Top 100 Conversation Topics with Boyfriend

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Keeping the communication open and flowing is essential in any relationship, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Having more you talk with your partner, the stronger bond will be between each of you. Some people find talking easy, while others may struggle at first. Talking about different topics can help keep things fresh and exciting for both parties involved.
Men are often considered to be the ones with all of the questions, but women can feel just as confused about what they should say or where a conversation might go. It’s easy for men always to ask probing questions and come up with fresh ideas to keep things going; many times, this is not an option for us ladies, though! As much as you want your conversations with your significant other (or any person!)To flow smoothly, it will take time before we find our footing when talking on text messages or phone calls too.
A great way to get your boyfriend talking is by making him feel like he’s in charge of the conversation. One big topic you can talk about with a guy that will keep things going for hours is his interests! If this doesn’t work, ask him what’s on his mind and let the conversation flow naturally from there.
Examples of Conversation Topics with Boyfriend�
The best way to bond closely with a partner is by really getting to know what they like, dislike, and learn something new about them. It’s also essential for women to identify things that connect them both for the conversation to be exciting and meaningful. For example, talking about their leisure time preferences might bring up some good topic ideas, while talking about theme proposal examples could help get conversations started later on!
1. What is the hilarious thing you have come across online recently?
2. What is it that you are passionate about, but think it is silly?
3. What text have you sent accidentally do you consider the worst?
4. Of all the things you have now, what do you consider your “gem”?
5. Photography is fun, what is the best photo you have ever taken?
6. Share any funny pictures on your phone.
7. Send me a picture of the most interesting thing you have on you or near you right now and tell me soothing about it.
8. Some non-banned items one can bring to a plane are scary, what is the scariest thing you’d bring with you?
9. Do you like memes? Which is a favorite one?
10. What is fictional, but you desperately wish it was real?
11. What is your favorite song?
12. What song, according to you, has the best intro?
13. What do you wish you could buy right now?
14. What is your best quote from a movie you’ve watched recently?
15. Where is your favorite take away place or delivery service provider?
16. What are some of the dumbest pick-up lines you’ve heard or used before?
17. Movies show most of the things that happen in real life, what are the things they rarely show?
18. Do you have a favorite joke? Please share.
19. What is your best video or gif that cracks you up?
20. How much information can you gather by just looking at pictures?
21. What exciting app do you have on your phone that you think I should get?
22. Are there unwritten rules that I should know about in the relationship?
23. What is your best sporting game?
24. What is your favorite food for breakfast?
25. What is your favorite genre of music?
Communication in a relationship is driven by how close partners are with one another. How open they are and how much they invest in their relationship in terms of time. Taking time to know the other person makes it easier for conversations to flow between the two of you. Asking simple questions might seem stupid, but in essence, they might be amazing icebreakers