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70 Unique History Dissertation Topics for History Study

Feb 21, 2022 | 0 comments

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Feb 21, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

History is one of the most interesting topics in the world. It chronicles events that have shaped our present, past and future and can be used as a tool for understanding society. History also provides people with an opportunity to reflect on themselves or their country’s history through personal stories or individual characters who are involved in historical events.,

The “history dissertation titles” is a list of 70 unique history topics for study. The list includes topics such as “The Great Depression,” “World War II,” and “The Cold War.”

History is a perplexing topic that students both like and despise. Those who are most captivated by it pick it as a major, and as a consequence, they enroll at institutions such as Durham, Cambridge, Exeter, and others with the hopes of becoming professionals in their industry. However, everyone must submit a dissertation before they may graduate and obtain their diploma.

Choosing history dissertation topics is quite tough since there is such a wide range of fascinating things to research. Furthermore, in the majority of situations, they are quite difficult, which discourages pupils.

A dissertation is a required, lengthy piece of academic writing that serves as proof of everything that a student has learned at university. It’s a terrific opportunity for history students to demonstrate how their minds function, as well as how well they can acquire, apply, and analyze material. Because all of these traits are necessary in historians, producing a high-quality history dissertation opens the road for a student’s professional success.

Structuring Dissertations: Rules & Tips

It’s critical to understand what parts your dissertation should have and what they should cover before you begin. Because the format of a history dissertation is similar to that of other disciplines, you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for all of the guidelines. Let’s have a look at the important parts that must be included.

  • Introduction. This section requires you to give the background of your issue as well as the explanation for your decision to investigate it further. Unless it’s a reflection section, avoid using first person pronouns and instead use more broad phrases. The thesis or hypothesis, as well as research queries, must all revolve around your selected domain in the history dissertation beginning.
  • Review of the Literature You should include an overview and synthesis of all relevant primary and secondary sources obtained throughout your study in this section. This is one of the most important sections, and its quality is influenced by your subject, so be extra cautious and deliberate while choosing history dissertation themes. But it shouldn’t simply be a recap. You must demonstrate that you grasp the topics addressed and then synthesize knowledge from a variety of sources. Combine them based on their similarities or differences, compare or contrast them quickly, and respond to the “so what” inquiry.
  • Methodology. This is a basic yet difficult section since it needs you to describe how you conducted your research. Because discussing all of your methods and formats might be lengthy, some students decide to get their dissertation methodology from EduBirdie. You must be logical, impartial, and honest in this situation.
  • Results. Present what you’ve learned from your investigation, making it obvious which ideas have been confirmed and which have been disproven.
  • Discussion. Discuss what you’ve discovered. Explain how they affect history as a discipline, how they may aid future research, and what extra needs to be done to better the outcomes.
  • Conclusion. Here you should list the key themes of your history dissertation. Once again, emphasize the importance of your results and limits.
  • Bibliography. Make a list of all the sources you utilized in your paper.

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Sample History Dissertation Topics

When undergraduate students are seeking for history dissertation topics, they frequently get overwhelmed since, although the area is vast, finding a topic that piques one’s interest may be difficult. To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of the seven most relevant categories of history dissertations, along with a short summary and a list of themes that might be investigated under each. Take a look at them and feel free to use any that you like!

Historical People & Events History Dissertation Topics

This topic is both general and fascinating since it may include any time that you are interested in. Consider historical personalities who had a significant effect on the globe, or choose a single event. This category includes the following topics:

  • Birth and education as factors in Hitler’s war ideas, as well as their consequences
  • Reformation objectives, explicit and implicit
  • Why did the Berlin Wall take so long to fall?
  • Reasons for all phases of the American Revolution
  • The politics of Queen Victoria and how they have influenced the United Kingdom
  • Stalin’s route to ultimate power was multi-layered.
  • Sebastien Michaelis: emergence & role in French inquisition
  • Battle of Waterloo: background & implications
  • The most powerful politician in contemporary British history
  • The Slave Trade Act, as well as its historical ramifications for all people of the United Kingdom
  • The reformation or stagnation of Boris Johnson’s personality?

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Topics for a History Dissertation on the First World War

The events of the First World War are still important today, despite the fact that it has only been a century since they occurred and the magnitude of the carnage they inflicted. There are several elements to this broad topic that may be investigated.

  • Causes of the First World War: a summary of all sides’ arguments
  • The involvement of the Soviet Union in World War I
  • The First World War’s ramifications for all parties involved
  • Three crucial choices that influenced the end of the First World War
  • Conditions, motives, and fights faced by British troops during World War I
  • Fairness of Germany’s post-World War I ramifications
  • During WW I, an evaluation of the most influential unions was completed.
  • In the First World War, Hitler led the Bavarian Army.
  • Germany’s loss in World War I served as a springboard for additional aggressiveness.
  • Aspects of WW1 that may have been prevented
  • How has Britain’s moral outlook altered since World War I?

Topics for History Dissertation on “The Great Depression”

This economic crisis has impacted the whole globe, and the repercussions have permanently molded the circumstances in which many nations continue to live. It contains a lot of intricacies that may be studied in depth in a dissertation.

  • The Great Migration and the Great Depression: Causes, Effects, and Consequences
  • How might the Great Depression have been averted sooner?
  • Black Tuesday meaning & implications
  • College & University students during Great Depression
  • During the Great Depression, there were issues with bank insurance and the difficulties that came with it.
  • There are historical antecedents for another Great Depression to occur in current times.  
  • Parties that prospered during the Great Depression
  • The effects of the New Deal on the events that led to the Great Depression
  • The Great Depression had several positive outcomes.
  • Countries that benefitted and lost the most as a result of the Great Depression
  • The Great Depression in the United Kingdom compared. the Great Depression in the United States

Topics for a Second World War History Dissertation

The tremendous number of lives lost during the Second World War remains a bitter and heartbreaking remembrance. Its importance will not diminish very soon since it occurred lately and those who were involved are still alive.

  • What would the world have been like if Germany had won World War II?
  • The elderly in the United Kingdom’s attitude toward Germans: a historical point
  • Strengths that Hitler’s army has that allowed it to win the bulk of battles
  • The country that suffered the most as a consequence of World War II.
  • Repercussions that Second WW had for Germany & Japan: similarities & differences
  • The events in Fife that led to the Allies’ triumph over Germany
  • Reasons explaining overemphasis placed on American bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
  • During WWII, there were a lot of black individuals.
  • The consequences of Nazi experimentation on inmates for current German medicine
  • The United States’ rationale for receiving fugitive Nazi criminals is as follows:

Topics for a History Dissertation on Napoleon III

Napoleon is a pivotal figure in history who is still hotly debated. His singularity as a leader may give fertile ground for in-depth investigation.

  • Napoleon’s rise to power was influenced by a number of causes.
  • Napoleon’s leadership style has historical ramifications
  • Napoleon’s military techniques that helped him win important wars
  • Napoleon’s background as a strong military commander
  • Napoleon’s participation in the Russian campaign: rationale and ramifications
  • Napoleon vs. Hitler: motivations, plans & consequences
  • The backdrop of the Napoleonic period, as well as its connections to the future of France
  • Napoleon’s chances of victory over the Russians
  • In Napoleon’s life, the most important engagement was the Battle of Waterloo.
  • Napoleon’s legacy, as well as its contemporary exhibitions

Dissertation Topics on Mussolini’s Italy

Mussolini is another well-known leader who influenced the lives of many people and nations. Because of the tight links he had with WW2, his politics are still examined.

  • Mussolini & Hitler: connection along with its consequences for Italy
  • Under Mussolini’s administration, fascism grew in Italy.
  • Mussolini’s decision to become Italy’s dictator
  • People who suffered the most as a result of Mussolini’s rule
  • Mussolini is the most powerful Italian leader.
  • Mussolini’s rise to power was marked by two primary characteristics.
  • Mussolini’s policies while he was in charge of Italy
  • Fall of Mussolini & his regimen in Italy
  • Mussolini’s views were influenced by Hitler.
  • Both positive and bad changes have occurred. Italy was witness to the horrors of Mussolini’s regime.
  • Facts and misconceptions about British discussions with Mussolini

Topics for a Dissertation on Nazi Germany’s History

Even now, the successes and atrocities of the Nazis continue to benefit and haunt the globe. Understanding them may help you keep the good parts and get rid of the negative.

  • Could Nazi Germany have persisted for a longer period of time?
  • The reasons for Nazi Germany’s demise
  • Consequences of Nazi Germany’s foreign policy on the rest of the world
  • Nazi Germany’s successes and failings that affected the outcome of the war
  • Ordinary people’s lives in Nazi Germany
  • Was the Nazi Germany rule supported by the majority of Germans?
  • After the Second World War, life in post-Nazi Germany was difficult.
  • Citizens of Nazi Germany voiced their feelings at Hitler’s demise as their leader.
  • In Nazi Germany, the use of violence in politics is increasing.
  • How could Nazi Germany have lasted so long?
  • British writers’ creative works and memoirs on Nazi Germany

Three possible history dissertation topics

It’s helpful to look at various examples of history dissertations to learn how to write one. We’ve chosen three subjects at random and offered a summary of their key elements. For a better understanding, go through these history dissertation samples.

The First Topic: Homosexuals during the Second World War and After

At all eras, even when their presence was considered a crime, the LGBT community has existed in almost equal numbers. Even though homosexuals fought in the Second World War, giving their lives as well as their health for the sake of their country, they were nonetheless punished mercilessly. This dissertation examines how they were handled during and after the war by both Soviet and Nazi troops.

Recommended reading:

MacPike, Loralee. “Coming out under Fire: The History of Gay Men & Women in World War Two by Allan Berube; Odd Girls & Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America by Lillian Faderman.” Oral History Review, vol. 21, no. 1, 1993, pp. 133-137.


Topic 2: The lives of renowned Nazi leaders who managed to flee after the Soviet triumph.

Many persons were prosecuted and killed for their crimes after Nazi Germany was conquered. Some, though, have managed to flee. Josef Mengele is one of these persons who escaped the nation and made a thriving life for himself, even securing funding to continue his medical career. This dissertation will look into how he did it and who could have assisted him.

Reading material to consider:

Encyclopaedia Britannica editors. “Josef Mengele, a German doctor.” https://www.britannica.com/biography/Josef-Mengele, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2019.

Topic 3: People’s changing sentiments about Nazi control of their lands

People in Germany’s occupied regions responded to the transition of power in a variety of ways. While some opposed violently, preferring death to subjugation, others responded favorably, cheering for Nazis in the hopes of bettering their lives. The emphasis of this dissertation will be on how these sentiments vary between populations and how they changed through time.

Initial reading suggestion:

“The Discourse over the Nationality Question in Nazi-Occupied Ukraine: The Generalbezirk Dnjepropetrowsk, 1941-3,” Journal of Contemporary History, vol. 43, no. 4, 2008, pp. 573-596. Bellezza, Simone A. “The Discourse over the Nationality Question in Nazi-Occupied Ukraine: The Generalbezirk Dnjepropetrowsk, 1941-3.”  

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The “history dissertation pdf” is a unique list of 70 history topics for those looking to study the subject. Topics range from the ancient world to modern day, and include everything from military history to women in history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose my dissertation topic history?

A: To choose your dissertation topic, youll need to think about whats important to you. Consider the following questions before choosing a history essay topics. What are your interests?
Do you want a research-oriented project or do you want something with more of an impact?
What time period would be most interesting for someone like yourself in 2018?
How much time can I devote to this subject matter?

How do I find a unique dissertation topic?

A: Thats a tough one. You can try looking for an area where there is currently no high demand, like the history of aliens as told by Shakespearean-era plays.

Which topic is best for PhD in history?

A: I have no idea what you are asking.

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