Top 100 Social Issues Essay Topics For Students

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Major Social Issues Essay Topics 

Sociology is an intriguing subject. You learn about today’s dynamic world and its people and then debate several issues and questions. It can be pretty exciting when tasked to develop a social problems essay but at times daunting.

However, interacting with these topics in class is interesting since you learn from others’ experiences. This gives us something else to study that should kindle our curiosity even more than what sociology does already by default.

But taking things into a paper form where everything needs explaining in precise detail becomes much more challenging, mainly because now there are fewer opportunities.

Writing an essay from a face-to-face debate is advantageous because you have enough time to build and prepare your arguments. You cannot reverse the words you say in a debate; however, if it’s written as text on paper, you can change them at will.

There are different kinds of social issues that one could write about for their essays, such as particular social or anthropological ones like poverty, among others. Still, before starting writing, research must first be done and analyzed accordingly with curiosity which helps reduce any biases while examining data surrounding these subjects thoroughly, which may take some patience too!

When writing a social issue research paper, you have many options on what to write on. However, when debating any part of a social issues affecting our modern societies, any student needs to keep in mind some guidelines: pick something fascinating, easy-to-research, and narrow down one aspect of the subject matter.

Following these simple steps will give anyone who wants speak on behalf of those affected by violence against poor children while avoiding generalizations too much power over the audience.”

The following examples should help inspire your decision process:

Social Media Essay Topics

1.      Cyber abuse.

2.      What is identity theft?

3.      Why are likes so important?

4.      How important is data safety?

5.      Is YouTube spreading propaganda?

6.      Ways to stay safe on the internet.

7.      Are online networks promoting stalking?

8.      Is removing abusive content censorship?

9.      Discuss the digital divide in Washington.

10.  Does Instagram inspire a healthy lifestyle?

11.  Does the internet shorten our attention span?

12.  The influence of online platforms on democracy.

13.  Discuss the pros and cons of TikTok challenges.

14.  How do you make yourself heard on social media?

15.  The risks of microtransactions in online gaming.

16.  Debate social media policies and code of conduct.

17.  Personal isolation and technology in communication.

18.  Social media and youth: does it make puberty harder?

19.  Does Instagram change the way we perceive our lives?

20.  Why do some people become dependent on social media?

Major Social Issues Topics on Health

1.      Is coffee a drug?

2.      Should hospices be free?

3.      Who should care for the elders?

4.      Should abortion be legal or illegal?

5.      What does it mean to die with dignity?

6.      Investigate suicide rates in Pakistan.

7.      What makes Americans start doing drugs?

8.      Write about fad diets and their impact.

9.      Should we change the drinking age limit?

10.  What are the social determinants of health?

11.  Whose health is mostly affected by pollution?

12.  Explore the origins of the pro-life movement.

13.  What is the worst substance to be addicted to?

14.  The benefits of over-the-counter contraception.

15.  Should parents avoid vaccinating their children?

16.  Should non-smokers receive additional break time?

17.  Is homeopathic treatment for children acceptable?

18.  Does gender play an important role in one’s health?

19.  Why is access to good healthcare services in rural areas so scarce?

20.  Discuss stigma against mentally challenged individuals.

Environmental Social Issues Topics

1.      Explain what Oxfam does.

2.      World Health Organization.

3.      Discuss what a sustainable diet is like.

4.      How successful is PETA in helping animals?

5.      The role of zoos in wildlife endangerment.

6.      Why do people deny human-made climate change?

7.      Why should sociologists study the damaged environment?

8.      Ecology and economics: ways to find a balance.

9.      The world’s overpopulation: causes and effects of rapid population growth.

10.  The impact of bottled water on the environment.

11.  Investigate methods for responsible consumption.

12.  Water conservation methods in sub-Saharan Africa.

13.  Discuss green infrastructure in water management.

14.  How can we use our natural resources responsibly?

15.  How do changing weather patterns impact our homes?

16.  How can we ensure global access to drinking water?

17.  Explore the connection between nature and religion.

18.  Urban gardening as a means to ensure food security.

19.  What made us reliant on single-use plastic products?

20.  The influence of tourism on cultural heritage sites.

Society Issues Topics on War & Violence

1.      Who profits from war?

2.      Why do people join the army?

3.      What is the use of war monuments?

4.      The issue of girl education in India.

5.      An overview of Japanese mafia culture.

6.      Are the US military expenses justified?

7.      Is human trafficking modern-day slavery?

8.      What is the origin of domestic violence?

9.      Domestic violence in 20th century Canada.

10.  Examine the Chinese phenomenon of Yi Nao.

11.  Why do women hesitate to report rape cases?

12.  Rape and sexual harassment in the military.

13.  What was the impact of the #metoo movement?

14.  How does emotional neglect impact children?

15.  Ways to manage verbal abuse in social care.

16.  The treatment of veterans in your community.

17.  Bullying and sexual harassment at the workplace.

18.  Do splatter movies promote violent behavior?

19.  What are the most common reasons for murder?

20.  What events can lead to an increase in crime?

Police & Criminal Justice Topics 

1.      Montesquieu quote.

2.      Do police officers need guns?

3.      Police violence and subterfuge.

4.      How does racial profiling work in a country’s criminal justice system?

5.      The safest ways to deescalate riots.

6.      Discuss the concept of juvenile crimes.

7.      Is it possible to achieve true equality?

8.      Define civil disobedience and its goals.

9.      How do witness protection programs work?

10.  Should people who abuse drugs go to jail?

11.  What could the police be substituted with?

12.  What are the social benefits of jury duty?

13.  Discuss the legitimization of prostitution.

14.  What makes you feel safe in your community?

15.  How do people become homeless in big cities?

16.  What are the advantages of community services?

17.  What does the phrase “defund the police” mean?

18.  What causes governments to oppose gay marriage?

19.  Compare the four deviance theories in sociology.

20.  How does crime differ in various social classes?

Major Social Issues Topics on Gender

1.      What causes gender dysphoria?

2.      Can religion ensure equal rights for different individuals?

3.      Does feminism need to be radical?

4.      Pros and cons of unisex bathrooms.

5.      What does it mean to be non-binary?

6.      Why are matriarchal societies rare?

7.      Define the term “gender blindness.”

8.      Bibiana Steinhaus: a female referee.

9.      What do beauty pageants teach girls?

10.  Is gender identity a purely social construct?

11.  Examine adoption laws for gay couples.

12.  Debate the importance of LGBT studies.

13.  Are Disney princesses good role models?

14.  Explain the gender dynamics in development.

15.  What makes a profession traditionally female?

16.  What can a woman do to become more empowered?

17.  Do school uniforms promote gender inequality?

18.  Describe how the patriarchy holds back women.

19.  Why are sexist marketing practices still legal?

20.  Conflicting theories: gay marriage and feminism.

Racism Topics for Students

1.      Who was Leo Frank?

2.      Mahatma Gandhi quote.

3.      Will racism ever end?

4.      Who was the Khmer Rouge?

5.      What makes people racist nowadays?

6.      Queer of color: history and theory.

7.      Who benefits from structural racism?

8.      Racial prejudice in the movie industry.

9.      Does nationalism always lead to racism?

10.  What makes people scared of minorities?

11.  Discuss subtle forms of everyday racism.

12.  Compare the types of social segmentation.

13.  Is “All lives matter” a racist statement?

14.  Does social media help fight racist bias?

15.  Would there be no racism without colonialism?

16.  The best ways to educate children about race.

17.  What constitutes a healthy national identity?

18.  How does modern television portray minorities?

19.  Cultivation of racism in American society.

20.  Nelson Mandela and the fight against apartheid.

Social Awareness Topics on Migration & Refugees

1.      Can binational relationships work?

2.      Should Europe take in more refugees?

3.      How do you become a stateless person?

4.      Does migration cause destabilization?

5.      What makes Europe attractive to expats?

6.      Critique Arizona’s new immigration laws.

7.      What drives people to immigrate illegally?

8.      How should governments plan for migration?

9.      Describe the notion of ecological migration.

10.  Should the US’ sanctuary cities be dissolved?

11.  The advantages of dropping visa restrictions.

12.  Effective ways to integrate displaced people.

13.  How does the American green card lottery work?

14.  Discuss the importance of diversity as one of the general social issues of our society.

15.  Mexican immigration as a political controversy.

16.  Should expats be eligible for welfare programs?

17.  Discuss Chinese settlement patterns in America.

18.  What does social integration ideally consist of?

19.  What does the claim “no one is illegal” advocate?

20.  How has migration changed over the past 20 years?

Social Justice Topics on Human Rights

1.      Who protects stateless persons?

2.      When does satire become harmful?

3.      Did globalization make us freer?

4.      Can dictatorships ensure human rights?

5.      State terrorism vs. critical terrorism.

6.      Capital punishment vs. the right to live.

7.      How was slavery justified back in the day?

8.      Should pet have the same rights as humans?

9.      How can governments secure freedom of speech?

10.  Debate the fairness of the utilitarian creative approach

11.  To which rights should prisoners have access?

12.  Is combating climate change a human rights issue?

13.  Is the death penalty a justified measure nowadays?

14.  Describe the achievements of Amnesty International.

15.  How do NGOs help to ensure human rights in Somalia?

16.  Define the difference between civil and human rights.

17.  Should we strive to achieve the same rights globally?

18.  Unequal privilege: legal, religious, and social factors.

19.  What are the most significant human rights issues today?

20.  Are limitations of human rights during crises justified?

Current Social Issues Topics in America

1.      Are fake news severe social problems?

2.      Describe the NIMBY phenomenon.

3.      Can your vote make a difference?

4.      The legacy of Occupy Wall Street.

5.      How important is bipartisan cooperation?

6.      Describe the consequences of voter fraud.

7.      Negative side effects of the war on drugs.

8.      Tackle the social problem of prison overcrowding.

9.      Discuss prescription drug abuse in America.

10.  Social causes of eating disorders in adults.

11.  What makes people believe the Earth is flat?

12.  What are the harmful effects of urban sprawl?

13.  Is sexism one of the significant social problems in the States?

14.  Police brutality: reasons and countermeasures.

15.  How successful is special education in the US?

16.  What causes gentrification in American cities?

17.  Are charter schools better than public schools?

18.  How do you destigmatize taboo topics in society?

19.  What are the social causes of obesity in the USA?

20.  Discuss the importance of reducing medical costs.

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