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Exploring the Importance of Plot and Theme in Crafting a Compelling Story

Jul 24, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


When most people participate in book reading, they tend to get truths from these books and perceive some truths too. In most cases, the readers are asked to discuss about the book topics they currently finished reading and sometimes expected to give others these books as recommendations if they had a stronger effect on them. This made me wonder why some books are considered very important by readers and they go to the extent of turning them into their lives guidebooks. I realized that this is because different books bring light to different people’s lives and give them teachings that are essential to their lives. Despite all these, it can be said not everyone likes every book they come across, in simpler terms, every good story has a special something in it. In most cases, it is the central characteristics like the book theme or the plot the book has. These two things can be described as key features in having a good story as these features need to be harmonized very well in order to coming up with reading experience that most readers will love.


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Our first example is a plot that is knit tightly and compressed is considered as a very essential factor in having a good story. When main characters occupy a situation that is interesting enough and believable, it gives the readers an opportunity to think. If at all this was not the case, then no one would be reading the story and if they did, then there would be a feeling of antipathy from the reader to the work (Korthagen, 2014). Another thing a good story should have is processing the conflicts of the main character via a resolution. This enables readers to have courage and confidence that they can be capable of accomplishing the same feats and it can also widen the viewpoints of the readers indirectly. A very good example is seen in Charlotte Perkins book “The Yellow Wallpaper” which gives a description of the main character’s emotional illness. This arouses the minds of the readers, gives them a chance of indirect experience and also gives those readers who have members of their families suffering from this kind of emotional illness confidence and courage.

The second aspect a story needs to have in order to be successful is having a theme that is very clear. If a story does not give the readers a chance to realize and acquire something from it, then this story will be remembered for a very short while and will be forgotten by the reader despite how it may have an interesting plot or good characters. On the other hand, when a story has a very complicated and complex theme, it may bring confusion to the readers. For a story to be classified as a good one, it must have a theme that is clearly transmitted because without this, the readers will not feel any emotion but cynicism and will make them avoid the books of that writer. A very good example of such a book is “Royal Beatings” a book written by Alice Munro. It is a very interesting book with uncommon materials but the theme is not as clear as expected and it leaves most of the readers very confused.


In conclusion, as much as there are lots of features that a good story needs, for a book and the author to be successful, the theme and the plot of the book are taken as the most important of all the other features. Clearly, these themes need clear harmonization so that the perfect and unique moments can be created. If one of the features is either too weak or superior, the story cannot be good. The things that cause impression to the readers and bring them to the realization of a major thing from a story are the reasons for the reading and therefore, their presence is the one condition that a good story must have.


Korthagen, F. A. (2014). In search of the essence of a good teacher: Towards a more holistic approach in teacher education. Teaching and teacher education, 20(1), 77-97.

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