Respect Essay

Feb 3, 2020

Respect Essay

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What is respect essay and Importance of respect essay

Respect is a noun that is described as a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something based on their abilities, qualities, and achievements.

Respect can also be said to be a way of treating others with dignity.

Different people will respect different people for various reasons.

Reasons for showing respect include;

  • Respecting people because they are in authority for example teachers and government officials.
  • Respecting people who are older than you.

You show respect to people by being kind and polite to them.

When people respect one another they are able to build trust and confidence among themselves.

This is because they’ve been able to show a form of acceptance.

There are various ways that you can be able to show respect for others.

Ways of showing respect include;

  • Listening to people when they talk.
  • Giving a word of affirmation to another person.
  • Being grateful and thankful for something that has been done to you.
  • Serving others is also a way of showing respect.
  • And the list is endless.

Respect can be elucidated in many ways.

One of the ways you can be able to respect others is through your actions.

It is said that actions speak louder than words.

How you present yourself really matters on whether people will respect you or not.

It is also important to note that respect is two-way traffic.

This means that when you respect the other person they will reciprocate the same respect to you.

Respect is moral behaviour.

Despite the fact that society is being ruined and respect is almost becoming distinct because of people’s selfishness and evil desires it should still be upheld.

Respect can come in three angles that are

  • Respect for yourself
  • Respect for other people
  • Respect for property

Parents, leaders both religious and political, strive to make sure that respect is taught and followed.

It is important as parents to teach children concerning respect when they are young because they will be able to uphold this moral when they grow up.

This is because everyone deserves to be respected despite their background.

Respect is very important in our society because of various things.

The importance of respects

  • Relationships are very essential in our society and when you have respect for one another you will be able to build great relationships.
  • Peace and unity is built in the Communities because of respect
  • When there are conflicts revolving around our environments respects play a big role to solve them
  • You will see that when people respect one another their environment flourishes.

These are just a few of the importance of respect in society.

Consider the following respect essays

From this, you will be able to get clarity concerning the importance of respecting society.

Respecting yourself essay

Self-respect is very important in an individual’s life.

It is about being able to have the boldness to stand up for you.

Self-respect is about knowing what you are worthy of.

If anyone is treating you in a manner that is less your worth, you should be able to stand up courageously without fear.

When you have self-respect you will not have self-esteem issues.

Self-respect is also being able to stop anyone who is treating you unfairly.

It is also about making up your mind and not to allow any kind of pressure to get into you on the basis of satisfying people.

The moment you respect yourself you will also be able to earn the respect of outsiders.

It is also important for children to learn to respect so that society can be easy with them.

Respect will enable them to make good friends and also succeed in their careers in the future.

For parents, they can consider buying respect journals and books that can help their children to understand the essence of respecting themselves and others.

Respecting others essay

Respecting others is very important because it helps us build strong feelings of trust safety and confidence.

It is important that you give a basic level of respect to every human being.

Respect will bring order in society and make people live in harmony.

It is essential to respect people like parents, policemen, strangers, workmates, friends, and teachers because they are people you work with on a daily basis.

The following is a list of ways you can be able to show respect for others


Listening is a very important skill in communication.

Being able to be patient while the other person is talking is respecting that person.

You may not always agree on what the person is saying but the fact that you are listening to him or her shows that you have respect.

Respect for others differs depending on how you view the person.

You will also show respect for the other person depending on how they respect themselves.

You may find yourself showing more respect to a specific group as compared to others.

In the long run, it is important that you endeavour to be kind, polite and honest to earn the respect of others.


Everyone has a superior being that they worship and believe in.

We all have a superior being that we have faith in and worship and respecting everyone based on this is important.

This is because you do not know why that person has ascribed to a certain religion and not yours.

You will find so many people fighting because of religion as they think theirs is more superior to the other.

Most of these fights start from very pure conversations and they end up being arguments that leave people hurt.

Do not force people into your religion this is because it can be considered as a crime.

Having respect for everyone’s faith is very important and should be able to bring harmony in our communities.

You will be able to live with people from different backgrounds and cultures when you ensure you respect one another’s religion.

People in power

Respecting people who are in power is very essential.

This includes your employer, leaders, teachers, and many other people.

If you are an employee of a certain organization it is important that you hold high respect because this is the core value that should be adhered to.

You should be able to respect your fellow workmates despite their level of duty.

For employers, it is also important that you have respect for your employees.

This is very important because it will enhance their productivity and they will also respect you.

For students, it is important that you respect your teachers and ensure that you do all the assignments that are given without fail.

It is also important that you respect your rivals depending on the circumstances you are at especially in the sports field.

This is because competition will always be there and there will be a losing team and a winning team.

Respecting property essay

Respecting other people’s property is very critical.

It doesn’t matter the size of the person’s property whether small or large it is important that you consider respecting them.

It might be something as small as a pen or something as big as a house.

Respecting other people’s property is very important because they spend their money to purchase the property.

If you need something from a person it is important that you ask before taking the property.

For example, if you are a student do not take your fellow students’ books without permission.

When you are given permission it is also important to return the book on time and while it is in good shape.

This is because there are some people who do not know how to take care of other people’s property and they will return something they borrowed when it is damaged or in a mess.

It is also important that you take care of the environment around you.

Do not litter anyhow in the environment.

Take care of the environment, for example, by planting trees and flowers.

Do not lean on the property that is not yours, for example, other people’s vehicles.

For people working in an office do not steal the organization’s property.

Do not take anything that you are not given without permission

In conclusion on the respect essay, everyone deserves to be respected depending on their age background and their race.

Everyone wishes to be respected and it is important that you start respecting yourself first before expecting respect from the other person.

Teachers should teach students more about respect and also give them the materials they can read concerning this kind of essay.

If they do these students will be able to respect one another and everyone in society.

You will be able to live in a better place when you consider respecting one another

When you read this essay you will be able to apply some things discussed in it in your life.

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