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Artistic Representations of the New World: A Comparative Analysis of Paolo De Matteis, Philip Barlow, and Michael Bohme

Jan 23, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jan 23, 2023 | Essays | 0 comments

The painting is a masterpiece by Philip Barlow referred to as the sky includes is a collection of four different paintings. The painting caputres the New World themes of fantasy and landscape. The paintings are present realistic picture and can currently be found in the Philip Barlows’ art gallery website ( “Barlow” , Art 21)

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Figure 5 A depiction of a large station ship in the far future by Micheal Bohme.

The Ark Space is a master piece science fiction artwork by Micheal Bohme, created in 1997. The image is a representation of a large space station in the far future. The piece was published in the exhibition catalogue of the Chicago Art Institute, in the Buildings for space travel (“Mohme”, Art21).

The painting by Paolo De Matteis is referred to as The Triumph of the Immaculate from the Baroque art movement. The masterpiece was painted in Italy around 1710 and can be found in Gemaldegalerie-Berlin ( “Matteis” , Art21).


There exist various concepts of the new world. They include, science fiction, fantasy, landscape, discovery voyages, the spirits just to mention a few. Works of art play a significant role, for entertainment, educational, a reflection of the society’s moral values, political significance, religious significance, and problems to the society is faced with. Both current and previous artworks carry significant themes of the New World. All these paintings represent a particular social context dispensing on the understanding of its audience. There exists a number of good painters since time memorial. Paolo De Mattei is an Italian painter famous for his painting, The Triumph of the Immaculate. The piece is a fantasy narrative detail, it is a full story presented as a painting. The painting is of the baroque era, with their visceral images and easy to understand. The painting is a dramatic fantasy in that it captures the events and narrative of the ascent to the highest order of existence of well put together beings in drab colors. Ark in Space, a painting by Micheal Mohme is the latest of the three paintings this paper shall discuss. The painting is a depiction of a large space station in the far future. This painting is a reflection of new technological inventions and innovative ideas of the world. The painting is a 19 by 23 in size and it is painted on painted on acylic canvas.

The sky by Philip Barlow, is a collection of four paintings. All the paintings are painted from a horizontal angle and capture the the hilly part of the landscape. The afternoon painting show the sky covered in dark clouds and the landscape all cloudy as if to indicate presence of rain. The second afternoon picture has sparse clouds with a clear sky. In addition, there is an orange light as if to indicate the presence of the sun on that day. The third picture in the collection, is all bright will a very blue sky. There are few clouds and the sun seem to cast a shadow on the landscape. In this painting the time of the day is probably late in the evening when the sun is setting. The last picture is all bright. The landscape is all brown and looks dusty. The sky is partly cloudy and the sun seem to be rising. All the pictures in the sky collection show the sky and the landscape and the different times of the day displaying different weather conditions. These artworks not only show the landcape but also includes some aspects of fantasy of the sky and the landscape of the earth.

The Triumph of the Immaculate is an artistic work created by Paolo De Matteis. The style period of this painting is Baroque. The triumph of the Immaculate is in oil and canvas that is in medium size painting. The images are covered in shadows cast by the brilliant white light from the clouds. The piece was painted in Italy around 1710 and is available in the Gemaldegalerie, Berlin. The painting carrys with it the New World theme of spirits. The images in the painting are glowing a relection of more an unnatural beings. The painting carries the spirituality and fantasy themes. Baroque makes the main character the most dominant in its art and architecture. Other symbolic paintings include God, who is shown in the lighter glow and the Pope, who is portrayed as small and insignificant.

The Ark Space carries the science fiction and space fantasy themes. Tthe painting adopts a 3-D format and reflects moving pictures. The face of the painting is covered in glowing silver like material. In the painting, Micheal, show the future space and scenes of current world explorations. The images in the painting reflect alien life. Looking at the images one would notice other round objects that look like planets, the whole painting is a reflection of how the view of life from another planet looks like. The painting is an imagination and an exploration of the solar system. In the social context the painting is a symbol of the human events and experinces of the mind and soul. The painter has incorporated environmental aspects such as trees and vegetative plantation to symbolize life and human dealings with nature. The painting also captures different times of the day and year.

The three paintings show different style movements and come from different time periods a reflection of the different New World themes. Consequently, the styles employed in the paintings are influenced by the periods they were painted in historical events and cultural aspects and relied on the exact events captured in the paintings. Paolo de Matteis work was purely a fantasy of a religious war motivated by the desire to contribute to the historical religious fight while Barlow’s captures a real events of the landscape. Mohme’s work on the other hand, is a prediction of the future, a representation of both fantasy and science fiction. Therefore, the three paintings serve as a reminder of events that occurred during those periods and expected events of the future.


The Triumph of the Immaculate, The Ark Space, and The Sky are significant pieces of art in religious, political, cultural and landscape. The Triumph of Imaculate for instance, captures the spirituality and fantasy themes. Barlow’s piece on the other hand, displays the landscape and atmosphere. The different paintings all relate to the landscape. Through the paintings one can tell the time of the day they each represent.

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