comparison between modern warfare and ancient warfare
  2. How modern weapons could change the way wars are fought in future
  3. The role of women in combat units during war times (can they fight?)
  4. What should be done with soldiers who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from war?
  5. Should nations give up nuclear weapons altogether?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The use of video games to help improve sports performance
  2. Should more money be spent on training athletes in elite sports than on amateur sports?
  3. Legalize betting on sports events: good idea or bad idea?
  4. How much is too much when it comes to spending on college athletics?
  5. Should we still have separate athletic teams for boys and girls in high school?
  6. Is organized team sports a good way for kids to learn teamwork and leadership skills?

Argumentative Essay Topics on History and Politics

  1. Discuss the significance of the American Declaration of Independence in shaping modern American society.
  2. What are the causes and effects of the global economic recession?
  3. Discuss whether or not money alone can buy happiness.
  4. Evaluate the role played by women in politics today and their contribution to a better world.
  5. What are some of the major social issues facing our country today, and how should they be resolved?
  6. What are the causes and consequences of global warming?
  7. What role does religion play in today’s society?
  8. Is there such a thing as a “war on women,” and if so, how do we solve it?
  9. Should the electoral college be abolished?

Health and Nutrition Argumentative Essay Ideas

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Healthy Foods
  2. The Best Way to Lose Weight
  3. Facts About the Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods
  4. How to Choose Healthy Foods When You’re Hungry?
  5. Effects of Junk Food on Our Health (Advantages and Disadvantages)
  6. How to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight?
  7. What Are the Causes That Make Us Fat? Discuss the Solutions!
  8. The Effects of Junk Food on Our Health & Ways To Avoid Them!
  9. Is It Possible To Be Fit Without Exercising Or Dieting? If Yes, Give some Reasons For It!
  10. Are Fast Foods Bad for Your Health And How Can We Prevent Them From Harming Us Any Way Possible?”
  11. Should fast food restaurants be allowed to give away free toys with their meals?
  12. What is a healthy diet for children? How should kids be eating during the summer months?
  13. Who is to blame for the obesity epidemic in America?
  14. Should schools ban junk food from being sold on school grounds during lunchtime?
  15. How should kids be eating during the summer months?
  16. What is a healthy diet for children?

Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are fast food chains good for the environment?
  2. Is global warming real?
  3. Do you think that littering is a crime? Why or why not?
  4. What are some of the consequences of overpopulation in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and South America?
  5. Are plastic bags an environmental hazard?
  6. What are some of the ways that humans can make their lives more environmentally friendly?
  7. Are recycling programs a good way to help reduce waste and pollution?
  8. What is your opinion on the use of plastic bags?

Technology and Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Physical media vs. digital media
  2. The effects of technology on our lives
  3. The impact of technology on the environment
  4. Technology as a tool for learning and teaching
  5. Social media and its effect on society
  6. How technology is changing education
  7. The impact of technology on our lives

Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

  1. Religion causes wars and conflicts in the world
  2. Can we trust religious leaders?
  3. Does religion bring goodness into our lives?
  4. Should we follow religious leaders blindly?
  5. Is God real or just an imaginary figure created by humans to explain things they cannot understand?
  6. Do people still believe in God despite not having proof of His existence?
  7. Does evil exist because of God or despite Him/Her/It is there?
  8. Any other topic related to religion (eugenics, evolution vs. creationism, etc.).
  9. Is America ready for a female president?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Society and Culture

  1. The death penalty: should we or should we not execute criminals?
  2. Do television and movies hurt society?
  3. Our culture of materialism has made us forget the value of hard work and patience.
  4. Are standardized test scores accurately measuring a student’s ability to succeed in college or the workforce?
  5. Is the American Dream still alive?
  6. Can everyone achieve financial success and happiness if they work hard enough?
  7. Are college students too busy to have a social life?
  8. Do students have enough time for their homework and other activities?
  9. Is it fair that we expect high school students to act like adults while still learning to be one themselves?
  10. Are schools doing enough to prepare students for the real world?
  11. How can we ensure that all children get an equal opportunity at success in school and beyond?

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Was the American Civil War a just war?
  2. Did the federal government have the right to impose Prohibition on the states?
  3. Did the United States make a mistake by sending troops into Panama in 1989?
  4. Was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal a failure or success in addressing the Great Depression?
  5. Did John F Kennedy change America for better or worse with his policies and decisions during his presidency (1961-1963)?
  6. How did George W Bush’s actions while serving as President of the United States affect our country’s reputation globally?
  7. Was President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan worth it considering its costs and limitations on citizens?
  8. Has Donald Trump made us stronger or weaker as a country since he came into power
  9. How did the treatment of Native Americans leave a moral stain on the United States?


We hope that this article helped get you started on your next argumentative essay. It may not be easy, but with our list of good argumentative essay topics, the words will flow. If you’re looking for more ideas or need help writing an argumentative essay, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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