Top 100 Funny Controversial Topics

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Debates can be severe or lighthearted. It is not necessary for arguments to always focus on serious concerns such as the environment or politics. They can also be enjoyable. Funny discussions may lighten the mood of the audience while also improving the contestants’ oratory talents. The benefits and drawbacks of a particular issue are discussed in debate themes. They may feature humorous or severe arguments.
How To Choose A Good Funny Controversial Debate Topic?
Making humorous controversial topics, you must exercise caution. In this scenario, you should not choose a severe debate topic. Students frequently struggle to come up with issues for a humorous, controversial debate topic.
Your debate topic should be engaging so that the audience does not become bored in the middle of the discussion. It should capture the interest of your audience. You can discuss your theme proposal examples with your teachers and classmates to see if they find your debate concept engaging or not.
Furthermore, you must choose a discussion issue that is appropriate for your audience’s age and demographic. You should be aware of your intended audience. You must also perform extensive research on your debate topic, including current trends and popular historical beliefs.
You should offer your debate topic’s main ideas, which should be compelling and contentious. The points should be able to elicit debate and discussion. When presenting your thoughts, make sure you don’t come across as overly cautious.
Here you will find various interesting and distinctive hilarious controversial subjects to help you start your debate. This list of amusingly divisive issues offers something for everyone
A List Of Funny Controversial Topics
1. Discuss the opinion that women are outrun in gossip by men
2. Discuss the reason why Hogwarts ought to be the one issuing the letter to the students
3. Which are the best pizza toppings?
4. Discuss the most valuable between beauty and brains
5. Compare and contrast medicine to engineering
6. Discuss what women precisely need in a man
7. Discuss why Coke beats Pepsi
8. Discuss which side you would rather take between the hero and the sidekick
9. Discuss whether all things are fair when it comes to love and war
10. Compare and contrast the fame of Integra to Twitter
11. Compare and contrast Twilight to Vampire Diaries
12. Discuss whether you can have your boss as your best friend
13. Discuss whether we ought to be living to eat or eating to stay alive
14. Discuss whether school uniforms are useful in the first place
15. Discuss whether social media delivers an accessible means for people to stalk others
16. Compare and contrast rock n roll to hip hop music
17. Contrast bottled and regular water
18. Discuss whether batman stands out as an acceptable male role model
19. Compare and contrast cats and dogs
20. Discuss the reason why fish are the best pets
21. Compare and contrast Santa Clause and Easter Bunny
22. Compare and contrast oatmeal and raisin cookies
23. Discuss whether a hotdog is a sandwich
24. Discuss the possibility of a dog putting on pants
25. What is the hottest Property Brother?
26. Discuss how you wear your bra
27. Discuss which group does it right between those who advocate for the morning hours or the evening hours
28. Many individuals repeat their mistakes five or six times to confirm they are wrong
29. If you want to get people mad then be happy
30. Support the fact that before you marry somebody you ought to see how your partner behaves in reaction to a slow internet connection
31. Support the fact that alcohol influences the appearance of the send button and makes it appear large
32. Support the opinion that everyone would benefit from a day of rest like the silent letter g in lasagna
33. Support the statement that those claiming to have slept like a baby have never had one yet
34. Discuss why underarm farts miss out on being entertaining at parties
35. Discuss why we find it funny when our friends fall but are panic-stricken when our phones do
36. Discuss the greatest threat in existence being a quiet woman
37. We have no intention of cutting in others talks, we only chance to recall random stuff and get truly thrilled
38. Don’t you think it is extremely rewarding to go for a six-month holiday twice every year?
39. One of the most embarrassing feelings is to get in the middle of a disagreement and note that you are wide off the mark
40. As an adult, one of the things you will feel the loss of not taking are the naps when you were a kid
41. A satirical font would be appropriate to use on the internet at times
42. The essence of some bad choices is to have great lessons to share with others
43. At times you have to retain a contact on your phone to be able to reject easily when they bother you
44. Discuss the number of times it would be acceptable to excuse yourself in a conversation before surrendering to just wagging your head in response
45. Compare the statement that a man will get home in five minutes to a woman’s getting ready in five minutes statement
46. The chances of an event occurring are limited if one says we will see
47. Grownups are complaining of X number of challenges while they can hardly do Mathematics without using the calculator
48. Being a grown-up is a difficult responsibility
49. Life may be defined as an exam that I have not learnt the techniques of facing
50. Gaining a number of years is a must, however, becoming mature is a personal decision
51. Money speaks and many times bids us goodbye
52. Future will be greater even if the present is gloomy
53. A number of the finest hearts out there are with mad people
54. Good reasoning is a flower that you won’t find in everybody’s yard
55. At times all you need is to relax and let go off the pressure
56. Discuss the opinion that you must get married to a person who leaves you with the feeling you get when you see food being served to you at a restaurant
57. It is not right to touch a pregnant belly
58. Discuss the outcome of getting the horns as a result of messing with the bull
59. State the reason that altered the statement that’s cool to that’s hot
60. People ought to shun using the word random every now and then
61. Discuss how not putting on any makeup in modern times leaves an impression that you are not complete
62. Discuss LOL as the reaction response when people run short of words
63. Give your opinion why a crush is precisely called by that name
64. Discuss the discrepancy around Cinderella’s shoe falling off if it was confirmed to fit her perfectly in the end
65. The value of handwriting is diminishing
66. Discuss whether students ought to be permitted to take mobile phones to the exam hall
67. Discuss whether the teachers ought to be penalized in the classroom on disciplinary grounds
68. Discuss whether the teachers are to blame for damaging the enthusiasm in studies
69. Discuss whether the learning institutions vacation periods ought to be decreased
70. Compare and contrast male and female math skills
71. Discuss normal male-female relationship and same-gender relationships
72. Discuss forcing female actors to display themselves to advertise the movie
73. Gender and children mistreatment
74. Discuss the concept of working mothers and its influence on kids development
75. Compare females to males in education achievements
76. The acceptable age to begin sex education
77. Discuss the chances of the earth being flat
78. Discuss whether the celebrities have their way the most when it comes to abiding by the law
79. Compare and contrast mixed schools against boys or girls-only schools
80. Can computer games contribute to bad conduct in kids?
81. Is it right to do abortion or not?
82. Give your opinion on women getting married to men who are younger in age
83. Compare and contrast men stitching against women wrestling
84. Compare and contrast tandoori against plain chicken
85. Discuss whether homework ought to be prohibited
86. Compare and contrast vampire diaries and spending time with friends
87. Discuss whether the universe was created by God or whether it naturally came into existence
88. Has Facebook eliminated person-to-person interactions?
89. Discuss whether there is life after death
90. Could we be aliens?
91. Is it true that dating techniques exist?
92. Compare and contrast bottled and regular water
93. Compare and contrast vampires and werewolves
94. Discuss which existed before between the hen and the egg
95. Discuss the Barbie doll as a legend
96. Do ghosts exist?