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Top 100 Psychology Case Study Topics

Jun 29, 2022

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Jun 29, 2022 | Topics

1. How are professionals able to identify autism during pregnancy?
2. Explore why girls are sometimes likely to be obsessive with their fathers, and why sons are often likely to be obsessive with their mothers.
3. Explore the reasons for the development of the Electra and Oedipus complex.
4. Explore how the ignoring of cognitive developments upon a child can have a long-lasting effect upon them.
5. Why are autistic children likely to struggle with social environments?
6. What are children with ADHD likely to struggle with social environments?
7. What are the cognitives reasons for the behaviors of a person?
8. Explore and analyze the reasons for a person’s environment being such an important factor in many psychological disorders.
9. Explore the most damaging impacts of negative social pyschology.
10. What are the primary causes for a person withdrawing socially and mentally from others in society?
11. An examination and explanation of Split Personality Disorder, in addition to its negative consequences.
12. How can differing mental environments have an effect on a person’s behaviors?
13. What is Multiple Personality Disorder, and what are some of the facts regarding it?
14. What are the links and relationships between psychology and personality?
15. How we are able to assist and help children with special needs to overcome the problems surrounding dyslexia?
16. How is a person’s psychology affected by a lack of good mental wellbeing?
17. Which psychological diseases can surround birth as a result of poor mental health?
18. How social psychology can help us understand Down’s syndrome and its links with aggressive social behaviors.
19. An overview of sports psychology.
20. What factors are leading to an increase in violence within children and teenagers?
21. What are the causes of bullying in children?
22. Which factors can contribute to delays in the mental development of children?
23. What effects do romantic movies have upon a child?
24. What psychological effects does single-parenting have upon a child?
25. Which physical conditions and symptoms can be caused by poor mental health?
26. What effects can medication have on your mental health?
27. What are the causes of antisocial behaviors amongst teenagers?
28. What are the long lasting effects of poor mental health on a person?
29. What are the long-term consequences of drug use amongst young people and their mental health?
30. How can we best help children to improve their problem-solving capabilities?
31. What is the psychology behind somebody with a speech disorder, and what are the various ways a speech disorder can have an effect on somebody’s mental health?
32. What is critical thinking, and how are we able to measure its impact and abilities with cognitive psychology?
33. How is our subconscious able to have an effect on our decision-making abilities?

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