Promotional Action Plan for General Cable Company

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The promotional action plan for General Cable Company will allow the company to put into action the vision through completion of the marketing plan of the company. The provided action plan will encourage the company to monitor the promotional strategy results to keep management improving the company. General Cable Company adopted five different promotion items which include;

Action item 1

Action item Send brief survey to all the company’s important customers.
description               This will be done by directly contacting these people either by ordinary mail or email. This will be made simple from the existing company’s database of addresses and names. Email or direct mail will be sent to the important customers with new products and service new updates that the company offers. Small prize and gifts will be offered in customers who brought referrals.

The company will also make a products and services list linked together, so that when a customer contacts the company, they purchase more than one item.

objective To make an assessment of customer satisfaction of all the company’s customers who spent more than $1000 every year and averagely get them to increase their annual totals by 30%.
Target market The existing customers of the company who have spent  more than $ 1000 with the company
budget This promotion is expected to run for six months and the estimated budget is $4800
metric The evaluation of the project will be done according to timelines. The promotional plan will run for about six months with stated guidelines on how the company should complete its items. The interest on the renewed interest on the company’s new products, preference over our competitors and response to our mails will form the criteria for the company’s success. The expected outcome is an increase by 20% of our normal sales from the same customers.



                                                                        Action 2

Action item Conducting seasonal of special sales w.............

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