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Exploring 89 Captivating Narative Essay Ideas for Your Narrative Essay

Aug 10, 2023

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Aug 10, 2023 | Topics

Narrative essays are great to write because they allow you to tell a story and get your point of view across in a very personal way. Writing a narrative essay is not always easy because you don’t have to cite your sources and can tell what happened. Unlike argumentative essay topics, topics for your narrative paper cover an event in your life.

Below we’ve listed narrative essay topics based on different categories such as best, simple, or controversial. Feel free to select a topic for your essay from the list of good narrative essay topics ideas.


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Best Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The best birthday party you’ve ever had
  2. The best time you went to the beach
  3. The best vacation you have ever been on
  4. The most memorable trip to a theme park or amusement park
  5. Your favorite book and why it is your favorite book
  6. What was the first movie that made you cry?
  7. A funny story involving yourself that demonstrates how much of an idiot (or smart aleck) you are (or were).
  8. A story about a time you were in a serious accident or narrowly escaped death and how you felt during the experience.
  9. A story about an embarrassing moment that you had to endure.
  10. A story about how your act of kindness affected someone else’s life.
  11. A story about a time you were bullied or teased and how it made you feel.
  12. A story about someone else being bullied or teased and how you reacted to their situation.
  13. A funny story involving yourself that demonstrates how much of an idiot (or smart aleck) you are (or were).


Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

  1. My First Pet
  2. A Trip to the Beach
  3. My Favorite Disney Princess
  4. The Time I Got Lost at Disneyland
  5. Growing Up in the Country
  6. My First Job Interview and How I Failed It (and Why You Shouldn’t Make the Same Mistakes)
  7. The Day I Met the President of the United States (or Vice President, or Prime Minister, or Queen) and What We Talked About
  8. How I Walked on a Rainbow Bridge in China with a Monk and under it was Waterfall from Heaven that Fell into Lake below . . . And Then He Prophesied Over Me! (Or Something Like That)
  9. How I Learned to Fly and Flew Through the World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls in New Zealand
  10. The Time I Saw a UFO, and It Wasn’t a Plane, Helicopter, or Cloud—It Was a Real Flying Saucer!


Simple Narrative Essay Topics

  1. My summer vacation in the city of dreams, New York City.
  2. My first day at school and how I used to be a shy kid gained confidence over time with the help of my friends and family.
  3. The most adventurous ride I have ever taken in my life and how it impacted me when it comes to my outlook on life and other people’s experiences as well (this topic will work well if you are talking about a roller coaster).
  4. My favorite place to go when I want to relax after a long day at work or back home from college/university
  5. I overcame my fear of public speaking after taking an online course on how to speak in front of large crowds.


Controversial Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Nursing Home Abuse
  2. The Death Penalty
  3. Sex Trafficking
  4. Animal Testing for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
  5. Medical Marijuana Steroids in Sports
  6. The Effects of Steroids on Athletes
  7. The Effects of Alcohol on the Brain and Body
  8. How Smoking Affects the Body and Mind
  9. The moment you realize that Google saves all of your data


Narrative Essay Topics for Kids

  1. How I Got a New Puppy
  2. My First Trip To The Dentist
  3. How I Got a New Pet
  4. How I Learned to Swim When I Was Little
  5. The Best Gifts for Kids
  6. How I Lost My First Tooth
  7. How I Got Involved in Soccer
  8. A Day at the Beach with My Family
  9. My Favorite Holiday Tradition
  10. The Best Gift I Ever Received
  11. What My Dad Means to Me
  12. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut
  13. My dog is my best friend
  14. The day I became friends with my teacher
  15. I love my family because they are very nice to me
  16. My first day at school was amazing because I met new friends and we played together.
  17. My family is the best in the world because they love and care for me.


Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. A story of overcoming a challenge
  2. How has your family influenced you, and why
  3. A trip to somewhere new, including the excitement and challenges you faced
  4. The day you met your best friend or how they became your best friend
  5. A memorable birthday party or other celebration that involved friends and family
  6. Your favorite childhood vacation spot and why it’s special to you
  7. An interesting school field trip that was part of an educational experience (you don’t have to be in middle school for this one!)
  8. What was the most memorable sports season of your childhood, and why was it so special to you
  9. A favorite family vacation to a place where you had fun and learned new things
  10. The day that someone close to you passed away or when they were born
  11. The first time you saw the ocean or another large body of water


Personal Narrative Essay Topics for High School

  1. A time when I felt differently about something than other people did
  2. An event that changed me, for better or worse
  3. How I handled a situation when someone said “no” to me (or vice versa)
  4. How my parents taught me something valuable
  5. How I overcame a difficult challenge
  6. How my struggle against an obstacle made me feel
  7. When I felt like no one was listening to me (or vice versa)
  8. A time when I was the only one who believed in myself
  9. The most memorable moment in my life
  10. A time when I felt lost and alone
  11. How I overcame a challenge that scared me
  12. When someone made fun of me for doing something just because they didn’t understand it
  13. An event in which two people or groups had different opinions on something


Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. My First Day Of College (How To Make A Good First Impression In A New School)
  2. The Time I Got Lost In The Woods (A Lesson On Being Resourceful)
  3. My Worst Experience With Homework Ever (How To Manage Stress And Succeed At School)
  4. My Favorite Place At The Beach (Why You Should Spend Your Vacation There This Summer)
  5. The Time I Went To The Zoo (Why You Should Visit One This Summer)
  6. My First Time At A Concert (How To Make It An Experience Of A Lifetime)
  7. My First Time Camping (How To Stay Safe And Have Fun)
  8. The Time I Went On A Road Trip With My Family (Why You Should Do It This Summer)
  9. The Time I Went To A Concert (How To Make It An Experience Of A Lifetime)
  10. My Worst Experience With Homework Ever (How To Manage Stress And Succeed At School)
  11. My Favorite Place At The Beach (Why You Should Spend Your Vacation There This Summer)
  12. How To Manage Stress And Succeed At School (My Worst Experience With Homework Ever)


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What are some good narrative essay topics?


Some good narrative essay topics include memorable experiences like the best vacation, overcoming challenges, funny stories, and moments of personal growth.

What are examples of a narrative essay?


Examples of narrative essays include stories about memorable trips, life-changing events, personal achievements, overcoming obstacles, and significant moments.

How do you choose a topic for a narrative essay?


To choose a topic for a narrative essay, reflect on experiences that have impacted you emotionally or intellectually. Consider events with a clear beginning, middle, and end that you can narrate compellingly.

What are 5 examples of narrative writing?

  1. The story of a memorable family gathering.
  2. An account of a solo adventure that pushed your comfort zone.
  3. A reflection on a lesson learned from a personal mistake.
  4. A recollection of a childhood friendship and its impact on your life.
  5. A narrative about an unexpected act of kindness you witnessed or performed.
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