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Nov 30, 2021 | 0 comments

Nov 30, 2021 | Essays | 0 comments

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Yes I have had a makeover before. My friends and I were invited for a photo shoot and there were makeup artists who were paid to do the makeover. I looked totally different I do not think I could recognize myself but I loved the transformation. It was a beautiful transformation and I would love doing it again. Make under on gender defends it that anyone and everybody can have a make under. It should not be affected whether one is male, female, bisexual or a transgender. As long as it makes the party involved happy and contented then no one should be denied the chance. I tend to think everyone wants to look better and majority will do whatever it takes to acquire this. With good and better looks, an individual acquires some kind of power as compared to their former selves. They get the power of looks and confidence which majority of people need in order to be happy. In the make under, they have the social capital. In this case, after one undergoes a make under, he or she is put out there and people give their opinions on whether they can avoid, marry or snog them. This gives at least satisfaction to the participants. Make over indicates that social mobility is possible as we can see Chloe Mafia comes with her kid to the show.
In this documentary, the first statement means that jeans are very beautiful and despite this, it portrays little crimes when worn by the young people. At the same time, the jeans are romantically beautiful from the outside and for this case; people are able to take life chances and risks. The second statement however means that, the jeans became common clothing and everyone started wearing it be it male or female and therefore it became everybody’s outfit. As a wearer of jeans, women started wearing jeans years later after they were released and as long as someone is comfortable in his or her jeans, they should not worry more on what the society says. The sale of jeans has grown over the years and it has promoted the economy. The 501 jeans were improved by coming up with different designs. They called it the perfection of imperfections. They changed the fittings and made them in a way that they could fit like no other fabrics and fit in the right places. Post Fordism has been ongoing since forever and it helps in the economic development of the countries and the jeans production helped a lot in this sector.