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Enhancing Sewing Skills and Design Confidence: My Journey at Design Court

Jun 1, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 1, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

My experience working at a design court has given me an invaluable experience because it gave me a vast amount of independence together with a brilliant responsibility and I can confidently state that it has been a success. I was quite fortunate to have substantial firsthand experience of the various sides of the process involved in a project. I got great mentors who pushed me to my limits and inspired me making more creative and that made me exceed my goals. At the end of my internship, I was part of the family and my designs could be termed as bright fun floral and fantastic.

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Reflecting back to my internship days at Design Court, I went to Design Court with the aim and primary objective of developing my sewing skills with the aim of at least completing one garment a week. I was also aiming at getting experience in pattern reading and paper cutting through making a dress once a week and finally making a full dress every week, this would give me a comprehensive understanding of different fabric material which will enhance my skills in adjusting sewing machine based on the type of fabrics. Every day was a learning day and my skills were constantly in an improvement mode (Bolton & Delderfield 2018).

Moreover, I had an opportunity of sharing my ideas and fashions designs with the industry supervisor on a weekly basis. My industry supervisor would listen to my ideas and opinions; making my contributions into consideration; this highly boosted my confidence in myself. Furthermore, this enabled me to do more research on a weekly basis. From this I got to substantially improve on my designs I got a different point of view from the experts. To ensure that I remain creative and unique I was thinking out of the box evaluating different culture fashion designs and try to integrate different touch into my designs. Nevertheless, I aimed at making a colour combination for a dress at least every week, the colour combination I was using was that which could attract parents and children making the dress more marketable. All this was done with the aim of improving the kids’ fashion with the unique design that can remain relevant for a long time in the market (Williams, Woolliams & Spiro 2012).

Amongst my major aims was to get to know the fashion industry with the perspective of an entrepreneur. I got to learn of the challenges and the struggle of the fashion industry. Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to know how to price a dress by ensuring the price is as the market rate and also the price be one which can sustain the business. Finally, I was also able to make an estimated cost of each weekly made a dress on the bases of expended time using materials and current expenses (Williams, Woolliams & Spiro 2012).

Overall, I can conclude that the internship program instilled confidence in me and gave me the experience necessary to remain competitive in the market. It opened my eyes and now I have an in-depth understanding of the industry. I am well prepared for the challenges now that I will have a proactive approach when tackling the challenges. I am more daring with designs and my creativity level has immensely improved. However, the internship period was a little bit shorter as there is much to learn in the textile industry but I thank my colleagues who were constantly ready to direct and give me professional guidance at the time of need (Bolton & Delderfield 2018).

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