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Top 100 Debate Topics For Youth At Church

Mar 26, 2022

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Mar 26, 2022 | Topics

Debate themes for youth in the church are engaging issues that highlight the challenges that young Christians encounter in their daily lives. There are several disputes about religion and Christianity that professors hold in colleges and universities. The debates allow students to express their views on a variety of topics. They are allowed to express their views on religion.
The list of themes provided below will assist pupils in writing about various and contentious religious matters. The articles are also excellent for widening one’s horizons and broadening one’s expertise. Students are encouraged to make changes to the themes as needed. There are many religious difficulties in today’s world, and individuals continually doubt their spirituality. A lot of research has been done to help debunk the many challenges.
Students should choose a topic that fascinates them and will help them learn more about it. They should also keep in mind the time limit and the teacher’s directions. These subjects provide a unique viewpoint on religion. They also assist kids in developing their thoughts and coming to rational conclusions. The following are some subjects that will help you in completing proper research.:
1. In the Next One Year, Describe The ways In which You Will Be More Like Christ
2. What is Your Perspective on Same Sex Marriage Being Religiously and Morally accepted
3. What Are Your Expectations When It Comes To Churches Accepting Same Sex Marriages
4. Ways In Which The Roman Catholic Church Can Mitigate its Priests Practising Child Pornography
5. Should Everyone Become A church Goer and Become Religious
6. Who Is A Christian In Your Perspective
7. Would You Later Your Life If Jesus Was To Show Up In 6 Months
8. Which Aspect of Your Life Requires You To Put More Trust In God?
9. What is The prevalence of Sexual Abuse in Churches
10. In Your Perspective, Should Scientology Churches be exempted From Paying Taxes
11. Should The State Coerce Churches To Allow Gay Weddings?
12. Should Churches Allow Gays To Attend?
13. Should Children Be Coerced To Go To Church Every Weekend By Parents
14. Should The school Curriculum Incorporate Religious Practices in Education
15. Should Churches Lay Emphasis On Security
16. Should Priests Be Allowed By Catholic Churches To Choose Whether To Be Celibate?
17. Catholic Churches should Make Being Celibate Optional. Discuss
18. Gay Marriages or Lesbian Marriages Should be Recognized By Catholic Churches
19. The Church and Government Should remain separate
20. Should the Tax From Churches Be Used to Eradicate Hunger?
21. In Your Perspective, should The Government Tax Churches
22. In Your Opinion, Should catholic Churches embrace Women in The Priesthood?
23. In Your Perspective, Is cursing in Church Right and Why is It Not Allowed?
24. What Are Your Reasons For Worshipping God?
25. The Use of Fear By Churches To Lure People
26. How Has Becoming A Believer Changed Your Life?
27. What Makes You Close To God?
28. Which Worship Song Do You Like Most?
29. What Will God Ask You?
30. Which Bible Verse Have You Memorized?
31. Which Other way Can You worship God Apart From Singing?
32. What I Challenging To Believe About God?
33. What Do You Like Most about Being Part Of The Church?
34. What Are You Praying Most about Currently?
35. What Would You Like To Know About God?
36. Which Activity Would You Dedicate To God?
37. What Do You Like Most About God?
38. At Which Point In Your Life Do You Feel Like God Has Forsaken You?
39. How Many Times Do You Pray?
40. At Which Point In Your Daily Life Activities Do You feel Closest To God?
41. Who In The Bible Do You Resonate With The Most and Why Do You Identify With Them?
42. Who Is Your Spiritual Guider In Your Life That Embodies Christ?
43. Why is Our Heart More Important To God Than How We Look?
44. How Are Atheists Different From Christians?
45. What Are the Different Perspectives of The Story About Adam and Eve?
46. The Relation of The American Dream To The Commandments

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