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Top 100 College Essay Topics for Students

Aug 28, 2021 | 0 comments

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Aug 28, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

College essays are a popular opportunity for students to demonstrate writing skills, part of the college application process.
Unlike academic testimonials like transcripts and exam scores, topics in college essays help show character by giving an easy narration that incorporates several different writing styles such as life experiences, or people’s opinions Students have an important opportunity to express themselves and their thoughts on the topic.
They can convey this by blending observations, ideas, and narration to make something new out of what could be very bland or repetitive topics for some people.
It is best to be open about who they are as individuals so that admissions officers know more about them before making decisions based on essays alone; students want other college applicants to get accepted but not at the expense of their self-worth.
Though college essays can be difficult to develop, they are a crucial part of the application process. They allow students to get creative and show off their personalities while being limited by only two pages.
This is why coming up with good topics for your essay can help you stand out from other applicants! Here are some ideas that I have found helpful:

  1. Traditional face-to-face training is better than online learning
  2. Explain your view on green energy
  3. Does God exist? Explain using appropriate bible verses
  4. Explain one thing that inspires you to live
  5. Explain your favorite sports personality
  6. Describe the origin of your grandparents
  7. Explain one invention you have thought of and how significant is it to society?
  8. Describe your first day in college
  9. Explain the most significant risk you have ever taken in your life.
  10. Who is your favorite character in the bible? Tell us their virtues
  11. Explain your academic journey from your childhood
  12. Explain what you like doing during your vacations
  13. Africa is the wealthiest continent, with a poor citizenry
  14. The tourism sector will pay the ultimate price post COVID-19
  15. Who is your favorite TV anchor? Explain
  16. Tells us who your mentor? Explain how their advice has helped you
  17. Contribution of social media to the economy
  18. Discuss the impact of peer pressure on character development
  19. Britain is the most influential country in the world
  20. Democracy: The economic fabric of a country. Discuss
  21. Sex education is a panacea for immorality
  22. Religion is the opium of the oppressed. Discuss
  23. Explain the lesson you learn from Shakespear
  24. Education is the key to success. To what extent do you agree with the statement.
  25. Explain how sports has succeeded in enhancing world peace
  26. Single-sex schools are better than traditional schools
  27. Abortion is murder. Explain
  28. They say dreams are valid. How do you plan to actualize your vision?
  29. Explain your best pass time activity
  30. Explain your education goals
  31. The world is fast influencing religious organizations
  32. Crude oil is the source of most idealist world conflicts
  33. Countries with monarchy have a better economic outlook
  34. It tells us about yourself
  35. The rise and fall of the USSR
  36. Explain climate change, and its importance
  37. Love and an arranged marriage! Which way?

With the above topics, you can now write the best college essays.

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