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Exploring the Positive Impacts of Conservatism on Society and the Individual

Feb 8, 2023 | 0 comments

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Feb 8, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Conservatism is political belief based on social stability and tradition, emphasizing established institutions and having a preference on a gradual development to an abrupt change (Marietta 23). In conservative theories, they aim to preserve and restore, stressing continuity and stability, limit to change, restricted government guidelines of business and strong national defenses (Para 3). Conservatism so to speak is political morality.

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Conservative political drives have been productive as they have unified people of different opinions on the basis of shared goals (Mannheim 41).It is not possible to find the successes of conservatism in a big government but through individual achievement and freedom! According to O’hara, conservative ideology is mirrored through family values, decent parenting at home and what can be achieved when the government ceases to interfere (52). For instance, set of grandparents living their years without debt with their families leading a simple but self-governing life and out of trouble that’s a conservative success. When a small business opens up, with owners working hard and selling authentic products and excellent service, then gradually expanding step by step then becoming a big business organization…that is a conservative success story. If you see a soldier risking his life to protect the inhabitants of a dangerous area and receiving no recognition, that is conservative values in action (Cecil 23). Conservative form of leadership is the best, as it grows people to take responsibility for their actions, health, education and family the success is revealed in the glory and accomplishments of the individual and not in the credit and achievement of legislation that will promise some things that one should earn on their own.

In Canada, the Harper government has offered positive differences to the people of Canada and the world in general. It has offered tax relief with a 2% decrease to 5% in goods and services tax (GST), has assisted working families by lowering income taxes, has lowered small business and corporate taxes and has introduced the universal child care benefit that has given families real choices in child care (Gottfried 45). The harper government has also taken action by offering a special tax credits which has assisted in paying for children’s fitness programme, in regard to Crime and Justice, it has improved with strong new laws and punishments that fit the crime. The Tackling Violent Crime Act has ensured that criminals who get jail condemnations pay their dues to the society. According to Gottfried, corporations and unions have been banned from contributing to politics (66); the amount that an individual can donate has been reduced to between ,000 and ,100 per year.

There has also been investment in the Canadian Forces who strive to protect the country and its citizens by providing insurance for the personnel, while increasing sustenance for those who experience injury and illness in the line of duty. Canada signed the Copenhagen According, an agreement among developing and developed nations to decrease the worldwide level of air pollution ( Viereck and Claus 33).

In America, during the president George W. Bush conservative administration, they never accepted corruption in office and rejected the state ordering people how they should lead their lives.

In 2007 President Bush lifted the strategy for the war in Iraq from forced safeguarding to population security (Marrieta 54). In 2002, President Bush fronted the “housing first” strategy to reduce homelessness this worked and the number of homeless people decreased by 30 percent between 2005 and 2007. For the time being, serious crimes levels declined rapidly since 1993, when the country began to embrace conservative tough on crime policies. According to Marrieta, he addressed nationwide poverty, increased financial aid to developing countries and assisted in alleviating AIDS in Africa (67). In 2003 November third, he facilitated enactment of The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.

According to Viereck and Claus Australia’s main achievements of the Menzies, Holt, Gorton and McMahon conservative governments included high living standards for Australians; increased ratio of home owners, progress in industry, free medical treatment for seniors and the homeless, introduced homes for the aged, established Commonwealth Scholarships as means of introducing aid to all schools, increased work force and introduction of family allowance (71).

The Howard government’s policies enabled the provision of low rates of interest, lower taxation and increased economic growth; Australian domestic students by allowing them to invest in their own education, increased total revenue for higher education institutions from $8.6 billion in 1997 to $16.8 billion in 2007( O’hara 46).


The principles of conservatism are all-encompassing as they are founded on what men and women have learned through involvement in a dozen generations. With all the experience of the past and present, conservative future is still going to continue working as the task will not be to sell a philosophy, but to make the citizens, who already believe in the philosophy, see that modern conservatism offers us a political home (Marietta 27).From above it evident that conservatism prevents movement backward and downward and towards forward and upward away from chaotic darkness and primitive state, a philosophy that world nations should adopt for better and brighter futures.

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