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Top 100 History Dissertation Topics

May 9, 2022

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May 9, 2022 | Topics

1. How did Hitler’s education contribute to his perception and effects of war?
2. Factors contributing to the prolonged stay of the berlin wall.
3. A review of the factors influencing the phases of the American Revolution.
4. How did Queen Victoria change Great Britain with her politics?
5. Analysis of Stalin’s rise to extreme power.
6. How did Sebastien Michaelis rise to power? What role did he play in the inquisition of France?
7. Discuss the implications of the Battle of Waterloo.
8. Who is the most influential American President in History?
9. What repercussions did the Slave Trade act have on the citizens of Great Britain?
10. Analysis of the background, motivation, and conditions of British soldiers in World War 1.
11. Was Germany fairly punished after World War 1?
12. Evaluate the dissolution of influential unions as the First World War progressed.
13. Analysis of Hitler’s Bavarian Army in WW1.
14. Did Germany’s defeat in the First World War fuel the nation’s aggression?
15. Evaluation of problems related with bank insurance during the Great depression.
16. Do historical patterns of the Great depression point us to a similar phenomenon in modern times?
17. Which parties came out wealthy as a result of the Great Depression?
18. How did President Roosevelt’s New deal impact the Great Depression?
19. Positive implications of the Great Depression.
20. Analysis of the countries that gained and lost as a result of the Great Depression.
21. �What are the factors that guaranteed the Allies’ triumph over Germany?
22. Evaluation of black and colored people during WW2
23. Why is the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA overemphasized?
24. What are the consequences of experiments conducted by the Nazis for modern medicine in Germany?
25. Why did the US accept Nazi criminals who escaped from imprisonment?
26. Evaluate two main characteristics of Mussolini’s rise to power.
27. What were Mussolini’s politics during his reign over Italy?
28. Mussolini’s fall and a review of his regime in Italy.
29. How did Hitler shape Mussolini’s views and perceptions?
30. Analysis of Italy’s development under Mussolini.
31. Were Germans sold on the principles of Nazi ideology
32. Describe life in Germany after the Nazi regimen
33. How did Germans react to the death of Hitler as their leader?
34. Was Nazi Germany characterized by violent outbursts in the political arena?
35. A hypothetical evaluation of Nazi Germany’s indefinite survival.

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