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Top 100 Health Argumentative Essay Topics

May 5, 2022

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May 5, 2022 | Topics

A condition of total mental and physical well-being is defined as health. Diet, lifestyle, and society all have an impact on an individual’s health. A layperson may be uninterested in learning about the elements that influence their health, whereas educated people always seek to learn about all aspects that affect their health. In the case of students, they learn about their health by reading about it, investigating it, and arguing it. While a few students have no difficulty finding health-related themes for their studies, many students have difficulty finding health-related topics for their studies. We want to assist all students; therefore, we’ve compiled a list of health-related argumentative essay themes that students can utilize in their studies. The most fascinating and famous health argumentative essay ideas have been included in the list of articles below. Because all of the themes below are simple enough for ordinary students, kids will quickly know what to write or say about them.
Health Argumentative Essay Topics
1. Surrogate pregnancy should not be used only for health reasons
2. Children vaccination should be mandatory
3. Cosmetic surgery is unhealthy
4. The government should ban products that are manufactured at the cost of people’s health
5. Exercise can worsen health
6. Birth control pills can permanently damage the reproductive system
7. The government should regulate all fast-food chains in a country
8. People who live an unhealthy lifestyle don’t deserve organ transplantation when their organs stop functioning well
9. Do technological devices make humans vulnerable to cancers?
10. Diets of vegetarians elongate their lifespans
11. Dangers of being a gay couple
12. Is Mental health clinics in American high schools helping students?
13. Smart devices are deteriorating human health
14. Political corruption affects the health care decision of patients in European countries
15. Excessive water in the body can harm the body system
16. Female circumcision: Is it healthy or harmful?
17. Should people leave their country and go to other countries for medical treatment?
18. The cost of most drugs is too high
19. Things to do daily to keep yourself healthy and reduce appointments with doctors
20. Could alcohol usage be wholly restricted in high Schools?
21. Is the government really exploiting people in need of health care?
22. The herbal extract and chemical compounds used to cure cancer are not effective enough
23. The Real costs of medicine compared to the cost in health care centers
24. Salary of doctors should never be the highest in the world
25. Technology plays more positive roles than negative roles in health care systems
26. Doctors vs. nurses: Who does the real work?
27. Law enforcement on health care systems plays only little role in maintaining public health
28. Oversleeping causes no harm to the body system
29. Human beings endanger their lives through the things they do daily
30. Patients that go into a coma for several months still sometimes dream in a coma state
31. The deadliest diseases in the world are less focused on
32. The improvements and importance of AI in medical systems
33. Cosmetic surgeries don’t need to be insured
34. Do the governments have some roles in providing premium health care services
35. Some People finds it difficult to go to hospitals not because of the cost but because of fear
36. Diets can make people look younger even in their late 70s
37. Doctors are not financially compensated for what they do
38. Alcohol consumption is responsible for several health issues that senior adults have
39. Should proper health care services to individual be considered as a Human Right?
40. Many parents ignorantly endanger the lives of their unborn children
41. Exposure to radiation originating from communication devices can cause cancer
42. Artificial internal organs are more reliable than the natural internal organs
43. Cancer is hereditary
44. Traditional Chinese Medicines are more effective than Western medicines
45. Acupuncture can solve more health problems than radiotherapy
46. There is a link between poor he and poverty
47. Could diabetes have a cure soon?
48. Should homeless people enjoy free health care?
49. Unconventional forms of medicine as part of the national healthcare system: a proper or an improper thing?
50. Should euthanasia be illegal?
51. Womb transplantation vs. surrogate pregnancy: which one is better?
52. Mental health vs. physical health: which one requires more attention?
53. Can cloning save lives?
54. Medical tests on humans should have some limits
55. The cost of healthcare services is too high in the Western countries of the world

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