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Top 69 Tribute Speech Topics You Can Use

Oct 8, 2022

Oct 8, 2022 | Topics

If you are wondering where to find Tribute Speech Topics or what to write your tribute speech on, the first thing that comes to mind is the person being honored. You can take inspiration from their life and find reasons why they deserve such an honor. It will be a good idea to talk about their achievements, how they have helped others and how they have changed your life. If you want to impress your audience, avoid writing about someone who is not famous or has not done anything special in their life.

Research is the best way of finding out what topics work best for tribute speeches. A good way of doing this is checking out other people’s tributes that they presented at events such as weddings or funerals before deciding on one yourself.

Commemoration Speeches

Commemoration means to praise, celebrate or remember a special occasion. The key goal for a commemorative speech should be to unify the audience and influence them to remember different memories collaboratively. An example of a good commemorative speech would be the kind of speech delivered at the graduation ceremony.

Commemorative speeches can be delivered on occasions like reunions, dedications, funerals, anniversaries, or memorial services. We have compiled a list of commemorative Speech Topics for college students. You can choose a topic from the list of commemorative speech ideas and draft your ceremonial speech.

When writing a tribute speech, your audience has certain expectations. They want to be entertained, informed, and moved in some way. What you’re about to read is a list of 100 top tribute speech topics that will serve as an inspiration for your next project. Consider them carefully and use them wisely!

Best Tribute Speech Topics

  1. Famous people you admire
  2. A person who influenced your life
  3. An important event in history, such as a historical war or event
  4. An Olympic athlete who is not well known but very talented and accomplished
  5. A book/movie/TV series/comic book character that had an impact on you
  6. A young person who has done something amazing with their lives (like someone winning a Nobel Prize)
  7. A person who has influenced your life
  8. An important event in history, such as a historical war or event
  9. An Olympic athlete who is not well known but very talented and accomplished
  10. Greatest Black Americans Who Have Changed Our Live As People Of Color Today. They Managed To End of Slave Trade and Stand Out As Leaders In A Difficult Time
  11. An inspirational speaker, author, or poet whose words have moved you deeply (Barack Obama)
  12. First printing press- Various contributions
  13. Teamwork- A case study of the stars of the World Cup.
  14. Highlighting the story of Pearl Harbor.

Interesting Tribute Speech Topics

  1. How you overcame an obstacle
  2. A person who was influential in your life
  3. An experience in which you learned a valuable lesson
  4. An interesting story about yourself or someone else that you’ve always wanted to tell but never had the chance
  5. A time in your life when you felt particularly happy or proud
  6. A challenge that you overcame or are still working on
  7. An accomplishment that you’re most proud of, Something that makes you unique

Simple Tribute Speech Topics

  1. A person who has inspired you
  2. Your favorite teacher in a school and why they inspired you
  3. A person who has changed your life for the better
  4. The best role model a child could have growing up and why that role model was so important to you
  5. Someone who helped you would achieve a goal or dream, even if it were years ago when they helped push you forward into achieving that goal or dream.
  6. A teacher who changed your life and how they did so
  7. A person who inspired you to pursue your passion
  8. A parent or guardian who has been a role model for you
  9. Someone who helped you achieve a goal or dream
  10. Tribute to the national armed forces of the United States for their bravery

Controversial Tribute Speech Topics

You can find plenty of controversial speeches online and in books, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. “Why I don’t believe in God.”
  2. “The death penalty should be abolished.”
  3. “Violence against women is wrong.”
  4. “We should stop killing animals for meat.”
  5. “The government should provide free health care.”
  6. “We should reduce our use of fossil fuels.”
  7. “It’s wrong to lie, even for a good cause.”
  8. “Gambling is a dangerous addiction that should be banned.”
  9. “Sexism is wrong, and we should fight it wherever we find it.”
  10. “Communism is a failed political system that should be abolished.”
  11. “The media should provide honest and objective news coverage.”

Compare and Contrast Tribute Speech Topics

  1. Beliefs versus Actions
  2. Heroines and Heroes
  3. Good vs. Evil
  4. Past vs. Future
  5. Selfishness versus Selflessness

Tribute Speech Topics for Middle School

  1. A family member who has taught you important life lessons
  2. A teacher who has helped you succeed in school
  3. The best friend who never gave up on you when you were down
  4. Your favorite sports team or coach that inspired your love of the game
  5. A special community member, such as a city employee or volunteer, who made your home better by their presence
  6. The teacher who inspired you to pursue a career in education

Tribute Speech Topics for High School

  1. Speech on your favorite teacher, their qualifications, and why you would like to have them as a mentor
  2. Speech about the person who inspired you to pursue your career or who helped you get started in the field
  3. A speech about someone who has made an impact on your life and how they did so
  4. A speech that pays tribute to a person who influenced many people in their community or on a larger scale (for example, Martin Luther King Jr.)
  5. A speech that discusses the importance of education and why it can help people succeed in life
  6. A speech that talks about what it takes to be successful in a specific industry (for example, politics, science, etc.)
  7. A speech that discusses the importance of perseverance and how it can help people overcome obstacles

Tribute Speech Topics for College

  1. A teacher who has had a lasting impact on you
  2. The first time you entered your university or college campus
  3. A teacher who has inspired you to pursue a career in academia
  4. An inspirational figure that is not related to academics but who has helped shape your personality and character
  5. Your favorite professor from high school or college
  6. A book that has changed your perspective on life
  7. An influential person in your life who has helped shape you into who you are today.
  8. The first time you read a book that made you want to pursue a career in academia
  9. A professor who inspired you to pursue a career in academia

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Whether in middle school, high school, or college, a tribute speech is an important way to show respect and appreciation for someone who has inspired you. The top 100 tribute speech topics will give you many ideas on how to write about someone who has impacted your life. These topics can range from famous artists and athletes to teachers or mentors who have helped shape your character over time.

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