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Developing a Sales and Marketing Plan for Novo Express Hotel

Feb 24, 2023 | 0 comments

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Feb 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Executive summary

The Novo Express is a five-star hotel located in Ritorua. The hotel offers three floors with a variety of rooms, such as the junior, plus and the Presidential VIP. The Novo Express is renowned for its convenient and strategic location. Guests are guaranteed personal services, with a wide range of business facilities available. The Novo Express hotel has 98 rooms with sophisticated décor of bright colors spread over three floors inspired by luxury and technology. Additionally the hotel is known for its exotic modern space for accommodation that considers your comfort, and security. Therefore, the hotel is ideal for a family, business and corporate guests with two to three-night stay requirement. The target business section includes travelers to the city of Caracas, a tourist visiting the Caribbean Sea.

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A marketing and sales plan is important especially in the hotel industry since it helps differentiate the kinds of services offered to those of the competitors. Customers are becoming more and more aware of their needs and would not settle for less. Poor marketing and sales strategies have continuously been linked to poor performance (Kotler & Makens, 2010). The Novo Express Hotel is a small privately owned hotel located in Ritorua. The business idea of the Novo Hotel is to provide accommodation and restaurant services to its customers.

The hotel has 98 rooms including junior, plus, presidential VIP, and anniversary rooms. All the rooms have air conditioning, WI-FI, satellite TV, and shower. Additional services include a Jacuzzi, a mini-fridge, a bigger bed, a worktable and a couch depending on the room paid for. The anniversary rooms are furnished according to the customer’s instructions; customers are required to book such rooms ten days prior to the arrival. The restaurant services include room service, a buffet for breakfast and lunch, and a bar. This paper will develop a sales and marketing plan for the Novo Express Hotel that shall be used for the period, 2016 to 2018. The aim is also to ensure that the marketing and sales plan is ideal for the Novo Express Hotel that shall be sued in its marketing.

The importance of planning

Planning assist in differentiating the type of business service offered from that of the competition. Therefore, planning will assist the Nova Hotel from building its own brand that will attract frequent business travelers and tourists who require a higher level of personal service and recognition. There exist two kinds of market planning, strategic and corporate planning. Strategic planning is said to relate to setting the goals, gap analysis, strategy formulation and implementation (Zeithmal & Bitner, 2000). Corporate market planning, on the other hand, is directly related to strategic planning since it involves the supporting resources required to complete strategic market planning. Another role of planning is that it helps in closing the gap between the customer’s needs and the organizational needs. This is usually done through examination of the core process and using them to deliver customer value.

The roles of sales and marketing

Sales and marketing are confused terms; the terms are intricately intertwined and must be continuously aligned to achieve organization goals. Many people think of marketing as selling and advertising, however marketing consists of different activities. Kotler and Make define marketing as the set of activities, communication, delivery and exchange that have value for customers, and the society (Kotler & Makens, 2010). Sales enhance the relationship between the service provider and the customer. The perception of sales has shifted from the 20th century that concentrated on the sale of services and products to the 21st century that focuses on increasing customer productivity (Bateson & Hoffman, 1999).

The use of both Sales and marketing create greater strategic significance to the organization. Sales activities are made with the intention of building and maintenance of a long-term relationship. Therefore, take the relationship management role. Customers choose to buy a product or service based on the perception of the service from the satisfaction of previous customers. Therefore, the primary role of the organization is to market the product managing the customer relationship, and later sell the product according to the standards established by the customer. In this way, the organization is aware of the needs and demands of the customer. It is for this reason that most organization invest a larger amount of resources in customer surveys to learn the different ways of delivering superior and unique customer-valued satisfaction (Kotler & Makens, 2010).

The Basic Elements of a Successful Sales and Marketing Program

A successful marketing and sales plan has four basic elements. The elements include price, product, place, and promotion. This section shall discuss this four elements in relation to the Novo Express Hotel.

a. Product

Product is defined as the goods or services offered to the customers. In this case, therefore, Novo Express is offering hotel service to its customers. The services offered are associated with other features such as the quality and brand name. Novo should, therefore, pay close attention to the needs of the services required by its customers. The service lifecycle is another important element to consider, it refers to the different stages of selling the service. When a service is introduced in the market, it gains more and more customers as it grows. According to Nykiel, the product should meet the needs of the customers (Nykiel, 2011). For instance, the Novo is a five-star hotel, the services it offers, therefore, should meet the five-star level.

b. Price

In the previous, year’s most product sellers concentrated on making the product cheaper and accessible to all. However, as the years went by, customers were no longer attracted to cheaper products; this means that customers are ready to invest in an expensive product if it gives them value for their money. Price is how much one charges for the product or service. Price is very important since customers, deem services that are lowly priced as those of poor quality. Therefore, Novo Express has to careful price its rooms and restaurant services to portray a good image to its customers. The approach of pricing should be a reflection of the service position in the market, whereby the price covers the cost per item and a profit margin. Alternatively, the pricing approach can be based on customers demand, the service offered and the competitive environment (Bowie and Buttle, 2004).

c. Place

Refers to the location of the business and the distribution channels used to get the products from the service provider to the consumer. The Novo Express hotel is located in the vicinity of Carcass town. The place is easily accessible to customers, at the same time it is easy for the hotel management to access raw products such as food for its restaurant.

d. Promotion

This refers to the advertising and sales marketing channels. The main goal of the promotion is to inform potential customers of the services offered and how to access it. Promotion also informs the customers of your intention to satisfy their needs. For promotion to be effective, there is a need to focus on market research that will identify the potential customers. The message used in the promotion should be consistent with the marketing image to elicit the desired response. The promotional channels may include advertising, personal sales, sales promotion and public relations.

Situational Audit

The primary role of a marketing and sales plan is to obtain essential information the Nova Express Hotel market. With the information, it shall be easy to assess the situation of Nova, its current market situation. The situational analyses are divided into external and internal analysis. The external analysis includes information of the hotel’s business environment for instance its main competitors. Therefore, external analyses are those factors the hotel has no control over but is still affected by them. Therefore, we analyze this to prepare the hotel in advance (Middleton et al. 2009). On the other hand, external analysis includes the services distribution of the hotel. Here we shall use sales figures, the prices over the years. Through this, we shall establish the strong services of the hotel (Bowie & Buttle 2004: 322)

SWOT Analysis

The gathered information about the Novo Express Hotel sales and marketing plan shall be used in the form of SWOT Analysis. SWOT analysis stands for strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. It is the first planning stages that assist the company to focus on key issues and identifying development areas SWOT analysis combines both internal and external factors.

The company strengths form part of the internal factors. They may include the hotel resources and capabilities that form its competitive advantage. For instance, the Novo Express is a brand name known for its good hotel services. Additionally, it may extend to the hotels reputation among its customers. The weaknesses, on the other hand, include poor customer relations and the high cost of services. The best way to identify both strengths and weakness is to conduct a consumer research to learn from the customer feedback (Kotler &Makens, 2010).

Opportunities, on the other hand, from the external factors in the analysis. For instance, development of a nearby road that would enable easy access to the hotel is an opportunity to get more customers. Consequently, development of new technology that would quicken WI-FI access in the hotel rooms is an opportunity for the hotel to satisfy its customers. When opportunities are unavailable, we say the hotel business is at threat. Threats could arise from any form of competition, for example, when a new hotel is established adjacent to the Novo, this would be a threat to the Novo and would be required to work extra hard to maintain its customers. It is, therefore, important for the management of the Novo to be aware of the possible threats to its business in the external environment and prepare well for it.

Marketing Objectives

In the situational audit, we were determining where the Nova is at; in this section, we shall determine the way forward for the hotel. It is important to set the goals of the hotel that are in relation to its mission and vision. In addition, it is important to define the target customers of the hotel (Bowie & Buttle, 2004). Therefore, the objectives need to be accurate, attainable, and measurable actionable within a set timeframe (Middleton et al., 2009). The objectives are of two types, financial and marketing. The employees and hotel management should sue the sales and marketing plan for direction (Bowie & Buttle, 2004). The financial objectives are usually in terms of the net profits of the hotel, and then they are later converted into marketing objectives.

Implementation and control of the Objectives

When the objectives have been set, we focus on strategic planning, for the purposes of maintaining a link between the employees and the hotels visions. The implementation is usually specific, for instance to ensure customer satisfaction all employees at the Nova should undertake client relations training every year. Such a plan is simple and easy for the management to execute. To ensure sales the Nova should give a discount to its customers especially in the low season months to ensure that customers stick to the hotel, in this way they will counter competition.


The report presented a sales and marketing plan for the Novo Express Hotel. The plan emphasizes on how the hotel could improve its marketing. The plan is a framework on how the hotel should proceed with marketing, and what current aspects should be improved. The plan includes Hotel Novo Express paying greater attention to the threats and opportunities it has to maximize on acquiring more customers. Additionally the report provides the roles of marketing and sales that the Novo Hotel should focus on. From the report, it is expected that the strategic plan of 2016-2018 will greatly improve the profits of the Novo Express Hotel.


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