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The Ultimate List of Mental Health Essay Topics to Enhance Awareness and Knowledge

Apr 15, 2023

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Apr 15, 2023 | Topics

Writing about mental health can be stressful, whether a student or an adult. Both groups need to understand mental illnesses and how they affect people, but it’s also a sensitive topic. You want to write about mental illness in a way that honors its victims while being sensitive and informative at the same time. You can write your essay on any topic related to mental health, but here we have compiled some ideas.

Are you looking for some good mental health essay topics? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the best mental health essay topics you can write about.

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Simple Mental Health Essay Topics

  1. How is mental health defined?
  2. What are the most common mental illnesses and disorders?
  3. How can depression be prevented, treated, and managed?
  4. Do you think that there is a stigma attached to mental illness? If so, why do you think this is the case?
  5. Do you believe people should disclose their diagnosis or talk about their mental health openly in society (e.g., at work)? Why/why not?
  6. What are the consequences of living with a mental illness or disorder in today’s society?
  7. Has anyone close to you been affected by any mental illness or disorder since they were diagnosed with one as an adult/teenager/child? If so, how has it affected them both physically & emotionally, etc.?
  8. Social Media Platforms Role in the Development of Eating Disorders
  9. Child Abuse as A Cause of Mental Health
  10. Health Promotion: school Programs And Procedures On Enhancing Health

Interesting Mental Illness Essay Topics

  1. The History of Mental Health Treatment
  2. How the Brain Works
  3. Stigma and Mental Health Awareness
  4. Mental Health Stereotypes and Misconceptions
  5. Bipolar Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
  6. Schizophrenia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
  7. The Effects of Stress on Your Brain’s Development
  8. How to Deal With Depression When You’re a Teenager

Compare and contrast Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. The difference between mental health and physical health.
  2. How mental illness is diagnosed, treated, and managed differently in different countries.
  3. The positive effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain.
  4. The negative effects of social media on mental health, particularly in young people.
  5. The Role of genetics in mental illness and addiction
  6. The role of genetic testing in mental health, including the ethics and legality of this.
  7. The importance of education in reducing stigma around mental health issues.
  8. The psychological effects of trauma on victims, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Persuasive Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. Mental Health Is a Social Problem
  2. Mental Health Is More Than Just Mental Illness
  3. The Effects of Stigma and Discrimination on Those with Mental Health Issues
  4. What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Mental Health Issues?
  5. There Are Many Different Types of Therapy Available For People With Mental Health Issues – Which Ones Work Best?
  6. What Are the Signs of a Psychotic Episode, and How Should You Act If You See Someone Having One?
  7. Do You Believe People with Mental Disorders Should Be Able To Own Guns? Why or Why Not?
  8. Some People Feel That They Are Not Responsible For Their Actions When They Are Suffering From A Serious Illness – Do You Agree?
  9. Does Your Brain Have Something To Do With Your Personality Traits And How We Handled Stressful Situations In Life?
  10. .The Benefits Of Getting Help And Support For Depression, Anxiety, And Other Mood Disorders

Narrative Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. A day in the life of a person with mental illness: What does it feel like to live with bipolar disorder? How do you cope?
  2. Mental illness is not just a disease; it’s a state of mind: What are some examples of how mental health affects our lives? How can we use this knowledge to better ourselves and others around us?
  3. I’ve never had any mental issues, but my friend has…: Describe how this person’s situation affected your life and friendship. What do you wish you could say or do for them to make their struggles easier to handle (but without taking away from their responsibility)?
  4. If someone close to me were suffering from depression, I would…: Give advice based on what you have learned about depression from research or personal experience with family members/friends who suffer from it.
  5. What would you do if you were diagnosed with a mental illness? How do you personally cope with the challenges of living with depression, anxiety, or other disorders?
  6. Chronic Stress and Anxiety as the Main risk factors for Long-Term Relationship Breakups
  7. Which Is Responsible for the Highest Number Of Mental Health Problems-Trauma or Substance Abuse?

Analytical Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. The Importance of Mental Health
  2. Mental Health and the Elderly
  3. The Impact of Mental Illness on Education
  4. Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
  5. The Negative Effects of Social Media on Mental Health
  6. Mental Health and Self-Esteem in Children
  7. The Positive Effects of Exercise on Mental Health and Wellbeing
  8. The Role of Education in Mental Health Awareness.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. Mental Health and Mental Illness
  2. The Importance of Mental Health Care
  3. Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents
  4. The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues
  5. Preventing Suicide Among College-Age Students: What We Can Learn from the Past Decade of Research on College Student Suicide Prevention Efforts?
  6. The Impact Of Social Media On Teenagers’ Mental Health (and what you can do about it)
  7. The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers’ Mental Health
  8. How does psychological health impact the performance of students in colleges?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. Mental Health in the Workplace: Why It’s Important to Keep Your Job Satisfying
  2. The Impact of Stress on Your Physical Health
  3. How Technology Can Affect Your Mental Health and Wellbeing
  4. How Social Media Has Changed Our Perception Of Beauty
  5. Mental Disorders Associated With Aging, Like Dementia, And Alzheimer’s Disease
  6. How Depression Affects The Body’s Immune System
  7. Traumatic Events That Can Lead To PTSD And Other Mental Disorders In Children And Adults
  8. How Social Media Affects Self-Esteem In Teenagers (And Why We Shouldn’t Let Them Use It Too Much!)
  9. What Does Religion Have To Do With Mental Health?
  10. How Can We Improve Our Mental Health?
  11. Why Is It Important To Have A Healthy Body And Mind As You Age?

Informative Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. Role of Mental Health in the Workplace
  2. How to Deal with Stress?
  3. Effects of Social Media on Teenagers’ Mental Health
  4. How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem?
  5. The Importance of Therapy in a Child’s Development
  6. Do You Know the 10 Warning Signs That Might Indicate Depression in Young Adults?
  7. Does Strict Parenting Affect Children’s Mental Health?
  8. What Are Some Tips For People Who Want To Become Professional Sports Players but Have a History Of Anxiety Disorders or Severe Depression?

Mental Health Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Mental Health Essay Topics for Middle School
  2. The Importance of Self-Care in Your Daily Life
  3. How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety in the Classroom
  4. How to Exercise Properly to Improve Your Mental Health and Well Being
  5. The Benefits of a Healthy Diet in Mental Health and Happiness
  6. Ways to Be Mindful of What You Eat & Drink To Avoid Health Problems In the Future
  7. How to Get Out of a Rut, When You Feel Like You’re Stuck in One
  8. How to Get Your Life Back on Track: Tips for When You Feel Off-Balance and Unhappy
  9. Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Through Nutrition
  10. How to Avoid Burnout in the Classroom and at Home

Mental Health Essay Topics for College

  1. Mental Health and College Students
  2. How Does Your College or University Support Mental Health?
  3. What Are the Most Effective Ways to Promote Mental Health in College?
  4. How Can You Tell if Your Friend is Suffering from Depression?
  5. What Are Some Effective Ways to Prevent Depression While in College?
  6. How Can You Tell If Someone Is Struggling With Anxiety And Panic Attacks?
  7. What Are Some Tips For Dealing With Stress In The Modern World?
  8. What Are the Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?
  9. What Is Anxiety, and What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders?
  10. What Are the Different Types of Anxiety Disorders?
  11. How Is Anxiety Treated?
  12. How Do You Know if Someone Has a Panic Disorder?

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So there we have it, mental health essay topics and ideas. If you’re stuck for inspiration or just looking for new ideas, this list should be enough to get you started on your next mental health essay. If you need help with any of these topics, contact us via our contact page or chat, and we’ll be happy to assist!

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