Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee or Refund Policy

Our  Money Back Guarantee allows our customers to make requests and get their money back regardless of the order completion stage.

The refund demand might occur in situations of any form of disagreement, which might result from conflicting interests or unsatisfactory services.

You should note that most academic writing companies lack specific Money Back Guarantee offers and, in most cases, fail to honor the agreement made with their clients on the same.

We provide you with the money-back offer by ensuring the safety of your money until the approval of the paid order.

We hardly encounter refund appeals due to our high reputations concerning levels of customer satisfaction resulting from our clarity on the Money Back Guarantee.

We process the refund requests depending on the structure of the claim, where we process all the demands within 3-4 business operational days.

However, for quality-based appeals, our financial specialists must conduct detailed reviews of features of the related order and produce the results within 14 days.

The refunded money will be deposited back to your e-wallet, which you can use in your next order.

We consider money refunds in the following instances:

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Director of Dispute Resolution Department,
Dear clients,

My name is Bruce Lawtons, the head of the Dispute Resolution Department at Essay Freelance writers. I have three years of experience in the field of academic support. Therefore, I wish to share my professional experience with you and provide some crucial advice.

Even though many online services guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate for their customers, this can be considered unrealistic. It is always an assumption that their services are perfect and reliable. It is unrealistic to guarantee you 100% convenient services because it is always hard to achieve the same. We meet certain instances where work outcomes may fail to meet our customers’ expectations despite providing the best service. has achieved a remarkable customer satisfaction rate, making it highly reputable. We attained a reputation through our team’s full-time commitment and determination. We are looking forward to upgrading our customer services for future competition in the academic field.

Being the department director, I usually handle a few disputes issues where the expectations were not reached. The problems may result from unsatisfactory services or any form of misunderstanding between you and our writers. I am certain that we often take responsibility for any problem committed by our team and guarantee you a money-back guarantee depending on the type of dispute. does this by delivering a discount code for any future papers to cover the resultant inconveniences.

I thereby advise you to adhere to the following instructions to limit dispute cases:

  1. You should give all the required information and recheck for any errors before posting your order for work.
  2. Communication is very important; therefore, you should maintain healthy and regular communication with the writer assigned to work on your order to assist when needed. This facilitates quality work production and satisfaction.
  3. We request you to be considerate and stay calm in matters of dispute when making your appeal, claim and exhibit great understanding to allow us to process your claim and provide you appropriate feedback. Our support team staff work 24/7 and are often willing to provide assistance when necessary.

We have expert personnel that investigates every claim form our clients, which ensures detailed and quick solutions. We consider a dispute as a problem shared between two parties, our writers and the customer, rather than just canceling an order. Since we value your loyalty and that of our writers, we must take into consideration the interest of both sides to come up with a fair judgment. has a comprehensible, well-formed, and detailed Money Back Guarantee. This is in contrast to other academic writing websites. Our Refund System takes care of every potential issue that might arise during our service delivery by issuing a clear explanation of the problems and an appropriate refund percentage.

From my experience, the greatest challenge in this field is to solve a dispute to the point of customer acceptance. That is why we request your maximum understanding and trust in our ability to make the best decisions. We sometimes encounter hard times trying to resolve complex claims that need professionals’ proceedings to ensure detailed inquiry and justice preservation for our clients with the difficulties

We are happy with the ongoing positive feedback from our clients concerning the quality of our services and the dispute resolution process. We value the happiness of our customers as it results in a referral to new clients, hence the provision of more work.

Thank you.

Dispute Resolution Department Director.