Top 100 Fantasy Short Story Ideas

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Students’ imagination and ingenuity are tapped into using fantasy short story ideas. These topics are crucial in encouraging kids to use their imaginations to their full potential. They assist people in building a specialization for the bizarre and increasing their creativity in various ways. Many students have trouble coming up with good writing themes. As a result, the list below will help you clarify what fantasy is and what reality is.
The best thing about writing fantasy novels is that they don’t have to be reasonable. Students have complete flexibility to come up with whatever they want. Students can write about supernatural events, magical realism, or urban fantasy. The epic story concepts can also be applied to the same situation. These themes are not written in stone; students can change them at any time to suit their needs.
The subjects can serve as a springboard for coming up with unique ideas. Fantasy stories have virtually endless potential. These subjects will be beneficial for a school assignment or a long-term project such as a novel. If you have primary writer’s block, they can be a fantastic stimulant. Examine the topics to see which ones will appeal to you.
1. An unknown ship without occupants docks at the harbour
2. One Day You Wake Up And Find Your Dishes Singing Your Favourite Songs
3. The Behind The Scenes of A Forgery
4. A Pegasus Shows Up AT Your School Opening Day
5. A Guitarist Whose Guitar Can Bring People Back To Life
6. A Forgotten Superhero Returns To Get Back His Glory and Power
7. A Pauper Believes A Mythical Figure Appeared To Him While Sleeping And Told Him To Win The War
8. An Old Woman Finds A Cure To Aging And Becomes Young Again Forever
9. You Leave The World Through Magic And You Cant Find Your Way Back
10. A Thief Brings Down A Corrupt Government
11. A Soldier Goes on a Spy Mission But Ends Up Living There Permanently
12. A Witch is Hired As A Househelp, Ends Up Casting Spells To Finish Her Chores
13. A Bevy of strong Women Go Against the Norm and Refuse To Succumb Into Force Marriage
14. A New Worker Realises That The New Building He is Constructing Will Serve As A Storage For Drug Dealers
15. A Kid from Privilege Runs Away From Home To become A Musician
16. An Archaeologist Makes A New Discovery But The Owner Claims It Back
17. A Tattoo Artist Predicts People’s Future Through His Work
18. A Trial In Saving A Friend Ends Up Risking Everything In Life
19. Whatever We Believe Comes True
20. In A New Auction, People Are Selling More Than What You Expect
21. Everyone’s Spirit Is Manifested Through Nature
22. How Smell Supersedes Vision and Hearing
23. He Tries To Use Hs Powers when He IS Drunk But Fails Miserably
24. A Young Lady is Struck By Lightning And Leaves An Inscription On Her skin
25. One day When People Are Mining They Come Across a weird Marking
26. One Cold Morning in June, Pets Start Acting Like Human Beings
27. People Are Doing Strange Actions While Asleep
28. A Yong Soldier Takes A Souvenir From War And He Ends Up Dead On Arrival of His Home Country, His Older Brother Does not Stop Until He Knows What Killed Him
29. An Archaeologist Discovers Something That Will Completely Revolutionise What Everyone Believes
30. People Are Dying Spontaneously
31. The Bite From A Strange Animal Will Either Kill You Or Give You Exponential Powers
32. The Crops Require Someone To die For Them T Continue Living
33. No One Realises That The Flock Of Birds Flying In Are Actually Evil Spirits
34. The Land Gets Cursed And Everything Goes Dark
35. The People From The Atlantis Come To Claim The Rest Of The Earth
36. The Sister To The Queen Was Cursed As A Child But Never Died
37. A Small Community Lives Beside The Volcano And Cannot Seem To Leave
38. The Cure For The Worst Pandemic Is Almost Discovered But The Scientist Gets Kidnapped
39. A Young Lady Gets Kidnapped and Locked Up, The Key is Embedded In Her Bones