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Exploring System Software and Operating Systems: Key Components and Functionalit

May 28, 2023 | 0 comments

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May 28, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

System evaluation requires the understanding of system software, such as the operating system, the BIOS that helps start the computer that allows the coordination between the hardware and the computer programs. Another is the boot program that coordinates information from the RAM. The assembler in return accepts the instructions of the computer and converts them into the language understood by the processor. The device driver controls the hardware connected to the computer (WhatIs.com).

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The software system requires time to time updates. However, before updating one needs to understand several things about the system. For example, the operating system manages both the software’s and hardware’s. It also manages the CPU, computer memory, and other hardware’s creating the relationship between the user and the software’s. It is the duty of the OS to decide which program instructions to send o the processor and my also interrupt the processors tasks. It manages the memory of the computer by setting up the memory boundaries for each soft and applications. It is the duty of the OS therefore to balance between different memories through movement between the available memories called the virtual memory. A virtual memory is the hard drive space storing data from the OS when the available RAM space is inadequate to hold the programs running. The work of the virtual memory is to exchange the information and the commands which have not been in use for a long time and puts them in the swap file (Evans & Martin 2009).

Secondary devices are also managed by the OS, for example, the OS uses the device driver to supervise the working of the hardware and peripheral devices. Communication between the OS and the hard drive is usually done by the device driver through command prompts. The device driver has the plug and play ability that allows the user of a computer to plug into the computer an external device and the computer recognizes the device, for example a flash drive.

How then does the OS coordinate the software’s? Code blocks are usually called the Application Programming (API) point that facilitates communication to enable the OS work with the CPU. This is important especially for programmers since there tasks is to create applications. In this way they only have to refer to API to prevent redundancies (Best Collection of Resources).

The Basic Input Output System, BIOS, is usually stored in the memory chip of the motherboard. It shows the computer performance of functions such s booting and control of the keyboard. It does this by identifying and configuring of the hardware such s floppy disks, CPU, memory and Optical drive. The Power on Self Test, POST, refers to the diagnostic tests done by the computer once it is put on; the POST is usually synchronized by the BIOS. In case of any errors, a series of options called beep codes are given to the user which happen during POST. The kernel is the important centre of the computer OS which manages the processor and computer components. It stays in the RAM and is called the memory resident (Best Collection of Resources).

It is important to understand the OS before updating it. Examples of common OS are Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux and Android. The OS chosen needs to be compatible with device. Microsoft Windows is my favorite OS since I have used it for a longer time, I lso find it easy to use. It is also easy to work with, however everyone can choose of the listed OS.


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