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Boyz N the Hood Essay: A Critique of John Singleton’s Film

Apr 24, 2023 | 0 comments

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Apr 24, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments


The thesis pertaining to the film of Boyz n the Hood

The film of Boyz n the Hood by John Singleton has the power of transforming political sensibilities of a person and expose the gap between the poor and the rich, the corruption existing in the modern society and make a reflection of black stereotypes

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Question. 2.

Develop three (3) topic sentences articulating the major ideas of the essay

  1. The film of Boyz n the Hood brings out the unreasonable societal aspects through the lives of black people
  2. The film of Boyz n the Hood reveals the seriousness of the existing gap between the poor and the rich. It shows the poor housing with violence and poverty for the black people
  3. The film of Boyz n the Hood also perpetuates blacks’ stereotypes. The film showed a prejudiced and a biased way by the lives of the black people. Throughout the film, the blacks make shooting incidents and curse each other a lot

Question 3

Three (3) scenes from the film of Boyz n the Hood that support the thesis statement.

  1. The scene on the film of Boyz n the Hood at 1:32 minutes shows Ricky being shot to death by other fellow blacks. However, in the news report, there is no mentioning of the death at all (Singleton and Laurence). Furthermore, Darren stated that they do not care about what is happening in the neighborhood. By this statement, Darren referred the neighborhood as the black people and that they equal the world. Additionally, the scene at 1:12 minutes, the film of Boyz n the Hood shows the unjust capturing of Tre by the police despite the fact that he did nothing wrong. Moreover, the police kept on referring to Tre as “nigger.” The scene shows how the police bullied Tre just because he was black (Singleton and Laurence).
  2. The scene at 54:44 seconds in the film of Boyz n the Hood, the admission officer at USC visits the house of Ricky for him to join a college. At the door there are friends of Daren, and they also say they want to join the college too and asks whether they can get scholarships (Singleton and Laurence). From their statements to the admission officer, it is evident that getting education among the black people is very difficult
  3. Similarly, the scene at 26 minutes shows the father of Tre giving advice to his son about the military that the black people has no chances of joining the army (Singleton and Laurence). This shows there is also discrimination against the blacks at the military.


Lastly, develop fully the introductory paragraph.

The film of Boyz n the Hood have the transformative powers of transforming the political; sensibilities of an individual and to bring out the societal corruption, the existing gap between the poor and the rich, and make a reflection of the black stereotypes. Through the characters such as Ricky, Darren and Tre, the film shows the societal unreasonable aspects. The background of the film of Boyz n the Hood is that black people live in neighborhoods that are segregated and are exposed to many dangers. The neighborhoods has frequent shootings and the blacks are discriminated against. The film of Boyz n the Hood by John Singleton arouses the attention of the people by showing the life of the black people, and therefore it has the power of changing political sensibilities of an individual (Singleton and Laurence).

In conclusion, “Boyz n the Hood” is a powerful film that sheds light on the harsh realities of growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Through its vivid portrayal of violence, poverty, and racism, the film sends a powerful message about the need for change in society. By providing a platform for African American voices to be heard, “Boyz n the Hood” sparked important conversations about race relations in the United States. Today, the film remains a timeless classic and a testament to the resilience of those who struggle to survive in inner-city communities.

Work Cited

Singleton, John, and Laurence Fishburne. Boyz N the Hood. Hilversum: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2011.

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