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Understanding and Managing Organizational Politics in a Globalized World

Mar 14, 2023 | 0 comments

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Mar 14, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Reviews of Bolman’s reading about political and organizational politics are so important that they provide an overview of the current events that are taking place in different organizations. According to the first chapter, the authors have provided much evidence about the current operations and the cultures that are influencing the general performances of different organizations. The author explains why it is important for any organizational management to mandate and protect its employees from harm that may occur internally and between its boundaries. Similarly, the management must control its staff in times of danger or when employees’ demands go beyond the control of the company. Political controls work much better when boundaries need the collaboration of other authorities or states to ensure the safety of the people. In the above-mentioned situation, the state has a role to maintain peace by recognizing the validity of another independent state.

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To operate effectively and efficiently, organizations require competent employees in their departments. Political management is the objectives that mainly control leadership positions and human resources, finances, organizational structures along with employee relations matters. They are also known to cover the overall employee needs along with the development goals of the organization. Political management’s objective is mainly set to reduce both internal and external conflicts by around 30 percent and in so doing there is an improvement of the whole company, employees, and external environments.

Chapter 9

The authors have indicated the need for the management to identify its external business boundaries that are most critical for the control of external factors that may influence internal business politics. External influences are considered to be sources of deferent opinions pertaining to how recourses should be managed, human resources, and financial operations of the business. Firstly, there is a need that every manager or leader to identify who the stakeholders are in the organization’s job and the ongoing organization projects, and then they will have to mark out their exact positions on the overall stakeholder map. The next important stage in political management is the control of the communication process for how one will provide insight into political trust and support.

According to Bolman, management strengths and weaknesses influenced the strategic plan for the company. The management should know about their potential targets and how they will compete against their competitors in handling different situations.

Management understanding may differ according to cultural differences amongst organizations’ staff, and business partners and can create many problems between the employees and management including distrusts, low communication, and low employee satisfaction. Thus, the success of multicultural politics in an organization depends on three facets trust, communication, and teamwork. The author seeks the need for leadership to influence culture and build a strong relationship; if an organization wants to operate globally then the organization must understand the political cultures of those countries in which it wants to operate. Conversely, this situation develops an understanding of international cultures and also implies employees who work overseas.

Chapter 10

According to the chapter, the authors have identified global threats that affect managerial strategies and seek the need for profitability and reliability of the organization. The authors provide the vulnerabilities that are faced by management when it is compounded by its weaknesses. These are peculiar external factors that cannot be controlled. For instance, the economic downturn of 2008 was a factor that most businesses could not control. Political and social trends can also be possible threats to a business. A good example is the current social and political push for products that are more environmentally friendly as compared to those that are not. An essential part of analyzing the threats of a company has to involve a look at the strengths of its competitors.

Globalization phenomenon has been politically influenced to affect organizations as well as individuals, including employees, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, and other professionals. Moreover, organizations strive to learn about the cultures of different countries due to global politics. Additionally, the world has become globalized, as organizations operate in different countries as well as in an organization, and many employees work who belong to different cultures, therefore, there is a need to manage these cultural differences.

Chapter 11

The author explained that a political leader understands well organization’s political reality and is in a position to deal with it. The leader also understands well how significant the interest groups, which have separate agendas. This political leader is aware of the limited resources and conflicts. Moreover, he recognizes the constituencies that are major and creates leadership ties with them. Management of conflict is done as this leader develops bases of power and carefully uses power. Moreover, this political leader creates avenues for different negotiations and coming up with compromises that are accommodative and reasonable. Similarly, the leader works at voicing and airing out what various groups share in common and helps in the identification of the enemies of the group externally for them to fight together

This approach is appropriate where resources are scarce or declining, where there is goal and value conflict and where diversity is high. Finally, the author has seen the need for readers to understand the need to change our political understanding and at other times you might need time to discuss amongst colleagues and conclude with the same opinions. Through dialogue, organizational politics amongst different organizations have an impact on its staff and the future of organizations.

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