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Top 100 Funny Conversation Topics

Apr 27, 2022

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Apr 27, 2022 | Topics

In our days, starting a conversation is not an easy task. That’s why we have created this list of funny topics that will help you begin the dialogue with someone and keep it going until whatever event or party ends.�
What Is A Funny Conversation?
Conversations are the glue that keeps relationships together. Laughing and having fun with someone else is a great way to make them feel good; it’s also contagious! One of my best ways to quickly start making conversation is by asking questions about popular topics like movies or events in their area.
Funny Conversation Topic Ideas
Here, you can find many creative and unique ideas for great conversation starters that will make your conversations memorable. All these open-ended questions are ideal if you’re looking for dry humor or something silly to talk about on any given day with someone new. There’s also plenty here just in case you want some absurd topics; they’re perfect when used as jokes! So why not try one out today?
1. Discuss the most embarrassing quote you have used or heard
2. Discuss how you roll stress away
3. Describe a funny movie you watched
4. Discuss an activity that you do which is common to the elderly
5. Discuss how things would be if a world inhabited by copies of yourself existed
6. Discuss something you thought was great as a youngster but has lost that meaning now
7. Discuss the amount of time you would survive in a zombie apocalypse
8. Describe your preferred weapon
9. Discuss the candy bar you would opt for if you had an opportunity to become one
10. Discuss what you would not mind losing between social media sites/applications or stop watching movies/television programs
11. Discuss the instrument you would learn if you had an opportunity to master your skills in one
12. Discuss the age you would prefer to remain at forever if you had an opportunity to choose
13. Discuss what you would opt – getting stuck in a traffic jam or getting a cold
14. Discuss the things you would do if you had an opportunity to be eternal one day
15. Discuss whether you would do something if you had the opportunity to do it
16. Discuss the most disgusting date you ever attended
17. Discuss the most hurtful statement you were ever told
18. Discuss a sacrificial lamb you could exchange for the lives of many others
19. Discuss whether a gold pot exists at the ending of the rainbow
20. Discuss the spirit of an American girl
21. Discuss your enjoyable weakness
22. Talk of the crazy sobriquet ever given to you
23. Discuss whether you would stay in a different planet if you had an opportunity to
24. Discuss your preferred proposal between a bashful public or a private one
25. Discuss whether you have fingered your nose before many people
26. Discuss Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin
27. Discuss your preference between chocolate and vanilla
28. Discuss your preference between being invisible or having the ability to fly
29. Discuss your preference between continuous improvement or remain as you are
30. Discuss your preference between hard copies and soft copies
31. Discuss the most embarrassing statement you ever had
32. The kind of edibles you would be having if a person was permitted to keep only one kind of foodstuff
33. Giving a reason state the one particular gift you really disregarded
34. The domestic animal you would prefer to be assuming you were a home kept beast
35. Talk of the first-time hook up you dislike most
36. Are you guilty of following a person’s moves of network platforms
37. What you like most concerning taking snapshots
38. One thing that you like that damages a certain celeb’s reputation
39. What is the one none legit thing you wish you got the chance to do?
40. Talk about the oddest meal dishes you once ate
41. Give the name of your in existing faked pal
42. You delivered a message to an unintended recipient of your message.
43. A combination of commodities at a greengrocer shop that is too funny to the seller
44. What you once burned against your will when preparing your meal in the kitchen
45. Talk of something you know will not be as highly regarded as it currently is in 5 years time
46. One situation in secondary school that made you feel so ashamed.
47. The thing you’d rather keep to yourself or use alone or eat on your own
48. The funniest head cap you can ever put on
49. The dancing style you like most in a pub
50. Your best dancing style in a marriage ceremony
51. The most vigorous beast if they were to speak
52. The kindest beast in our perception
53. The things that will make someone homesick forty years from now
54. Talk of a particular lifeless substance you would be happy if it got extinct
55. Talk about occasional actions that cannot be done on a daily basis
56. Talk of something very odd you found upon visiting a particular homestead
57. Talk of one thing which call you to the remembrance of a certain person on a television program
58. Talk of an equine
59. Talk of one shaming outfit you’ve once put on.
60. Supposing you were given the permission to exterminate a particular person in a television program identify the person
61. Talk of a particular portion of a certain picture that made you really afraid
62. Talk of the picture in action that really scared you when you were a kid
63. Discuss one thing that was poorly regarded and is currently regarded very highly
64. Supposing you were able to fold a particular substance and put it in your bag, what could have that thing been?
65. Assuming you got detained for no solid reason, how would your buddies and the members of your household think of you?
66. The funniest truth you’ve ever heard of
67. Compose a shopping list comprising of things the seller quite uneasy
68. The most hilarious jest that’s ever at your fingertips
69. Discuss the implicit laws at your workplace
70. State one thing that made you ashamed when got to know hadn’t known it before
71. Supposing you were a very tough person give the signature tune you would use
72. Peradventure, you traveled through time and found yourself four hundred years back what would be your evidence that you belong to the current age
73. Tissue paper, give or take
74. Describe a certain awesome persona in a story or history you would never desire to deal with privately
75. Discuss a few hilarious answers to common questions such as how’s the going, how do you do?
76. How a modern magical story that sites the current high tech and civilization would sound
77. Can grain food be considered as a potage
78. How many components of a vehicle can you replace in an old one for it to be termed as green
79. What can you train a person who desires to be thought of you the trading skills you have
80. Which is the greatest prank you’ve engaged in
81. Which positive traits would you rather conceal from your lover when courting
82. Rate the severity in discipline among your mom and dad
83. Was there any favoritism in your parents while bringing you up together with your brothers and sisters
84. Which tutor did you dislike most? Explain
85. Among your teachers, who did you like most? Explain.
86. Would you prefer being extraordinarily clever, a beauty queen or a great renown inventor
87. Discuss three outstanding music performers
88. Which toy did you really to like when you were a baby
89. Giving a reason, mention the renowned person are you so amazed at
90. An animal that terrifies you real bad
91. Which motion picture can have a defend meaning if a single symbol in its caption was altered
92. Among the celebs that exist, which one would you rule out for popularity
93. Your most cherished achievement
94. If you were to choose between perspiring melted cheese and having serpents in the place of hair, which would you go for?
95. Giving a reason, identify one of your buddies you are really proud of
96. The cutest scene you have visited
97. An imaginary being that will make earth better
98. Three films you really like
99. Which would you prefer to consume between worms and crickets
100. What impression do you create to people when you tell them about yourself
101. How To Choose A Good Funny Conversation Topic?
102. Choosing an interesting conversation topic is not so easy with so many options. When selecting funny conversation topics, you must go for the ones that interest you the most. You can also consider the interests of the person you are having the conversation with if you know them beforehand, like your partner.
It’s all about picking up the right questions that you can ask the other person. When you choose the best funny conversation topics, half of your job is done. Funny conversation topics make it easier for you to kick off a conversation with new people.

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