How to Structure an Essay

Apr 14, 2020

Apr 14, 2020 | Guide

How to Structure an Essay

  • Begin with what you are ready to write—a plan, a few sentences or bullet points. Start with the body and work paragraph by paragraph.
  • Write the introduction and conclusion after the body. Once you know what your essay is about, then write the introduction and conclusion.

This article is to help anyone with an issue of structuring an essay.

Using this guide will help improve your essay writing skills.

You will be able to have better knowledge when it comes to having a structured essay.

The reason why you need to know how to structure an essay is that you cannot escape this section since it is a component of academic success.

No matter the level you are at you have to write an academic essay.

In the academic community, an essay is regarded as one of the ways in which people communicate with one another.

Since we are talking about academics, there is a form and a way in which communication must be conveyed.

This means that there is a structural way of communicating anything in the academic background.

The student needs to be watchful when it comes to writing an essay because it’s something that requires consideration.

Writing an essay is not as simple as some students think.

The instructor or the professor requires a student to have high standards of writing essays that are structured.

This is because even in their capacity they still do essay writing.

Many students will fail in their essay writing because most of them don’t plan.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” is a saying that many students don’t regard.

Preparation is key before writing an essay.

Have a thought process concerning what you are writing about and take your time to understand your subject.

When you don’t prepare yourself properly you may not understand the essay writing.

One of the expectations that are required when writing an essay is the structure.

When you don’t have the right structural format of an essay you are likely to lose a lot of marks.

The Best Essay Structure Format

Before structuring an essay you must consider what an essay is.

Another thing that you need to understand about an essay is its essence.

An essay is an argument.

To be precise an essay is a formal argument that is supported by logical evidence.

An essay has three parts that are; the introduction, body, and conclusion.

This guide will help you to ensure you have the best essay structure to introduce and conclude your argument.

It will also show you how you should lay your paragraphs coherently.

When you use the correct essay structure you will be assured of improving your essay writing.

Where the Essay Starts; Introduction

It is important to know every sentence and paragraph in an essay is very important.

When we come to the introduction part you need to ensure your essay is perfect and just right.

This is because instructors and professors will start giving you marks the moment they start reading your essay.

An introduction will show your strength, your weaknesses, your interest, and your effectiveness.

An introduction gives the direction of your essay and the instructor will be able to know where your essay falls on that scale.

Making sure that you have the strongest introduction will make your instructor or professor read through your essay with ease.

In the introduction, part ensures you set out the aim of what you want to talk about in your essay.

By stating what you are trying to achieve and mentioning the main points that you will consider will bring out a strong introduction.

When the marker has an overview of your argument he will be able to understand your thought process.

It will also show that you have taken the time to think through your question.

While mentioning your main points in an introduction do not go into depth on them.

This is because you will cover the main points in depth in the body.

Think through carefully about the question because they come in different ways.

For example, an “either-or” question may require you to set out both sides of the argument in the introduction briefly.

A person reading your essay should be able to know the subject of your essay and how you intend to prove or disprove it just by reading your introduction.

It is also important to note that an introduction is not limited to one paragraph.

The Body of Your Essay

This is the second part of your essay and it is the longest.

Short essays may have at least three paragraphs while a long essay may have more.

Every paragraph in the body is a point relating to the topic that you want to make.

When writing paragraphs it is important to understand how to write essay structure for paragraphs.

Each paragraph should represent a major new idea.

The essence of this is to show the instructor the structure of your argument.

The first sentence of your paragraph should be an introduction that summarizes your point of argument.

This will help the examiner to follow your essay and understand the relevance of your point.

It is important to go back and forth referring to your question so that it may become easier to focus on every step of the way.

After the signposting sentence, you can now go further in expanding in your point.

When extending your points it is important that you use great details and also examples that are relevant to the point.

Ensure that the sentences you will be writing are directly related to the issue in your first sentence.

As you do this you are structuring your essay in such a way every idea is separately tackled.

In summary, every paragraph will deal with one idea and one subject.


This is the last section of your essay.

A conclusion is always a short precise paragraph.

For a longer discussion, you can use two or three paragraphs that are not too lengthy.

For a well-structured essay, you must have a conclusion.

A conclusion summarizes the main points of your argument.

It is in the conclusion that you draw your final decision about the issue you are talking about.

You will find that some essays will need you to connect them to broader issues for further study.

When writing a conclusion do not introduce any new idea that you never talked about in the body.

This is because your conclusion is a reminder of what you have been talking about and covered in the essay.

Before writing a conclusion you can consider referring back to your essay question for clarity.

This way the examiner will know that you have thoroughly answered the question.

Touch on every point on your conclusion to remind the marker of your arguments.

Where Do I Start?

From the discussion above on how to write an essay structure, you should be able to see how an essay structure looks like.

You may have gone through but you still don’t know how to start structuring your essay.

You should not worry because everyone is different and works differently.

While some people may have the go-ahead to start an essay others may have a problem thinking through and put together an outline.

If you feel you’re not confident enough to start with the introductory part you can consider starting your essay on the body paragraphs.

Every paragraph contains an idea and when you know the main point you will be able to have an easy time to write an introduction and a conclusion.

If you still have issues you can consider our services at essay writers.

We will be able to write a good essay plan for you.

The plan will act as a direction to your essay and we shall outline the key points that are needed.

This will make your writing easier.

It is important to know that a good essay is rewritten.

Take your first draft and see how you can improve it to be a better essay before handing it over to the instructor or professor.