Marketing Analysis of CSR Corporation.

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Table of Contents


1.0.     INTRODUCTION.. 4


2.1. Aims and objectives. 6

2.2. The scope. 6

3.0. OPPORTUNITIES for the CSR Company. 7

3.1. Social responsibility. 7

3.2. Quality management 7

3.3. Investing partners. 8





7.1 recommendations. 14




This paper titled the marketing analysis of CSR, a global company that manufactures designs and distributed personal sound equipment. The company is credited for some the newest revolutionary technology in the form of personal sound equipment.

This paper analyses some of the internal and external challenges that face the company which has led the market in distribution of consumer sound applications and equipment. The paper summarizes some of the challenges such as market trends, changing technology, competition and environmental that the organization is exposed to in the industry. In addition, the paper discusses the consumer characteristics including behavior and psychology of the clients who come to the company.

The paper also discusses the details of applying the marketing mix which is the Four C’s, created by Schmizu. Furthermore, the paper analyses the market segmentation strategy, positioning and targeting for purposes of improving the product sales.

The study concludes that the CSR company:

  • Is a next generation company, with high chances of growing larger and becoming a benchmark in the industry
  • Leadership is vital for purposes of steering the company and its products towards maximum profitability.
  • Research is important in the market; to determine where there exists a gap to be filled by the company products.
  • The diversification of the CSR products, makes the company unique, thereby ensuring that clients are constantly treated to the newest and best technology available.

1.0.            INTRODUCTION

The CSR company is the focus of this paper, and specifically one of the newest and most profitable products of the company that is the IT7*2-bluetooth stereo headphones.

The CSR Company is an internationally acclaimed developer and inventor of consumer electronics ranging from appliances used in the home to carry around appliances. The company is registered is Wales and England, where it is licensed to research into, develop and manage the distribution of the personal electronic appliances. The company founded by a group of creative innovators, has in the short while that it ahs existed become a leader in the industry (Calkins 2008).

According to Calkins (2008), the CSR Company is renowned for unveiling products with unmatchable technology, new and savvy in the market.  Its products employ dynamic technology continuously adapting with the market trends to ensure that the products are not only savvy but in fact serve the consumer better than previous products. Each product introduced by the company is an improvement to previous versions, meeting and resolving the challenges faced by clients with previous products.

Recently the company has expanded its interests to the voice applications, music and gaming applications. This expansion has included partnering, purchasing and acquiring companies involved in these developments (Calkins 2008).


The blue tooth application is often used to connect devices such as smart phones and tablets for purposes of exchanging and sharing files and documents.

The IT7*2-bluetooth stereo headphones is enabled to work with both devices and can be used on low energy stereos.  The headphones work in much the same way as any blue tooth device, while allowing the consumer to listen to the stereo, they also allow for continued sharing of information from the devices in close range.  The low energy standard integrated into the device allows it to transform, recode and transfer files without needing much energy. The low energy use is a signature of the CSR Company allowing a variety of consumers who previously were deterred by the size of the Bluetooth devices it makes use of a more convenient version (Ferrell 2012).

The IT7*2-bluetooth stereo headphones, are equipped with the revolutionary home automation technology. This implies that they can automatically be used to select and record files, information such as programs, even when the home owner is not near the area. Home automation can be automatically set on the device and changed or edited to the tastes of the client.

Ferrell (2012) pointed out that the IT7*2-bluetooth stereo headphones, is unique because of its size. Compared to other blue tooth headphones, this device is smaller and therefore easier to manage. The device can be easily transported in pockets and carried around when one is engaged in various activities. Its small nature makes it unique, and once gain a pioneer in the market for the CSR.

The CSR Bluetooth deices are renowned for their simplicity. Where other products making use of the Bluetooth smart application are much more complex, the CSR device is simple, easy to use. As such the customers are more attracted to using this device, which they can install, manage and run much easily (Ferrell 2012).

2.1. Aims and objectives

  • Provide background information on the CSR company
  • Educate on the IT7*2-bluetooth stereo headphones produced and distributed by CSR
  • Understand and explore the marketing strategies employed by the company
  • Explore the nature of consumer behavior and trends in the market
  • Understand the social responsibility ventures undertaken by the company

2.2. The scope

This paper focuses itself on the CSR company and its product the IT7*2-bluetooth stereo headphones.  This is the limit of the study. The paper does not explore in an in-depth manner any other products by the company or other companies related to CSR.


3.1. Social responsibility

Social responsibility has b.............

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