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Top 100 English Essay Topics for Students

Aug 29, 2021 | 0 comments

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Aug 29, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

English essay topics are plentiful, with a focus on the literary works of this rich language.
For example, you can study how Shakespeare’s plays impacted society, or you could examine characters from Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and their actions in various scenarios. To find your topic, start by browsing through our list for some inspiration!
Reading a variety of texts can do wonders for your brain. It not only expands what you know but also challenges the way you think about certain subjects and ideas in new ways that are both interesting and engaging!
If you are in a well-reputed and established English school, you will be asked to write essays in a range of different topics. Some will be descriptive or informational essays whereas others will implore you to use your imagination and storytelling prowess.
Do you need help with your essay? Well, don’t worry because we are here to offer assistance. The following English theme proposal examples will be an excellent way for you to develop ideas and write an engaging paper that impresses the professor grading it.

  1. Success should not be dependent on having a diploma
  2. The analysis of the Political and the cultural systems of India and china
  3. How would you spend the day if you knew it was your last day alive?
  4. Should there be a girl’s enlightenment about the consequences of abortion?
  5. Childhood memories
  6. An event in your life that was most memorable
  7. Mike Rose and Gerald Graff’s view on intelligence.
  8. The worst experience you have had in your life
  9. The consequences of the water population.
  10. How diversity has made me better understand myself
  11. The similarities and differences between college and high school
  12. Why history is crucial, and people need to know it
  13. What is the first thing you will do if you were the president?
  14. Mahatma Gandhi and Socrates and their philosophies
  15. The morning that my life forever changed
  16. Description of the career field of Aeronautical engineers.
  17. What Is the similarity between America and Vietnam?
  18. Quantitative and qualitative research with their pros and cons
  19. Which person is an idol to you?
  20. The reasons why monarchies still exist
  21. Vaccination is necessary for everyone.
  22. Art and handmade objects and what differentiates them
  23. Protecting the rights of the minority
  24. What is essential, brains, or beauty?
  25. The influence of video games and books and their value on people
  26. Java programming and JavaScript programming languages
  27. The differences in Parenting in western nations and china
  28. My youth commemoration
  29. The prevalence of child abuse and its causes
  30. Why are Smoking and alcohol not banned
  31. What makes human beings different from other living creatures
  32. The most influential writer in America
  33. Abraham Lincoln and his political genius
  34. Civil rights versus civil liberties
  35. How my family traditions are different from the rest of society
  36. For young people, education should be the number one priority
  37. The reason Christmas traditions don’t last long in many families
  38. How to make the drugs laws more strict
  39. Enhancing privacy on the internet
  40. Software engineering career path

I hope these topics help you find an item that interests you in writing an excellent essay.

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