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One Love Manchester Concert: Spreading Love and Unity Through Music

Jan 27, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jan 27, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

The live listening event that I experienced was in June 2017 in Manchester London. The performing artists were The Black Eyed which had reunited that very night and had been joined by the famous pop singer Arianna Grande. This concert was mainly for the benefit of One Love Manchester (Susanne, 2017). The main purpose of this concert was to show the people of Manchester that despite the bombing they had experienced the previous month, they were together and it was all about love. It was purposefully to raise money to support those people who had been affected by the bomb. The music that was played in this concert was; where is the Love?

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The significance of this particular song in what was going on in Manchester during this time was that; it was all about love and unity. The lyrics of the song have lines that say, we are really trying to stop terrorism and discrimination only brings about hate. This message was very important at this particular time in Manchester. It is well related to what was happening there and it tried to preach to them about loving one another and doing away with terrorism was all that was needed. The most memorable thing about this performance was the striking melodies from the singers. We the crowd sang along with them and it was one memorable performance. This event was very effective to Manchester and London as a whole. It showed they had a lot of support and love from other countries and it assured them that no matter what was happening they were not alone. The money that was given in order to support those who were affected showed a lot of love from the United States and all over the world. One of the singers Will.i.am to be precise gave a very impassioned speech that informed Manchester that they were there for them and they were all together in what was happening; he further concluded that they were one.

The participants had a great connection with the audience. This was seen when Will.i.am took his microphone and took a lead on the crowd by singing we only have one love. This made every person in the crowd to hold one finger up in the air as an indication of solidarity. The crowd sang along the lyrics as they were performing and this is a great sign of connection between the performing group and the crowd. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to get an opportunity to speak with the participants. If it was possible to speak with them, first I would thank them for the support they gave Manchester at the moment they needed it the most. Their performance was very meaningful as the lyrics had very informative information that was relevant at the time. After thanking them for the work well done, I would ask them to show support to other countries as well that were having the same bombing problem as Manchester. I would also encourage them to use the platform they have to support and show love to those who are going through the same thing.
This was one of the best experiences in my life. I was very grateful for the opportunity of being a part of a performance that was very helpful and life changing to those who were having it rough in their lives. This concert encouraged other artists to do the same and support these kinds of people. It was an educative and influential experience.
Susanne A., (2017). *Black Eyed Peas joined by Arianna Grande for ‘Where Is The Love?’* Ariana filled in for Fergie. Digital Spy.

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