Top 100 African American Essay Topics

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African American essays are not limited to one subject. These pages hold fascinating and captivating stories, great art, rich culture, and brave acts undertaken under severe conditions in other fields like philosophy or political science just as much as they do civil rights actions. So if you’re looking for a topic that’s more than the standard essay on African Americans’ struggle with discrimination in America, then look no further!
The African American community has never been accessible. Since the beginning of their history, they have to overcome discrimination and hardship from white Americans to mold our nation’s history with talent and creativity.
White Americans have always looked down on Africans. Regardless of their success, they are still seen as inferior to the white race and treated with disdain by the media or even other minorities such as African-Americans themselves. To help dispel this perception, we need more literature that can show a different side of Africa, not just for those in America but worldwide who also harbor misperceptions about what it means to be from there rather than here.
The African American culture is rich with a history of being an integral piece in the foundation and progression of America. This theme proposal provides you examples that will help you explore this topic thoroughly, including politics and historical contexts such as sexuality, class, gender–all of which directly inform the American dream. Choose one below to write about for your next essay assignment.
1. An investigation of African American cultures that have shaped the USA
2. Tribulations of African Americans in the medieval ages
3. Have human rights and civil rights helped African Americans live dignified lives?
4. How African American has influenced world peace
5. How African Americans have influence
6. How African American have fair in the business environment
7. The African American sports personalities
8. The continued discrimination of African American
9. The recent killing of George Floyd: An African American issue
10. Barack Obama. The making of African American nationalists
11. The life of African American students
12. The resilience of African American
13. African American business culture
14. The global influence of African American
15. Why hasn’t African American helped Africans in governance
16. An investigation of African American and crimes
17. Why is African American intolerant?
18. An analysis of African American post-world war I
19. How African American culture betrays them
20. Does the black skin define African American
21. A review of African American music
22. Why African American are still slaves
23. An investigation of divorce cases in African American
24. The African American art gallery
25. Is America the land of endless opportunities
26. African American: Villains in America and heroes in Africa
27. Lessons from African American sportsmen
28. Socio-economic status of African American people
29. Enumerating the prejudices and stereotypes against the African American
30. African American hope from the dreams of my father by B. Obama
31. The contribution of African American women in the global scene
32. Martin Luther King contribution to African American causes
33. Is African American’ masculinity’ a threat to American whites
34. The evolution of African American students struggle
35. The church and African American
36. The aspect of African American culture that makes the target of racial discrimination
37. Projecting the end of African American discrimination
38. The role of the media in accelerating African American evils
39. How successive governments have militarized African American issues
40. Summary
41. The above topics are the best guide to writing an excellent essay.

Find out what topics you should be writing about for your African American studies class and how to write a great essay.
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