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How to Write a Nursing Essay: 8 Step-by-Step Guide

Apr 21, 2022 | 0 comments

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Apr 21, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

What Is a Nursing Essay?

A nursing essay is one of the documents that you need to present to be admitted to a nursing school. It is often considered the most important part of the admission process. This essay demonstrates your good command of the given field of knowledge and your ability to apply it in your daily nursing practice. Every school has its requirements for formatting, and it can also depend on which citation style you have been asked to use.

If you wonder how long a college essay should be, normally, students are limited by either page count or word count. If no particular word count is specified when receiving an assignment, use 250-500 words as a guideline.

The nursing career and the world of nursing profession are broad. If you have career ambitions in the health care profession, you can specialize in different areas because the nature of the profession of nursing has many disciplines. For instance, we have trauma nurses, surgical nurses, and ICU nurses among others.

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

To learn how to write a nursing essay, you should first know the role of a nurse and the responsibilities nurses have in the health care profession. A nursing essay is an academic paper that contributes to your growth as a nurse. It enables you to demonstrate professionalism and competence as a registered nurse practitioner. It also allows you to show your mastery of the subject by applying theories and concepts in real-life circumstances.

To complete this task, you should follow the steps accurately. You must also ensure that your final product meets all requirements and expectations. Here are some steps on how to start writing an excellent nursing paper:

Step 1: Carefully read the assignment.

Reading the assignment carefully is essential to developing a high-quality paper. You will want to read through the instructions several times and make sure you understand the purpose of the assignment, what your instructor expects you to do, and how the instructor will evaluate your work. If you have any questions about the assignment that are not answered in the instructions, ask your instructor for clarification before beginning.

Step 2: Choose a topic

Choosing the right topic for your essay is important. Nursing is a vast subject and covers many areas, including adult nursing, child nursing, mental health nursing and learning, and disability nursing. To ensure that you can focus on an area you are particularly interested in; it will help you choose a topic that interests you.

The best way to approach writing a nursing essay is to follow these three steps:

  • Choose a narrow topic in keeping with the length requirements of your assignment.
  • Conduct research into the chosen topic before trying to structure or outline the essay.
  • Begin writing the first draft of your essay, working from an outline or structure you have decided upon from your research.

Step 3: Analyze and outline

  • What is the purpose of your essay? Is it a journal entry, an argumentative piece, or a research essay?
  • Who is the audience you are writing for?
  • What style of writing do you plan to use? Formal or informal.
  • How long do you want your essay to be? Short or long.

Also, one should consider the requirements of their assignment. Before they start writing them, one should know what they should write about, including their nursing essay structure and outline.

Step 4: Conduct research

You should source credible academic sources for your nursing paper. But what is a scholarly source, and how do you find them? You may be surprised to learn that it isn’t as simple as referencing any old book you can find online. Citing non-academic material like blog posts or newspaper articles will not get you very far with your written assignment.

When instructors ask students to write a paper, they usually look for a well-researched essay supported by credible sources. The keyword is “credible”; this means the sources you cite should be published in academic journals or textbooks, often referred to as “peer-reviewed” sources (also known as “refereed”).

Step 5: Write the introduction

The first thing to remember when writing an essay is the introduction. The introduction should be engaging, contain a hook, the first sentence, and grab the reader’s attention. Next, the thesis statement tells the reader what the paper is about. It should be specific, concise, and clear.

As a general guideline, if you are writing an essay based on academic research in nursing or medicine, then it is recommended that you use a standard structure:

  • Introduction: In this part of your paper, introduce the topic and explain why it is important for the reader to learn about it. Include any relevant background information about your study and its significance for nursing students.
  • Thesis statement: Your thesis statement should present your argument and provide evidence from academic sources to support it.

Step 6: Write the body paragraphs.

As you move on to the essay’s main body, ensure that you have used topic sentences effectively. Ensure that each topic sentence corresponds to one paragraph and that the information contained in each paragraph is relevant to the thesis statement. Also, make sure that all three paragraphs contain a single central argument that supports the thesis statement.

Although it may seem obvious, do not copy and paste from other sources into your paper or copiously quote from other texts instead of writing or using words that are yours. In addition to being dishonest (and potentially illegal if copyrighted), plagiarism is lazy and can sometimes give an essay a bad reputation. Using original language shows that you know what you’re talking about rather than relying on others’ words or opinions as proof of your understanding.

Step 7: Write the conclusion

It would help if you wrote conclusions in a nursing essay last. You should write this part of the essay after you have written the body and introduction. A conclusion should summarize your main points and arguments. You should also include a call to action if it is appropriate for your paper. You must write this section to leave a lasting impression on your reader. You can do this by writing something memorable or using strong language to emphasize your point.

Step 8: Proofread and edit carefully.

Proofread and edit carefully. Check your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Also, check to ensure you have used consistent tense throughout the essay. Is the flow of ideas logical? Does the essay stick closely to the topic? Do all sentences have appropriate structure? Are sentences varied in length and complexity? Are most sentences written in active voice (i.e., free from “to be” verbs)? Is it clear what each sentence means?

Final Thoughts.

The most important thing to keep in mind when working on an essay is to give yourself enough time. Crafting a good paper takes effort and attention, and rushing through it will be obvious. It’s much better to start early and create something that reflects your best efforts than to scramble at the last minute to put something mediocre together. If you run into problems with your paper, don’t be afraid to ask for help! You can find assistance with even the most difficult task if you take the time and use the right resources.

Another pro tip: don’t wait until the last minute and start writing your paper immediately after receiving the assignment. It would help if you had time for research and writing, so you will have a chance to proofread thoroughly before submitting it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a nursing essay?

The best way to begin a nursing essay is by writing a solid introduction. This should include the thesis statement of your paper, which addresses your main idea and gives a brief explanation of what will be covered in your writing. It should also spark interest in readers so that they want to continue reading more about it!

What makes a good nursing essay?

A well-written paper could accurately describe what makes up this health care profession, its relation to society and culture, or both. It’s of great importance to correctly write an argument that supports your personal experiences with evidence from other places (like books). You might even consider using visuals like diagrams or photos if they help explain something better than just words alone would do.”

Why did you choose nursing as a career essay?

Personally, a nursing career has always been the right choice. The profession of nursing allows me to contact several patients, enabling me to make a difference in their treatment. Additionally, I have always looked forward to being part of the health care system as a responsible first-line in a patient’s stay.

What is the importance of nursing?

Nurses help people and their families cope with illness, deal with it, and, if necessary, live with it so that other parts of their lives can continue. Nurses do more than care for individuals. They have always been at the forefront of change in health care and public health.

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