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Why Hillary Clinton is the Preferred Candidate for America’s Future

Jul 4, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jul 4, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


The 45th Presidential election has gained momentum and candidates are doing all they can to secure citizens’ support. Both Democrats and Republicans candidates are running, the famous Democrats include the Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Senator Jim Webb, the Republicans, on the other hand, including Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina just to mention a few. Being a democrat am in support of a Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton to be precise. I think the Former US Secretary of state has a favorable chance and enough experience of becoming the 45th President of America. According to www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/plan-raise-american-incomes/ Hillary has several priorities for the American people. They include an economy plan, social security and Medicare, national security, LGBT equality and disability rights, K-12education and childhood education, immigration reform, labor and workforce and skills, criminal justice reform, among many other issues (Hillary For America). This paper will discuss why Hillary is my preferred candidate for the highlighted priorities.


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In her early legal career, Hillary Published a Harvard Educational Review titled, children under the law. In the publication, she advocated for the rights of children (Rodham 505). This illustrates Hillary’s interest in fighting for the rights of American children even before acquiring power. Consequently, in her campaign manifesto, she recognizes that every child has a right to live up to God’s given potential. As a senator, she was at the forefront calling for the national initiative to provide funds for the establishment of the Pre-K programs. As the first lady, she passionately introduced the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) program that was resourceful for parents to educate their children at home before going to school. She also runs the Hillary Clinton Foundation that assists children in learning the language better (Hillary For America).

Secondly, Hillary has been at the forefront in advocating for the rights of persons, her manifesto focus on the rights of persons with disability and the LGBT community. Even with the presence of the American Disability Act, persons with a disability still face several challenges especially concerning access to resources. As a senator, she advocated for the US to join the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Persons with a disability are from time to time denied access to gainful and meaningful employment (Hillary For America). Accordingly, as the President, I believe it will be a new dawn for persons with disabilities. Concerning the rights of the LGBT community, Hillary has championed hate crime legislation that protects LGBT people in the workplace. She also fought for the end of restriction that prevented LGBT people from adopting children. When she was the Secretary of State she enforced strong anti-discrimination legislation at the Global Level, for instance, she led in the passing of the UN Resolution on Human Rights that ended state discrimination against LGBT families. She applauded the recent Supreme Court verdict but recognizes that a lot needs to be done to achieve LGBT equality (Brammer 1).

Thirdly, being a lawyer Hillary advocates for criminal justice reform. She recognizes the prison cells are full and racial discrimination in our justice agencies. She adds that the question of race needs to be recognized as a barrier to justice, the recent patterns of injustices, for instance, the Fergusons case are making the justice system flawed. She encourages the use of smart strategies to fight crime. Hillary also intends to reform the justice system by changing the approach to punishment and prison by pursuing alternative punishments for low offenders and do away with private prisons (Hillary For America).

The fourth priority Hillary intends to consider is raising the income of Americans by supporting Labor Unions. The Labor Unions builds the economy of the Middle class, this in return reduces the incidence of crime. Supporting the Labor Unions, therefore, means that the income of Americans is raised and hence the success of the Nation. She intends to restore the bargaining rights of Unions. She has previously sponsored the Employee Free Choice Act that aimed at strengthening the labor movement. She also supports increasing the federal minimum wage to $12. This will protect workers from exploitation and support their families (Hillary for America).

Hillary recognizes that affordable health care is a basic human right. She has previously led the fight for access to quality, affordable healthcare. As the first lady, she helped create the Children’s healthcare system. Healthcare Insurance Program, which now provides coverage for over 8 million children. She also introduced legislation to reduce the cost of health information management relates to uniformity and reliability of actions or events that happen every time. Data pertaining Healthcare insurance expenses. As president, she plans to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. Additionally, she plans to defend the Affordable Care Act to make it easy for healthcare providers to best care for their patients. The healthcare system in the US requires massive transformation and Hillary plans to build a delivery system that will improve the quality of healthcare for Americans. The healthcare priorities include expansion of access to healthcare facilities for rural Americans and ensure access to reproductive health for women (Hillary For America).

Another priority is concerning immigration reform; in recent years, Hillary has condemned the aggressive immigration laws in President Obama’s regime. She plans to have a fair and just immigration system. She says law-abiding citizens will be protected and offered a path to citizenship. She adds that the system will support the family since most Americans are family-oriented and phase out private immigration detention centers. She will advocate for Congress to pass legislation that will treat them with dignity, and uphold the laws (Hillary for America).

National security is one of Hillary’s core priorities; she plans to keep America stronger and safe. As the Secretary of State Hillary worked towards the restoration of America on top of the world. She had several accomplishments including the building of a global coalition that imposed sanctions on Iran and protection of Israel. She supported the decision of bringing Osama Bin Laden to justice. She plans to make sure that the US maintains a well-trained and equipped military, ready to respond to any challenges. She also intends to champion the rights of LGBT globally and ensure that all people have equal access to information. As a smart leader, she intends to ensure that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon, defeat ISIS, hold China accountable for its aggressive actions, and stand up to Putin for his actions (Hillary For America).


Hillary Clinton my presidential candidate since she articulates very critical issues that America faces. As a citizen, I would like my president to address issues such as guaranteeing criminal justice, access to education, national security, the rights of minority groups, access to healthcare, and the laws relating to labor. These are day-to-day problems encountered by Americans. Hillary has been a US senator, first lady, and the Secretary of State. I believe that she has the understanding to address all these issues without a doubt.

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