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Pregnancy in Prison: The Raw Truth of Olivia Hamilton’s Experience

Jun 15, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 15, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


Olivia Hamilton tells her story with people by displaying to them how she was handled and how she felt about it. She does this by displaying her viewers the raw truth, obviously not holding anything back.  Olivia Hamilton knowledgeable childhood years complete with children activities. She had a beginning maternity and was misused in jail. By studying this story, the viewers gets to know how mothers-to-be are handled in jails. I will definitely agree with the fact I will totally agree that when a woman gets to a certain age in her life, there is a lot pressure to the woman to do things that they may not want to do. A very brief summary of this reading is it’s about this lady who developed some bad options in her way of lifestyle had to go to jail for a little while. She was expecting in jail and described all the battles she had and defeated because of being expectant. She regarded she was handled badly and recommended to let the readers know her story so they could understand to create sensible options in the way of lifestyle and not find themselves in position as she was.


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Nowadays it is very typical for workers in financial problems to get the type the organizations or areas where they perform to pay. Similarly, Hill et al (1990) described that some of the workers also consider embezzling of resources, store improve or even con their organizations. This is also just like the situation of Olivia. When she completed higher education she developed an error due to money problems and later regretted it, being sentenced for a year in prison. Olivia was caught providing products away to her buddy and embezzling from her work station at Pep-boys and Kmart. She exposed that she developed an error and repent it. She is sincere and uses the actual locations that she conducted and kinds of individuals she interacted with to connect with her visitors as well as an upsetting overall tone to highlight that she repent the activity (Hamilton et al, 1992).

It is very typical these days to hear on in the news or in the group where a boy comes for the kid from the mother after being borne. This is mainly seen in circumstances where the boy considers the woman to be irresponsible and cannot deal with the kid. Therefore, they usually declare for paternity liability. This is also exposed in Olivia oral story. Her kid was taken from her and handed over to her boy friend, and she was locked up. Around two days after giving birth, the kid was taken home by her fiancée, making Olivia to be remaining in an infirmary, divided and frustrated. Eggers et al (2012) observed that once she was finally out of the infirmary someone picket u a fight with her, leading to them both getting put into locked up.  Olivia involved her ideas, leading to her readers to experience link with her. Her appreciation could be experienced when her mother sent her some of her things, she got to contact her grandmother, and when she discovered out she was going home her joy could be experienced.

The understanding from this tale is very eye opening. These days there are cases of females getting pregnant or expecting in jails and they usually get bad therapies. The physicians in the jails do not issue about the fate of the women prisoners. From the oral tale of Olivia, Obviously I have never been in prison and never want to have that encounter. I was a little bit amazed by how poorly she was handled while in prison and yet pregnant. She was compelled to have a c-section because it did not look as her kid was going to be borne by the due date expected, so they pressured her into labor (Hamilton, 1992). They did not offer her with any prenatal proper care while she was in prison, so the kid could have been developed with several birth defects. No one cared if she was expecting. According to Eggers et al (2012), during her remain at city prison, she was not let have a system junk unless described by a physician, despite being clearly expecting, however someone was awesome enough to make a trade with her. She had no way for proper nourishment or vitamins. Olivia was continually “shackled”.  She indicated her emotions about the “degrading” encounter. Also, Olivia used a humiliated tone explaining the way the visit to her child went out.  She was handled just like any other prisoner and verbal too ignorantly. She approached her near close relatives, but saw no element in trying to get them accepted for visitation rights privileges. Olivia’s overall tone reveals her visitors how alone and puzzled she was about the way she was being handled. Despite not displaying any symptoms of developing the labor pain, she was administered with Pitocin by the authorities. Her whole body was not ready to go into any form of labor so they pressured her to undergo the C-section when all the time she was inside. Furthermore, Olivia’s loyalty and enunciation, such as “fortunate”, display the lack of energy she had in this scenario and how alone she was (Hill et al, 1990).

This lady was in a very complex scenario. She already had two kids and got herself expecting with her first at a very younger age. For some individuals this is the simple reality of their way of lifestyle. They create choices that are wrong and later have to pay the consequences. Maybe not quite as serious as the ones Olivia had to deal with but they pay for it in some way. Studying this made me to recognize how essential it is to obtain best education, so you can get an excellent job and pay your expenses (Eggers et al, 2012). A young girl should not get herself pregnant at the tender age where they cannot get assistance as kids definitely. All this is aspects noticed and was certified all the way of lifestyle, but it really improved the concept the parents always recommend and put it into the viewpoint of how bad it can be if you are not amazing a create excellent choices enhancing up. Hill et al (1990) pointed out that Olivia’s kid years were complicated after being sent to remain with her grandmother, finishing from the university with a kid, and struggling with Natural disaster of hurricane Katrina. In a bid to get her mother’s interest Olivia offered out, getting in problems. When she was sent to teenager juvenile prisons, Olivia noticed that she should not get in problems for interest and got her act together. She got expectant at 17 yet was still lucky to graduate student higher education with a 3.8 GPA (Hamilton et al, 1992). She tried to remain with her mother but it did not perform out so she had to shift returning to Louisiana and began higher education. When Natural disaster hurricane Katrina struck, she was living in Georgia and very much jobless. She gradually got to remain with her mother and got a job at McDonalds. Illustrative terminology was used to show her emotions. A very pleased overall tone was used to explain the purpose she was able to graduate student higher education student and a condescending overall tone when creating referrals to doing out for interest (Eggers et al, 2012).

In many circumstances, one may think that there way of lifestyle has been in a mess. However, after recollection and close family emotional support, a person tends to recollect and start again. After Olivia going all through the problems, the narrative portrays her as one who reconciles herself and has changed. Everything had personalized once she got out of prison, but she is a more impressive individual in the end. When she got out the residence was in a mess, her cash was gone, and the children were divided (Hill et al, 1990). She was made and observed that she dreadful by having to keep, but she got a job and got her near close relatives and the way of lifestyle returning together again. Olivia reveals on her current failing to discover a job and that she problems about placing the indictment on programs. She is using her actions to help notify other individuals about what one anxious error can do to your way of lifestyle. Olivia’s overall tone reveals that she is sincere and is trying her toughest to shift on from the occurrence, however, she knows that it’ll adhere to her through her the whole way of lifestyle (Hamilton et al, 1992).


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