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In art it is essential to bring out impressive visuals by creating meaningful and suitable images. Two-dimensional media according to Adams (2007), are tools artists use to express their ideas and include paintings, drawings, printmaking and photography. The most unique two-dimensional media as implied by Adams (2007) is photography specifically the digital photography that makes it easier to come up with motion pictures, animation and film, videos and digital images. Adams (2007) indicate a transition from still photography to motion photography that shows high level of creativity and imagination by artist in attempt to make their ideas easier to understand and  art part of our daily lives. In addition, digital photography is unique since it uses technology.

Adams (2007) says that digital photography is a bit complex and requires experts unlike other two-dimensional media like drawing as most people can sketch. The discovery made it possible to see motion pictures and relate them to the real world events making them easier to understand the message communicated at the same time entertaining. It brings out the essence of art in a unique and pleasant manner and captures and nurture talent. Moreover, digital photography has varied application since the pictures taken by a digital camera can be stored in a computer for future reference, manipulated and even printed (Adams, 2007). The technology used helps to create a suitable visual impression and lessen the work of artists. Therefore, these unique features makes it the most creative medium compared to other two-dimensional media.



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