Top 100 Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

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All living and non-living components of nature that surround and impact man are referred to as the environment. Environmental challenges such as global warming are among the most severe threats that humanity faces today, so schools occasionally assign pupils environmental-related activities.
All kids should be aware of environmental issues because they are the ones who will be able to tackle these difficulties shortly. While students may lose interest in persuasive essays, argumentative essays will require them to conduct multidimensional research.
Although argumentative essays are generally more entertaining, students may experience difficulties if they do not adequately choose their essay themes.
We’ve compiled a collection of distinctive environmental argumentative essay themes below to help students save time. All of the suggestions for environmental argumentative essay themes given below are simple enough for students to fight about.
Students who employ these themes will have no trouble figuring out what to write about. The best part is that these themes will encourage kids to think about how they can help the environment.
1. Are humans the primary factors for climate change?
2. Can electric cars stop air pollution in big cities?
3. Hunting doesn’t have a serious negative impact on the environment
4. Do plastic bags help the environment?
5. Can electricity consumption cause harm to the natural environment?
6. Can nuclear energy production reduce pollution?
7. Are humans responsible for global warming?
8. Is American doing enough to reduce carbon dioxide emissions?
9. Do people really care about the environmental effects of nuclear power?
10. Do electric cars cause harm to the environment?
11. Are hybrid cars overrated, or are they truly environmentally friendly?
12. Is the nuclear waste from nuclear power stations and nuclear submarines disposed of safely enough?
13. Will environmental damage and pollution stop if all future vehicles are hybrid vehicles?
14. Should everyone travel by public transport in order to minimize air pollution?
15. Should the taxes of car owners be higher since their cars cause environmental damage?
16. Should government shut down companies that are dumping toxic waste in the environment?
17. Should homeowners get grants for installing solar panels?
18. Should houses face stricter penalties for littering their environment?
19. Should government allow oil and gas exploration in natural reserves?
20. Should America serve as a perfect example in terms of environmental management?
21. Is it possible for humans not to rely on non-renewable energy sources?
22. Should recycling become mandatory?
23. Should palm oil be banned?
24. Should mining be banned in environmentally sensitive areas?
25. Do endangered species need protection?
26. Should humans stop lumbering activities in order to conserve forest resources?
27. Should fishing regulation become stricter in China?
28. Can humans rely fully on renewable sources of energy?
29. Should oil drilling stop in Alaska?
30. Why is sustainable development so important?
31. Are humans responsible for ozone depletion?
32. Do microbes cause more harm than good?
33. Should it become mandatory for all people to make their carbon footprint?
34. Is carbon tax so important?
35. Are humans responsible for the loss of biodiversity in nature?
36. Can humans stop all the adverse effects of global warming?
37. Should plastic bags be banned?
38. Should people stop consuming inorganic products?
39. Should all companies use solar energy in order to reduce environmental pollution?
40. Should aviation fuel attract a huge green tax?
41. Should stores stop supplying plastic bags?
42. Should people stop using synthetic products in order to save the environment?
43. Will recycling save our environment from harm?
44. Is nuclear power a hazardous alternative source of energy?
45. Should humans stop hunting sports?.
46. Are humans responsible for the increasing rate of natural disasters?
47. Are scientists overestimating the effects of global warming?
48. Is rural development the primary cause of wildfires?
49. Should every construction plan include an environment-section?
50. Should organic farming become mandatory?
51. Should government make stricter policies to regulate industrial activities?
52. Do people really care about the effects of deforestation?
53. Should government make it mandatory for all household to recycle their wastes?
54. Do dams cause some environmental problems?
55. Is biodiversity really at risk?
56. Do humans have any right to harm the earth?
57. Should it become mandatory for everyone to plant trees around their houses?
58. Should government ban all industrial activities?
59. Are humans causing more harm than good to the environment?