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Practicing Healthy Lifestyles for Effective Stress Management

Feb 24, 2023 | 0 comments

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Feb 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

According to Cockerham (2004), stress management refers to techniques aimed at reducing chronic stress. He argues that the best way to reduce stress is through practicing healthy lifestyles such as taking a balanced diet, exercising and avoiding smoking and excessive drinking. A popular media reported that practicing healthy lifestyle can help in stress reduction. It argued that unhealthy lifestyles are the core causes of stress. It further claimed that those working under poor conditions for a long period with little returns are more vulnerable to stress. This often results in chronic diseases that are common among them.

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Lowe and Bennett, (2003), found out that taking a balanced diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables has vitamins and nutrients which help boost the immune system of a person hence making him or her more resistant to common diseases. They added that drinks such as yogurt contained calcium that strengthens the nervous system making it effective. Fish such as mackerel contains omega fatty acids that help to prevent chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart attacks. This helps in stress reduction as the person gets to have a more comfortable life free from diseases.

Exercise that constitutes a healthy lifestyle helps in stress management in that it stimulates the body to release endorphins hormones. This hormone causes good feelings and is always referred to as the feel good hormones. The increase of endorphins hormones in the body stimulates the release of sex hormones, boost appetite and enhance the general body immune system. Exercise also increases the heartbeat rate and, therefore, exercises the heart in the process making it more efficient. It also helps in depleting the stress hormones. Exercise freshen the body as it helps one forget about the stress of the day, reduces anxiety and depression as well.

A study conducted by Thompson, Gordon and Pescatello (2010) revealed that unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and excessive drinking are the major causes of stress related diseases. The study shows that children whose parents smoke are at a higher risk of contracting asthma that is stress related diseases. It also indicated that mothers who smoke at drink often give birth to asthmatic babies. From the study, smoking cigarettes and marijuana cause lung cancer that is a fatal disease. In the study, the argued that most of the alcoholic people started it as a way of averting the stress they had. Excessive alcohol causes liver cirrhosis that is a life threatening disease. It also increases the blood sugar levels that can results into diabetes (Gupta, 2004).

The claims are credible in that living a healthy lifestyle indeed helps in stress reduction. This stems from the fact that healthy lifestyle aims at boosting the blood flow in the body that makes the heart more effective. It also helps in improving the body’s immune system making the body more resistant to common diseases such as cold. Healthy lifestyles also help in reducing anxiety and depression that are majorly caused by stress.

The recommendation I would give to the media if given a chance includes arguing them to advocate intensively for healthy lifestyles by making the masses understand what a balanced diet is and how it helps in stress reduction. I would request them to shun unhealthy practices such as smoking and drinking and educate the public about the dangers of the vices.


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