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500 Word Essay – Writing Guide and Examples

Jan 27, 2022

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Jan 27, 2022 | Blog

A perfect 500-word essay typically consists of 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph for the introduction, three paragraphs for the body section, and one paragraph for the conclusion.

For beginners, their first essay is required to complete in a maximum 500-word limit

500-word essays are popular in the education system for two reasons:

  • They are short – a student should not take ages to finish.
  • Still, they are long enough to accommodate all the basic elements of an academic paper (introduction, body, and conclusion).

That said, it still requires effort to research and write a 500-word paper.

In this ultimate type of essay writing, we will guide you on how to create an outline for such an essay and explain how you should write each section of the essay.

Also, we have provided two exemplary samples that put the information in this guide into perspective.

 Definition of a 500-word essay

Definition of a 500-word essay | What is a 500 word essay

A 500-word essay is an interesting type of essay writing that requires the writer to convey their experience or opinion on an issue. An essay of 500 words is not a specific type, but rather an established common format that may be followed while writing different types such as:

Teachers love to assign 500-word assignments, and they help students learn critical analytical writing skills quickly. As a student, it is advisable to follow this required essay format of essay writing carefully to get your idea.

A 500 words essay is the easiest to write and also the most difficult. The answer will depend on both the story and the writer.

500 Word Essay Topics

500 Word Essay Topics

The best essay topics are waiting for you. Read on to find the topic that speaks to your heart and head, then get writing.

  • Describe your favorite trip.
  • Education should be free.
  • Students should not be allowed to play PUBG
  • Should plastic be banned?
  • The best day of your life.
  • What do you mean by punctuality?
  • Smoking in public places should be banned.
  • Should Students get limited access to the Internet?
  • Pollution due to Urbanization
  • Causes of racism.
  • Facebook should be banned.
  • What are the challenges of people living with disabilities?
  • Selling Tobacco should be banned
  • How to avoid problems at college.
  • What is the objective of your life?
  • What is honesty?
  • Is it possible to earn on the internet?
  • Abstract art and its impact on people.

The list of topics we have compiled for you is comprehensive and will appeal to various interests. If your instructor has not assigned the topic, you can choose from the above list and start the writing process.

Requirements Of A 500 Word Essay

Writing a 500 Word Essay - Easy Guide

500-word essays differ in goals – they could be informative, argumentative, expository, analytical, comparative, and so on.

Whatever the paper’s goal, you should not go beyond the five-hundred-words limit, which is about two pages on a double-spacing page count. But on single spacing page count, its one page despite being 500 words on the word counter on Google docs or Microsoft Word processors.

Like most essays, it should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

In most cases, it takes the classic 5-paragraph structure, where the first paragraph is the introduction, the last paragraph, the conclusion, and the other paragraphs are the body.

How To Write A 500 Word Essay?

How To Write A 500 Word Essay?

Writing a 500-word essay is creative and engaging because it requires you to be persuasive, informative, or discuss trending topics.

The 500-word essay structure has three sections: an introduction with your thesis statement (your claim) and supporting arguments.

An elaboration of the points in the body paragraphs by using evidence from outside sources such as articles/evidence books.

Then finally, sum up everything that has been discussed so far before coming back to your original argument, which should come first when writing an essay.

Follow the following steps to write an excellent 500-word essay.

1. Conduct Your Research For Such an Essay

Writing a 500 Word Essay - Easy Guide That is the first question you should ask yourself before writing any paper.

An essay is not the same as a research paper, but preparing one for college still asks for preliminary research.

Well-written essays are founded on solid arguments, which means that you’ll need authentic evidence and references from reliable sources to back your original claims.

Some types of essays, like reflective essays, do not require research, but you will still need to think about the personal experiences to write.

To avoid forgetting your main points, jot down short notes as you research.

2 Create an outline

Writing a 500 Word Essay - Easy Guide

An outline, basically, is a rough draft of the paper you will write.

Be it detailed or rough; an outline should serve as a skeleton for your entire essay.

Its purpose is to help you break down a topic logically, structure your thoughts, and make them clearer and more coherent. Use headings to separate arguments into paragraphs and start expanding on them.

It guides you on the structure and highlights the content to include in each paragraph.

With an outline, you are not likely to get stuck when you start writing your paper.

In the paper, an outline can help break down ideas logically and in a structured way.

This prevents messy writing that makes it difficult for readers to follow your thoughts or arguments; instead, they will be able to see how you are building on each point sequentially.

3. Write your paper

Writing a 500 Word Essay - Easy Guide

With good research and an outline, you are ready to write your paper.

Write A Strong Introduction

Do you know how some people start their writing with an intriguing introduction?

Well, your first paragraph is the same for a 500-word essay. Introduce your topic quickly and grab their attention from the beginning to continue reading to learn more about what you have to say.

An introduction plays an important role in making an impression on the reader’s mind.

Based on the introduction, the readers decide whether they want to read the rest of the essay or not. Here is how you can compose the introduction paragraph:

  • It should start with a strong hook that grabs the reader’s attention immediately.
  • Provide a little background information that helps the reader understand the topic.
  • Conclude the intro with a compelling thesis that you will support in the body.

The introduction to an essay can set the tone for the rest of your paper. The opening paragraph should introduce a topic and give readers some idea of what they may encounter as you elaborate on that point throughout the text.

Ending with a strong and relevant thesis statement will be enough encouragement for them to continue reading, even if it’s not so interesting at first glance.

Composing The Body Paragraphs

The body section of your 500-word essay is the key to successful work. It provides your arguments and backing with facts, personal interpretation, or examples to convince the reader you have their best interest at heart.

The main points for success in the body paragraphs part in a 500-word essay are:

  1. It’s important to examine the main point of view when discussing a topic. We must provide solid facts to support any argument or opinion.
  2. Introduce a new idea with detailed information, examples, and evidence from reliable sources.
  3. Make sure every idea described in the body paragraphs is concise and relevant throughout.
  4. Make clear transitions between body paragraphs and sentences for the readers to understand the relationship between your ideas.

Write An Impressive Conclusion

The final section of the essay summarizes its main argument. You’ll restate your thesis statement and analyze it with some points from within the body section.

Finally, finish off with how these insights have led to new connections or conclusions about what it means to be human.

The conclusion paragraph to a paper should not simply repeat what was said in the introduction. Create an insightful ending that will make your readers want more information about the topic you discussed without reiterating everything they’ve just read.

4. Edit your final draft

Writing a 500 Word Essay - Easy Guide

Revise and edit your work until you are satisfied; you have come up with the best possible version of the essay.

As you edit your work, pay attention to the strength of your points and the flow of ideas.

Of course, correct grammar errors and typos.

5. Have someone else proofread your work

Writing a 500 Word Essay - Easy Guide

Human beings tend to be oblivious to their own mistakes.

Therefore, it is advisable to have someone else proofread your work and give you feedback.

The Best 500 Word Essay Length

The Best 500 Word Essay Length

Many students wonder about three things when they see an assignment that requires them to write 500 words.

How long does a 500-word essay take?

How many paragraphs should make up this type of paper, and finally, do you need any special font or formatting requirements for such papers?

The answers seem simple enough, but if someone asked me those same questions, I would be wondering too!

This article will elaborate on all three points so your worries can lay down with ease, knowing exactly what 1 page equals, as well as some helpful hints.

How Many Pages Is A 500-word Essay?

A 500-word essay takes about 1 page if single-spaced, while double spacing means the paper would measure around 1 ½ pages long. Also, try sticking to the commonly used fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial.

How Many Body Paragraphs Is A 500 Word Essay?

A good rule of thumb is 5 paragraphs: one-paragraph introduction, three body paragraphs, and finally ending with a conclusion that sums up everything from before while providing new information about how this knowledge will help readers out. Each of these sections has a particular purpose and a recommended word count.

The most important aspect of a 500-word essay is the word count. Beginners should be careful to follow this rule because it will help ensure that their writing does not exceed 500 words. They can still make an effective argument supporting or against whatever topic may arise on any given day.

You’re given 500 words from the start. Your introduction must be 100-words long, and you should have 3 body paragraphs totaling 300 words in length. Keep your conclusion to just 100 more or less so that it doesn’t take anything away from what came before. It would help if you asked about going over the word count because it depends on the instructor.

How To Create An Outline For A 500 Word Essay

Writing a 500 Word Essay - Easy Guide

An outline for your 500-word paper should include the following sections:

1. Introduction and Thesis Statement

The introduction states your thesis.

It should also have a hook, a statement, fact, or rhetorical question that will grab the reader’s attention.

In a 500 word essay, the introduction will not be long (it will be about 50 words).

However, you should ensure in that small paragraph; you clearly inform the reader of the purpose of your paper.

2. Body

The body consists of three paragraphs.

Each paragraph should present a new point, idea, or argument.

Remember, you have a specific word limit – so keep everything brief by going straight to the point.

3. Conclusion

We all know what you are expected to do in conclusion, summarizing the main ideas in your paper.

Also, remember to restate your thesis and relate it to your main points.

However, if you want a strong conclusion, consider finishing it with a rhetorical question, questions for further research, or a call to action.

500 Word Essay Examples To Improve Your Writing Skills

The 500-word essay can be difficult to understand, especially when the instructor is unclear about what they want. But thanks to these great examples and sample essays with various topics and styles, understanding will no longer be an issue. See the following example:

500-word Essay Example #1

forex trade essay

500-word Essay Example #2

George Fitzhugh Arguments in Defence of Slavery

Get Reliable Help For Your 500 Word Essay!

Get Reliable Help For Your 500 Word Essay!

So now you know what a 500-word essay is, how to write one, and the best length.

Writing an essay of 500-word essay format seems easy, but different types of students find difficulty in the actual writing process.

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