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The Friendliness and Love of Athena Towards Odysseus

Apr 14, 2023 | 0 comments

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Apr 14, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

The relationship between Athena and Odysseus can be specifically be described as friendly, devoted, full of love and close. Despite the fact that Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war, she appears to Odysseus frequently when he is alone to reveal to him her will. Friendliness and caring are shown when Athena talks to Odysseus as if they are old friends. Perhaps thus places Odysseus a little higher compared to the rest of the human race. Back to Ithaca, Athena and Odysseus have a conversation and Athena says “who always stands beside you, shield you in every exploit: thanks to me the Phaeacians all embraced you warmly” (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p, 341-343). This shows the friendliness, care, and the status level Odysseus was placed compared to other human race. Athena also provides inspiration to Odysseus clever ideas, for instance, the Trojan horse. Odysseus implies that the daughter of Zeus inspired him by asserting “some god breathed enormous courage through us all” (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p, 426).

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The relationship between Athena and Odysseus can also be described as that Athena was a patron goddess of Odysseus. She protects and defends him whenever he comes into danger. From the narration of Nestor, “so many met a disastrous end, thanks to the lethal rage of Athena” (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p, 149-150). Shortly after, he makes a comment on the relationship of the goddess with Ithaca king, Odysseus, making emphasis that “she lavished case on brave Odysseus. He has never seen immortals show much affection as Pallas openly showed to him (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p, 251-252). Additionally Athena likes Odysseus as the goddess of wisdom because he was a clever man. Athena also protects Telemachus, the son of Odysseus while disguising as his mentor and advisor. The assistance offered to Odysseus by Athena is indirect since she tends to appear in a dream or disguised as a mortal and direct Odysseus to the right path.

The relationship between Athena and Odysseus can also be described as filled with love from Athena. Athena’s intentions are unclear towards Odysseus throughout the odyssey. Despite the fact it is repeated continuously that Poseidon is preventing Odysseus returning home, one of the reasons why, Odysseus stayed away for twenty years from Ithaca might be because of Athena’s love for him. Evidence indicated that Athena is in love with Odysseus and this can be one of the reasons why she delayed the journey of the Achaeans from Troy (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p, 376), and the reason why she helped him to get home. Menelaus stated that the reason Odysseus was prevented from coming back home was because of the jealousy of Athena, “but god himself, jealous of all this, no doubt robbed that unlucky man of the day of his return” (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p, 201-203).Moreover, zees also seems to be aware of Athena’s feelings towards Odysseus and clearly show that he notices the intentions of her daughter by repeating throughout that “come now, wasn’t the plan your own?” in the epic (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p. 25-26).

Athena is seen complaining to Zeus, when Odysseus is in the calypso island that her “hear heart breaks for Odysseus” (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p. 57). She laments and emphasize that king Odysseus is in pain, and that Calypso is attempting to “spellbind his heart with suave, seductive words” (Homer, Lombardo, & Homer, 2000 p, 67) and that Odysseus is very far from his loved one. This portrayal of love in their relationship is further demonstrated when Athena never at any given time argues that Odysseus should be granted an opportunity to live happily with his wife or even mention the name of Odysseus’ wife, Penelope. It is clear that the heart of Athena is breaking because she loves Odysseus and she is jealous of calypso that one day she might win Odysseus’ heart, or that he may never accept the offer of calypso, which imply that Odysseus only loves Penelope

In conclusion, the relationship between Athena and Odysseus was friendly and full of love, care, devotion, and closeness. Throughout Odysseus’ journey, Athena stood and protected him out of love and friendship.


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