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Sara’s Courageous Act Thwarts Robbery Attempt

Jun 10, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 10, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

Setting (home)

Their family of Sara is a happy family happily living together on the outskirts of the city. Her father is a banker, while her mother is a schoolteacher. Sara is seven years, and her younger brother is three years. The family loves eating dinner together at home in the evening. On a fine Friday evening, as a routine, Sara’s family was sitting around their Marple dinner table, taking their dinner and talking. The family loved each other as they usually discussed their family matters and how their day was and reconnected with each other. The family was having their normal dinner this Friday evening when someone knocked at the door. Sara’s father opened the door, and a woman beggar was at the door asking for food and drinking water. He allowed her in and welcomed her to join them for dinner.


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The victim

The woman was a street beggar in her late twenties wearing clothes half torn and in grim condition. Her hair was untidy and bushy, and she looked pale from the hot summer heat, which depicted her as a person in extreme helplessness. Moreover, the smell coming from her untidy body was unpleasant. No one would hesitate to offer help if she knocked at your door or asked for help. When Sara’s father asked her more questions about herself, she could not disclose her story. However, the reassuring smiling faces of Sara’s family and a warm welcome with delicious food were enough to disclose anything. The woman beggar introduced herself as Jessica, and she was 28 years and lived in a shack some miles on the outskirts of the city. Moreover, she claimed she was jobless since society was cruel to her, and no one could give women beggars any job. Begging was her job, and she had no family since she was also born in the streets, grew up as a street child, and does not know where her other family members were.


Sara is a school kid and the firstborn in their family. Her father loves going out with her when he goes to the gym, driving around the city, swimming, and even archery sports. Sara has been taught by his father not to trust any stranger and other survival skills when kidnapped or attacked by strangers, such as biting hard or even screaming for help.

The action

After the Friday evening dinner, the events turned tragic when Jessica drew a pistol and ordered everyone down, demanding cash and other valuables. Their family of Sara was wrong in trusting the beggar woman who turned out to be a robber. Sara’s mother started screaming, but Jessica threatened to kill her husband if she kept quiet. Jessica grabbed Sara by her chest in one arm while pointing a gun at her head with the right hand, threatening to kill her if she was not given money. Sara took the opportunity to apply the lessons from her father. She dug her teeth deep into Jessica’s arm, holding her, tearing about the main blood arteries of the arm. Out of pain, Jessica lost focus and dropped the gun on the ground out of pain. Sara’s father took the opportunity to trip Jessica down by swiping at her legs and jumping on the gun. Fighting and struggle for the gun ensued between Sara’s father and Jessica as Sara went for the gun. However, the gun went off, shuttering the right thing for Jessica as she screamed in pain and blood, oozing out profusely.


A patrol officer heard the gunshot and rushed in the direction of the gunshot, and there she was, the most wanted notorious woman robber. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment and later to be charged in court with attempted robbery, as Sara was praised for her bravery and being heroin.

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