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How Computers Negatively Impact Human Development

Feb 12, 2023 | 0 comments

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Feb 12, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


The existence of human life has experienced various innovations that challenge its regular occurrence. Majorly, the effects originate from invention of computers. According to Begum, R., and Mujtaba, B. G., (2015), they observe that computers come with it merits and demerits to human beings in terms of its work operations. For instance, several computer applications have emerged that do most of human effort. In regards to this, work is mechanically done through systematically set machines operated by computers that totally ignores a human aspect. For this reason, computers have been severally analysed to a point that its existence has severely negated human development in all aspects.

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When computers are given face value, their importance overrides the negative side. But once in-depth analysis is conducted then one begins to comprehend the threat it has on human growth. One will ask, what of the technological advancement done over time? And again, does it mean then that invention of computers was misplaced? Critical queries opt to be posed in order to establish proper answers to our worries. Check this scenario, everything we undertake as humans now becomes mechanised. This goes to the extent that our families are running on computer applications. F, F. K. (1962) observes that all over sudden people become so dependent on this applications that industries are operated by robots as we, human beings remain recipients.

Some will argue that today’s advancement in regards to weaponry has aided the world to coming more peaceful, but the truth be told, the world has become more insecure. Why this? There is this believe that enemies are within and hence the need to protect ourselves from our enemies. Who are these we call enemies? Our friends and neighbours, due to the emergence of computers, suddenly find themselves confined in this category.

Campbell, (2011) stated that human interactions with technological advancement in the name of the computer and its applications hinders the ability and resolve to showcase human capacity to carry out sophisticated functions. This has led to laying back of individuals to perform and continuously over relying on the inventions humans personally engaged in developing. Great individuals emerged as scientists and remained celebrated to date for the contributions towards the enhancement of existing science. The foundations are pure human personal involvement in research that lacks at the moment in period and case research experiment are done, and all focus relies on the computer applications. This, however, as it improves the efficiency the human aspect is missing (Campbell, 2011).

Computers are excellent gadgets given the amount of efficiency and convenience that have come with it. However, the improvement done on its applications has further pushed man to the periphery and remained to be controlled by it (F, F.K, 1962). People complain about how fast we are losing ourselves in the world to a point that human beings are left inferior to our creations that have become our superior partners.

In conclusions, whichever said of the coin one looks at this computer device one still notices the damage it caused and persistently continue to cause to mankind. Human beings are left second class to their inventions and innovations and are remotely controlled to an extent that we can no longer look back and appreciate our origins. This has only made us blame our past and understand the period computers came into existence. Indeed, computer negates the human development gained after long decades of life, and if, not checked, then the days are coming when humans will play second to robots.


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