Persuasive Essay Examples

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Persuasive Essay Examples

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Persuasive Essay Examples

Are you stuck or looking for inspiration on how to write a persuasive essay?

Consider the persuasive essay samples below.

These are samples of papers written for college students in the past.

Persuasive Essay Examples  #1



Moral issues surrounding birth control have been a controversial issue for many people from religious groups and societal groups that hold different views. Birth control manages reproduction through the prevention of conception and increasing conception rate through fertility treatments. In this regard, people have control over their natural reproductive process. The question of whether to use or not to use birth control is between the Christian community and the secular community with reference to the government. This paper will focus on the unethical decision of the Wheaton College giving reasons why the students and employees should be given access to birth control.

 Those who advocate for the use of birth control argue that unplanned births ordinarily contribute to poverty, less work productivity, joblessness due to increased population and limited resources for the increasing population. In addition, birth control is alleged to improve the health of women, since planned pregnancies provide adequate time for recuperation from the previous birth. Those against birth control argue that it is unnatural and against life, separating reproduction from sex. Others are of the opinion that birth control methods such as contraception are abortion in disguise, increasing health risks like infertility, high blood pressure and weight gain resulting in obesity (Alexandra, 2010). Another argument is that it makes it easier for the young and unmarried people to have sex without consequences, thus spreading sexual immorality.

To use birth control is a personal decision with concern to the health of a person. The Affordable Care Act requires that certain employer-sponsored health insurance plans to provide contraception cover commonly referred to s the birth control benefit. The use of birth control methods assist in the planned reproduction, in this regard, it is easy for parents to decide when to want children and when not to. Increased population results in increased resources used in the facilitation of the birth of new persons. Therefore birth control methods assist in planning and adequate sharing of the existing resources.

Access to birth control reduces abortions rates, in research conducted in St. Louis area showed that access to birth control reduced the rates of abortion from 77% to 62%. Further, the study indicated that the provision of IUDs, implants, and the introduction of the different methods reduced unintended pregnancies and abortions. It has been reported, for instance, in 2006, over forty percent of the pregnancies in the U.S were unplanned which resulted in abortion. Therefore, this means that birth control provision is ethical since it helps reduce the rates of abortion (Weschler, 2006). It is clear that the young generation is sexually active from the increased number of teenage pregnancies. The use of birth control by people from these age groups will discourage high-risk teenage pregnancies.

Another ethical reason why birth control should be provided is that it is good for the maternal health of women. Most of the time pregnancies are risky, and even more risky when not planned. When women are given the chance to plan before pregnancy, they psychologically prepare for the pregnancy. This is to say that when an unplanned pregnancy occurs, there is a higher likelihood of the woman failing to do early prenatal care. Several surveys in the U.S have indicated that women who use birth control take better care of themselves, through the achievement of economic security and taking good care of their families (Connell, 2002). The value the chance of planning child-bearing and achieving their goals in life. Medically birth control pills are said to reduce and protect against pelvic inflammatory diseases that have been associated with infertility.  An additional benefit for birth control methods like condoms is the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS.

There exist beneficial aspects of birth control beyond the prevention of unplanned pregnancies.  Birth control assists people to prevent having children they cannot support. In this regard, the children born are given total care with the existing economic recourses. This has a positive impact on the eradication of poverty. For instance, through birth control, the population is regulated making it easy for most people to access job opportunities. In most countries when the population is not regulated it results in competition for existing resources.


 The use of birth control should be a shared responsibility between wife and husband. With over 1 million unplanned pregnancies each year, couples and families are positions is disadvantageous circumstances of social, financial, health and personal consequences. Unplanned pregnancies leave the couple with choices such as abortion or bringing an unplanned child. In addition, the woman is mostly affected resulting in depression, maternal death, and physical and mental abuse. The family unit is most affected due to unplanned pregnancies, most of the time the family is pushed beyond its economic limits resulting in a cycle of poverty. Discouraging people from using birth control methods such as condoms increase the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. In the end, it’s the taxpayers who bear the burden of ensuring the person infected is given proper care through government facilities. The use of birth control reduces chronic illnesses and maternal deaths due to pregnancy-related complications.


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Persuasive Essay Example #2

Ethical arguments against abortion


Each and every day all over the world medical specialists suction large numbers of infants from the wombs of their mothers through a process known as abortion. The law guards and gives consent to both the medical professionals and the mother for these processes. The babies apparently do not have the right to protection because of the debate about if the fetus is regarded as human and has life. Pro-life writer, Sarah Terzo, in an article of, delivers the following affirmation from a medical scholar on witnessing his first pregnancy termination, “ abandoned by their mothers and considered as medical garbage by their murderers, silently, the babies are allowed to die by society with no acknowledgment or approval of their humanness”(Terzo,2013). Which brings me to the question, does life begin at conception? Or the unborn young are not considered as human? In that case, should abortion be legalized or not?

First of all, someone is considered as human at conception Thomson broadens this discussion by stating that, we will apparently have to acknowledge that the fetus as up to now has become human (Thomson, 2012). She illustrates with the fact that at the end of the tenth week the fetus already has developed legs, fingers, a face, arms, toes, internal body organs, and its brain is developing. She states that all unborn children are human beings and all human beings deserve to live. This discredits abortion.  I’m also taking into account various growth stages of a fetus when concluding its humanness. For instance, the fetus is able to feel pain at six weeks. At eight weeks the unborn child has well-established its very own set of particular fingerprints the same set that will carry into maturity if born. Moreover, by fifteen weeks into a usual pregnancy, the infant’s body organ systems are whole and working. And so, I believe it’s absurd that these expected infants could not be part of the existing human family.

On the other side of the coin, an equally large sum of people are completely confident of the ethics and essentiality of abortion. They trust that the notion that a baby is living at the time of conception is purely a religious argument which is bizarre. They quickly assert that to trust that a single cell by then is a whole human individual and should be considered as so is ridiculous (Riler, 2013). They disapprove of them as complete human beings until all common human features and body organs have been formed and are straight away functional. This is to say an embryo is not regarded as human one week to delivery but is equivalent to human life after being born. This theory makes me ask myself are the aged with weakened body functions after all said to be human? If that is the case then this is an exceedingly hypocritical though common justification for abortion.

Unborn babies should also be allowed an opportunity to reach their full potential as a person. The query is out of all the pregnancies terminated how many of them may have been athletes, presidents or doctors? However, abortionists have discredited this with the basis that terminated pregnancies would also have resulted in the rise of outlaws drugs upon humankind. The idea is that each and every extraordinary person s should be allowed the opportunity to live life abundantly.

One of the methods used during an abortion is Dilation and Extraction, incomplete pregnancy termination. During this method, the baby which is inches away from birth is cut through the head. The cerebrum is sucked out then the pregnancy is removed.  As reported by Illinois practitioner Mr. Le Roy Sprang, the suctioning out of the cerebrum is definitely torturously painful. It is killing an innocent human and should radically be opposed. This is however defended by abortionist that the welfare of the mother is considered. According to them, no woman should be made to go on with a pregnancy or bring up a baby against her will. Some families may be incapacitated to bring up extra children thus see abortion as an answer. Nonetheless, people should take the necessary precaution such as family planning instead or abort as a way to minimize the number of children.


As I conclude, abortion is a deeply argumentative issue that should not be assumed. Those who argue that an unborn baby is not a human being ought to at least agree that an embryo is developing human life. When a pregnancy is terminated, that human life,  though small is wiped out.


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The Takeaway

What should you learn from the samples above?

  • Strong emotional appeal. The purpose of this type of essay is to persuade. Therefore, a strong emotional appeal is required to hook the reader and sway them to your point of view.
  • Thesis statement. The thesis statement of a persuasive essay should be strong, compelling, and convincing. Also, it should not sound like common knowledge. What is the point of persuading a reader about something they already know to be true?
  • Factual evidence. As much as you are trying to appeal to a reader’s emotions, you should back your points with factual evidence. So, adequate research on the topic is required. Additionally, you should quote your references within the text.
  • Structure. Like any other essay, a persuasive essay should follow the 5-paragraph essay structure, unless instructed otherwise. The first paragraph is the introduction, which should include a hook and a thesis statement. The following three paragraphs are the body where you are supposed to discuss your points. Each point should be on its own paragraph and introduced using a topic sentence. The last paragraph is the conclusion, where you should summarize your main points and tie them to your thesis.


We hope that the samples above have given you a clear idea of how to write a persuasive essay.

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