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Career Paths in Writing: Exploring Opportunities in Content Creation, Journalism, and Copywriting

Nov 2, 2023 | 0 comments

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Nov 2, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

If you are passionate about writing, it makes perfect sense to turn this passion into a career. Most jobs in this niche offer flexibility and room for creative expression. More importantly, the market opportunities are constantly growing, and there are plenty of lucrative writing professions to explore, both part-time and full-time. Below are some of the top choices for anyone who loves blending words.

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Journalism is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about writing careers. Journalism is a very vast professional niche that covers all sorts of topics, from politics and finance to sports and fashion. The job opportunities are available on both freelance and regular basis, with journalists working either for large state media or small online magazines.

On average, a journalist earns between $50,000 and $65,000 in the US, but the actual figures and the job specifics vary greatly. Still, if you are passionate about a particular subject — whether it is international politics or sports events, a career in journalism can be most fulfilling — especially if you find an employer who gives you enough room for creative expression. Another great thing about pursuing a career in journalism is that it has plenty of opportunities for professional growth and recognition — something most writers would genuinely enjoy.

SEO writing

As long as we have the Internet, SEO writing will remain in demand. Writing with search engine optimization in mind is a peculiar job that combines writing creativity with mathematical precision. Here, the trick is to analyze the most popular keyword searches and carefully incorporate them into writing, keeping both the actual queries and frequencies in mind.

Sometimes, the keyword research will be done by an SEO manager. Still, many companies that want to hire an SEO writer for their team expect candidates to have an excellent understanding of how search engine optimization works. Besides, carrying out your own keyword research rather than simply following a manager’s instructions will give your earnings a serious boost.

Content creation

Content creation may seem pretty much the same as SEO writing, and sometimes, it truly is. Still, there is often a significant difference between these two — not all forms of content may be as heavily SEO-optimized as, for example, website pages. At the same time, practically every piece of writing that is supposed to go online should, to some degree, be keyword-optimized.

The actual forms of writing in the content creation niche can also be very different — website pages, blog posts, press releases, news, reports, etc. Anything that goes online can technically qualify as content. Most content writers work either as independent freelancers or via large media and content creation agencies. One can also apply for a content writer position at a specific private company that regularly needs new posts created. The salary range can be very different depending on the exact content forms and employers, but this niche is definitely profitable because any brand promotion relies on content creation.

Technical writing

This is a vast and very lucrative niche that spans from writing about software development to engineering and space tech. Here, creative skills alone will not be enough — technical writers need to have a proper understanding of the covered topics. Of course, no one expects a technical writer to have the same skills and knowledge as a software architect or a rocket scientist. However, it is still important to understand the basics quite well — while having the creative ability to forge words together.

The exact writing forms in the technical niche can also vary greatly — from case studies and blog posts to sustainability reports and analytical forecasts. Also, remember that landing a job in this sector is not always easy, so you have to research technical writer interview questions, along with exact company specifics, before applying to vacancies. But if you understand the relevant technical aspects, getting a job should not be too difficult despite the high competition.

Academic writing

This is another specific writing niche that can turn either into part- or full-time employment. Writing custom essays, course papers, and even complete dissertations is something customers will always be prepared to pay for. Besides, this is a logical continuation of your own academic career. The range of subjects and topics is as vast as the range of majors in any college.

Obviously, like the papers you wrote at school, academic writing as a profession will have to follow a set of rigid requirements, and research skills are an absolute must in this niche. Academic papers have to be structured according to different formats, depending on the task requirements, so you might have to learn a few other styles besides APA and MLA. But, if you did well with school papers, you will probably enjoy working in this niche because it always gives you an opportunity to learn something new.

Social media writing

Writing social media posts is a peculiar writing niche, very different from all others on this list. This is the kind of job that requires some knowledge of basic marketing principles, as well as a thorough understanding of each social platform’s specifics. Of course, not all social media writers work with the whole range of available social networks — one person would unlikely be able to cover all of those to begin with.

Still, social media posts created for LinkedIn and Twitter are clearly very different — and it is not just about character count. Even Facebook and Instagram, sites that belong under one Meta umbrella, require very different approaches to writing. This is the primary goal of a social media writer — create regular engaging posts for different social networks while keeping in mind what type of content is most appealing to different users. And, since all niche writing is an applied profession rather than the ‘art for art’s sake,’ the client who pays for this content will usually be a brand or any other type of business. So, it is also essential to understand business specifics and brand messages to promote them through engaging social media posts.

Bonus: Editing and proofreading

If you are good at writing, the chances are that you will be good at editing and proofreading other people’s work. However, you should remember that the best editors don’t just graduate from school — they become good in this niche after a few years of working as writers themselves. This job requires great attention to detail and some critical thinking, too. And, of course, one has to have a thorough understanding of the covered topics — after all, quality editing is not just about correcting typos and punctuation mistakes. It is about polishing up a piece of writing and bringing it to utmost perfection — especially in the technical niches that are in high demand today.

All in all, the range of writing careers is vast, and anyone passionate about this field can choose something they like. And, if you know a foreign language (or better yet, too), there are always writing-related opportunities in the translation niche — something that can be both fun and informative. The last tip when figuring out a potential career in writing is to stick to topics you are genuinely interested in — because when you write about something you care about, the readers will know!

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