Top 100 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

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Controversial argumentative essay themes are those that have sparked heated debates between two opposed factions. One group opposes the matter from a moral or ethical standpoint, while another opposes it from a logical standpoint. This is the topic of the majority of contentious argumentative essays. It could also be a conflict between the morally conscious and those who believe that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. For instance, a popular topic for a contentious argumentative essay is the debate between pro-life and pro-choice proponents. Pro-lifers think that abortion should be outlawed, whilst pro-choicers believe that every woman has the right to her body and should have the final decision when it comes to terminating a pregnancy.
An argumentative essay’s topic should be intriguing, and you should adopt a position based on how you feel about the topic rather than what the majority thinks. If you don’t know what to write about, you can come up with topic ideas for your controversial argumentative essay or choose one from the list of topics below. This is one of the most effective methods for coming up with good and simple controversial argumentative essay ideas. The following is a collection of controversial argumentative topics to think about.
1. Discuss whether humans caused the global warming
2. Discuss the effectiveness of capital punishment
3. Discuss whether our voting system is equitable
4. Discuss whether inflicting physical pain is ever right
5. Discuss whether fathers ought to be allowed paternity leaves
6. Discuss whether school uniforms are important
7. Is our taxation process is equitable?
8. Discuss whether restricting teenagers from going out keeps them from trouble
9. Discuss whether we have become too reliant on computers
10. Discuss whether animals ought to be used in experiments
11. Discuss whether smoking ought to be illegal
12. Discuss whether mobile phones are risky
13. Discuss whether legal cctvs affect people’s personal space
14. Discuss whether our society is a temporary type
15. Discuss whether there have been improvements or decline in children conduct this year as compared to the past years
16. Discuss whether it is right for companies to target product promotion to kids
17. Discuss whether the government is entitled to speak in regards to our diets
18. Would pregnancy among the teens be avoided by making condoms be in their reach
19. Discuss whether the maximum tenures ought to be imposed to the members of Congress
20. Discuss whether artists get paid more than they deserve
21. Do CEOs get paid more than they deserve?
22. Discuss whether sportspeople ought to be held accountable of great ethics
23. Discuss whether rough computer games contribute to bad conduct
24. Discuss whether innovation ought to be part of public schools curriculum
25. Discuss whether beauty artifacts are unfairly used
26. Discuss whether English ought to be the official language in US
27. Discuss whether the sporting industry ought to be pushed to use renewable sources of energy
28. Discuss whether liquor taking age ought to be raised or reduced
29. Is it right to demand everyone to reuse?
30. Discuss whether gambling is a wise decision
31. Discuss whether religions are the originators of wars
32. Discuss whether modern trends are significant
33. Discuss whether women who are not in support of the feminist movement are facing harsh treatment from the women who supports it
34. Discuss whether study or work performance improves or declines under circumstances with great competition
35. Discuss whether life was less challenging 100 years back
36. Talk of the disadvantages of a fair political system
37. Define culture shock and its influence on our view of different cultures
38. Discuss whether working mothers are entitled to special treatment
39. Is it appropriate to maintain the allocations reserved for people who are less privileged
40. Should those guilty of harassing others online be fired?
41. Is it possible that e-money will take over the place of paper money?
42. Discuss whether being on the social media all the time makes individuals feel depressed and alone
43. Discuss whether people are getting too lazy through the use of technologies like vacuum cleaners
44. Is it right for people who do not have special accomplishments to get popular on the social media?
45. Discuss whether it is a wise idea to maintain a record of daily events
46. Is it true that the poor people ought to be assisted by the other people?
47. Discuss whether a partner whose spouse is unconscious can insist they need a divorce
48. Are there any negative impacts of beauty shows?
49. Discuss whether it is right for women who have no means of making a living to commit abortion
50. Discuss whether kids ought to learn about different genders that exist
51. Does a student’s GPA ought to be affected by their performance or participation in gym
52. Discuss whether an individual’s knowledge is reflected accurately by standardized exams
53. Would it be appropriate to examine students for abused drugs once in a while?
54. Discuss whether girls and boys ought to receive the same treatment from the parents
55. Is it appropriate for parents to read their kid’s personal journals?
56. Discuss the right age for kids to begin using gadgets
57. Discuss whether parents who discover their teen kid use drugs should solve the problem themselves or request assistance from particular organization
58. Is it appropriate to force employees in the offices to follow a routine like washing hands to prevent the possibility of spreading viruses?
59. Should school kids be given mental counseling services at no costs?
60. What determines the length of the life of life one leads? Genetically factors or other aspects?
61. Discuss whether all types of sports contribute to human well being
62. Discuss whether artists consider the impact of different roles like psychopaths and murders to their mental health
63. People ought to study additional materials to expand their brain capacity. Is it true?
64. Discuss whether viewing TV series is misusing one’s own time
65. Discuss whether popular actors have special natural skills
66. Is it true that magistrates ought to decide the cases in favor of the society?
67. Discuss whether the national government ought to invalidate federal regulations if they go against its entitlement as sovereign republics in the union
68. Discuss whether every state ought to permit possession of firearms
69. Is the judgment of the Supreme Court superior to all the rest?
70. Discuss whether it is right to invalidate the citizenship acquired by birth
71. Justify that Abraham Lincoln is an American icon
72. Discuss whether forcing the native Americans out was right
73. Discuss whether the Soviet Union had a right to occupy Eastern Europe after World War II
74. Discuss the sources of the war between America and Mexico
75. What could be the outcome of removing the British colonialism in India?
76. Discuss the nation that has high chances of originating World War III
77. Do men express their emotions much lesser than women?
78. Discuss whether human ethics keep the same development pace as the advancement in technology
79. Discuss whether computers contribute into our being intelligent
80. Discuss the ways of averting from World War III
81. Discuss the likelihood of financial distress coming to an end
82. An increased number of learning institutions ought to be made open to everyone and education services offered at no cost
83. Highly ranked institutions of higher education ought to raise their intake rates
84. Everybody is entitled access to education at no cost
85. The best approach to bring about gun control and the rest of control standards
86. How do homosexual marriages influence the community?
87. Discuss whether increased frauds and dishonesty is the origin of the little payments
88. Is it possible to live beyond the reach of the rules of the land?
89. Discuss the benefits of communism
90. Discuss whether CIS is a better option to the USSR
91. Discuss whether it is right to demand sex criminals to publicize their names on a list accessible by the public
92. Is it ethical to tell half-truths to somebody if the truth may traumatize the recipient
93. Should prostitution be allowed as a profession?
94. Should all countries ban disposable plastic bags?
95. Should substance abuse be permitted by the law?
96. Should trapping be regarded as brutality to beasts?
97. Is there a probability that technology improvements will ever come to an end?
98. Discuss the investments and advantages of using money to do space exploration
99. Discuss the impacts of technology on education
100. Discuss whether technology is contributing to our being more intelligent or less smart