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Nurturing Stanton’s Growth and Potential at Parish School

Jul 4, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 4, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

1. What factors contributed to your decision to apply to Parish?

We choose Parish for its personalized, creative, and faith-based approach to academics. Majority of the schools focus on academics and ignore the spiritual wellbeing of children. Parish allows our son to receive personalized teaching and instruction which will cater to his specific strengths and weaknesses.

Parish has a low student-teacher ratio and all-grade access to the Parish STEM Program. This will allow our son to grow exponentially in academics and socially. It will also allow the teacher to track his progress in various aspects and advice us on the same. The small class will also allow Stanton to participate and grow in confidence within the class. We, the parents and the teacher have the advantage of teaming up to help Stanton overcome any weaknesses and become more confident in academics, physical activities, social and spiritual wellbeing. Therefore allowing for the development of a well rounded, complete child.


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The lower school cooking lab is a bonus Stanton would be particularly excited to find himself in the lower school cooking lab. Many grade schools within the area have not understood the importance of an out of the class experience for young children. The lower school cooking lab will bring forth his creativity while at the same time challenging him to explore new areas. Of course, the cooking lab will likely make school more exciting and exhilarating for Stanton unlike his peers in other settings. The Parish setting will position Stanton to thrive in a dynamic world.

The school’s personalized; the hands-on approach is optimal for developing independent thinking and sound judgment. In this setting, Stanton’s involvement would be reality-anchored and focused. By exercising productive thought, he will learn to manage various settings including those involving change. The school’s curriculum would permit him to stretch his mind and thrive in the rich diversity of his classmates. The addition of Spanish, art, music, library time, daily P.E. and chapel fit with our core values.

After-school learning and in particular, the various EXTEND programs, are unique. We foresee Stanton quite keen for:

  1. Lego Discover
  2. Karate
  3. Indoor Soccer
  4. Spanish
  5. Art

Parental Recommendations

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

                    -Sherlock Holmes

We began inquiring about Parish one year ago as we were looking ahead to first grade. We spoke to many families to learn about their experiences at the school. Key findings include the school’s spectacular student discipline and safety as a priority. One family asserted Parish is a “home away from home” and offers a warm, supportive environment for both students and parents. Another family confirmed the school’s technology-emphasis for productive learning, and the schools “outside the box” approach to education. A mother expressed that the school takes into account families active schedules when assigning after school homework and duties.

Whereas the school brochure and advertising promised a fulfilling environment for our child. It is through the testimony of other parents that we got a complete feel of the school atmosphere. Observing children who have attended Parish, I noted that they had exemplary manners and admired their eloquence in Spanish and English. Immediately I knew that Parish would explore the strengths of our child and become a fulfilling learning environment for him.

As Aristotle claimed humans are capable of the highest good when they live and learn in their ideal environment. Parish will inspire Stanton to learn with confidence. Later, he likely will adhere to Aristotle and return the benefits conveyed to him.

2. What are your child’s greatest strengths?

Stanton’s greatest strengths are preparation, pride, and agility.


As Louis Pasteur asserted “Chance favours the prepared mind.” Stanton succeeds because inquisitiveness is one of his greatest strengths. He likes to ask questions and is a master of the 5-W’s + 1-H:

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
  5. Why?
  6. How?

Whenever we are going to the store, for example, the young man will prepare with the heat of a battle. He often gets upset when not forewarned of a simple trip to the shop. He would like to know exactly what his role will be, and therefore how he will accomplish the task. He often quizzes me on exactly what we are going to purchase and the amount of money we have carried for said purchases. This preparedness goes into all aspects of his little life, from playdates to colouring exercises. All things must be laid out properly and then the task can be accomplished.


As parents in this generation where children are often suffering from low self-esteem at an early age, we are happy that Stanton seems to be a proud and confident child. He has no qualms about defending his word and will not be quavered easily, even by his parents. He enjoys making his own choices from what to wear to where to play and with whom. Often when quizzed about his choices, he has reasons behind the choices. The reasons may be flimsy and childish but he has the confidence to defend his choices.

His pride is often the topic of discussion in our family with his grandma saying that sometimes the pride and confidence he exhibits carry a sort of charm because you will find yourself relenting. This does not mean that he is perfect, there are times his confidence can border on arrogance. However, when I carefully outline the disadvantages and mistakes he has made, he is often quick to say sorry and adjust.


Stanton is quite adaptable to his environment for example in a single day one can observe:

1. Barbie Dolls with the girls

  1. Engage in Lego Hero Factory with the boys
  2. Respect for older kids and relentless inquisition about the journey ahead

Stanton can study the environment and within seconds judge what he needs to be to succeed. His agility goes as far as simple tasks in the house. unlike many children who enjoy specific tasks, my son can today clean his room, tomorrow he will want to wash the laundry and next day put away the dishes. He adapts to each new environment with the agility of a chameleon, even new environments that he has not experienced before.

3. What are your child’s greatest areas of need, and what steps have been taken to address these concerns?

Although Stanton is confident in familiar settings, he can be cautious when the opposite is true. In a new environment, he tends to be shy often clinging to people he knows. One may imagine that he is not a social child, whereas in essence it just takes him time to adjust and become confident in the new environment. To address this concern, we keep Stanton active. His response has been positive and has helped him recognize the tremendous value of self-trust. Some of the uncommon achievements that he boasts to his friends include:

  1. Conquering a 675-foot zip line at Rough Creek Lodge, TX
  2. Riding his bicycle with no training wheels numerous times 9.5 miles around White Rock Lake
  3. If-Dallas simulated sky diving sessions
  4. 5-hour dog sledging adventure in Kananaskis located outside Calgary, Albert Canada
  5. Plummeted 16 stories (~155 ft) through the air at 80 mph on Dive Bomber Alley, Six Flags Over Texas
  6. Snow tubing solo in Banff Nation Park

With these activities, we have begun laying a foundation for Stanton where new is no longer scary and impossible but rather an exciting challenge to be conquered. We have seen changes when it comes to the introduction of new environments and we are confident that the school programs will allow him to embrace change, so that fear is no longer overwhelming.

4. What are your child’s special interests?

Stanton demonstrates superb capability, coping, and social interaction skills.

His strong learning capability is also present outside the classroom. His participation in many playgroups and extra-curricular activities illustrates his energetic spirit and capacity. He exhibits happiness from his achievements by decorating his home with certificates, medals and trophies.

His industrial capability is also noteworthy. He builds and constructs Legos designed for kids much older than him. He helps his mother sew and complete creative projects. He yearns to expose his ambitious drive in any setting by competing with his father. He is an early riser and quite independent in the morning. We find him drawing at the dinner table, constructing Lego castles and engaging in self-dialogue. This week he drew a scarecrow with tears in the eyes. When we asked him why the scarecrow was sad he said, “Because he didn’t want to be stuck to that pole.”

Well, that’s Stanton. He would never want to be stuck to a pole or want anyone else to be stuck that way either. Parish is our first choice of a school for our son because we feel it is a place that will encourage Stanton to grow and learn without getting stuck while reminding him others have the right to do the same.

Independence is another one of Stanton’s strong characteristics. He likes to dress in the morning to match every primary colour, all at once. He shows excellent hygiene in his desire to brush his teeth and match his father’s morning deodorant application. He is a master storyteller and always asks many questions. He seems to recover well from challenges and is firm when challenged by his playgroup friends.

In a familiar social setting, he is quick to take part. In the presence of friends and new acquaintances, he is quite trusting with his toys, and willing to share. He is popular with kids and teachers because he always remembers their birthdays.  His signature touch includes delivering hand-made cards, creations, and sometimes cookies. He is affectionate towards younger kids and quite helpful in finishing small household chores.

At Parish, we envision Stanton will further branch out and innovate. While building confidence from new special interests, he will become more adaptable, versatile, and able to think on his feet.

5. Describe your child’s relationship with his/her peers.

We believe peer relationships are important to the quality of Stanton’s life as well as his future development.  This is why we have created countless social options for Stanton since infancy.  He gains great satisfaction from interacting with his peers.  Stanton is self-confident and just as eager to socialize with an unfamiliar face at the park, as with a classmate or special friend.  His ability to compromise, accept, and communicate has helped him foster relationships with children of varying ages and backgrounds.

He especially enjoys playgroup and is often awake and ready hours before the playgroup starts. In the past month, we have noticed that he enjoys making the newer children more comfortable, including them in his games and circle of friends. He is so compassionate that he is often willing to compromise and sacrifice for the comfort of another. I have often had to purchase an extra sweet or chocolate because he is probably going to give his away to a child he just met whose name he does not know or care to know. All he knows is that said child “looked” like he wanted chocolate.

6. Describe your child’s relationship with his/her family.

There are two lasting gifts that you can give to your children – one is roots–the other is wings.

Stanton’s mother and father live happily under one roof, but each has a unique relationship with him. His mom spends much of the time with him, engaging him in play and simple tasks in the house. This prepares him for bigger and more responsibilities. Also, she gives him the ideal roots upon which he bases his confidence. Much of the time, one will find him in the kitchen attempting to help his mum prepare dinner. To Stanton, Mummy and he are a team and must suffer together while at the same time enjoying all rewards together.

Stanton’s mom is a powerful influence in Stanton’s daily routine.  She encourages critical thinking, strong values, morals, etiquette, and acceptance.  Stanton and his mom connect through household chores.  Sorting laundry, cooking, sewing a “broken” teddy bear arm, writing thank-you cards, and gardening.  Creativity is important to Stanton’s mom.  She encourages and facilitates craft projects, painting, building, and experiments.  Strong extended family relationships are strengthened with mom organizing weekly visits to Stanton’s grandparents’ house.

Stanton and his dad connect through adventurous activities and competition. Each party plays a critical role in helping the other become the best that they can be. They ride bikes, race, and practice sports like baseball, football, and soccer. Stanton also likes to accompany his dad with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) in our home gym. They often finish the day a friendly Nerf gun competition, and books before bed. Stanton’s dad believes sports are instrumental in teaching Stanton determination, discipline, and persistence. They build character, confidence and resilience – things that don’t show up in test results but matter in life. Although Stanton’s father has a demanding professional life, he rarely misses his competitive pursuits. He is a champion of Stanton and a meaningful mentor that will never give up on him.

Stanton also has strong relationships with his grandma and aunts. Whenever they visit or we visit them, they are quick to heap praises on his achievements. This has built his confidence and given him the desire to try out new things if only to tell grandma about it.

7. Does your child receive any tutoring or academic enrichment outside of the classroom? If so, please explain.

Stanton is an active participant in many extra-curricular activities:

  1. YMCA Soccer
  2. YMCA Flag Football
  3. Tennis Lessons
  4. Spanish Lessons
  5. Weekly Play Group
  6. Piano Lessons
  7. Martial Arts

8. If you feel it would be helpful, please elaborate on any of the above items.

Stanton has found a way to pick the best of the family gene pool. He is an exciting child, quite energetic and inquisitive. However, this does not mean that he is perfect; he also has his weakness. A common one that we have to deal with is his stubbornness. Often he will insist on a particular path, and I have to take some few minutes to debate and convince him to change direction. Parish will build a much more wholesome child with the potential of becoming an influential member of the community.

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