American Dream Essay

Mar 10, 2020

American Dream Essay

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Essay: What is The American Dream Essay?

In this essay, we shall tackle and answer the question of the American dream.

Any American can be able to answer this question in their own way based on their understanding of the American dream.

In answering this question we are going to focus on the aspect of success and prosperity.

If you have read concerning the American dream you will see that immigration has been one of the driving forces.

There are so many immigrants that have settled in the US.

This driving force has been passed from generation to generation from the time the nation was founded by its fathers.

Individuals have taken this model Initiative for their own self, their families, and also their children’s Legacy.

It is important to note that the American dream did not start yesterday it is something that has existed for some time.

One of the things you will find different concerning the American dream is that it has evolved for the purposes of the current expectations.

Also, there have been modifications that have been done for the same.

The American dream has been consistent and it is one of the things that the American dub as success in society.

When you look back concerning the American dream it was all about being able to achieve what the parents could not be able to attain.

It was all about doing more than what the previous people had done.

The dream was about creating a better place for people to live in.

One of the ways towards creating such environments is to ensure that children get a better education.

Being able to get better careers and grow in their education was one of the mindsets of success and growth in America.

Another thing was being able to get rid of artificial obstacles that may distract the children from being able to learn and grow in their careers.

The light came into the Americans during the postmodern era which made them realize there is more to achieve other than making America a better place for the Americans.

The Americans had to embrace the fact that people should not be discriminated against.

This is because there was a lot of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, race, culture, and many other areas.

When the postmodern era came to America there was a need for individuals not to be discriminated based on ethnicity, race, class, religion, and any kind of cultural construction.

When you read the history of America you will find that there were so many things that made people work with zeal and continuously so that they can be able to put something on their table.

This is because there was little time to work and be able to put and make ends meet.

Examples of issues that made people work tirelessly include inadequate economic progress, conflicts, Wars, depression, resource scarcity, unemployment, and many other things.

The lack of money and benefits made individuals work hard.

As you compare with the past generation to the current generation you will find that there are so many opportunities that the current generation is enjoying that could not be found in the previous generation.

Since change is inevitable the Americans have been able to embrace this change for the purposes of advancement.

Many changes have been made to give room to opportunities and development that are evolving through technology.

When it comes to explaining and defining the American dream idea different people have different opinions and definitions.

Some have supported the idea while others have different opinions concerning the American dream.

If you ask the individual that have migrated in the United States one of the reasons they are there is because they believe that the United States is a place where there are many opportunities.

When you compare the culture of the Americans to that of other countries you will find it is a total difference.

For example, you will find people who are friendly, there are comfortable lifestyles, the businesses in the country are relaxed, there are job opportunities, many companies have been built in the country, and many other things.

When it comes to opportunities to immigrants everything is at their disposal and they can be able to do whatever they want.

For example, you would find migrants having the opportunity to practice their religion and also their heritage in the country.

When you talk about freedom the United States has embraced it and it is one of the countries that have realized its importance.

Below are notions of the American Dreams that have brought about the experience in the US.

  • Working hard to achieve success.
  • Improvement of the medical facilities and the techniques.
  • Making an individual’s life better.
  • The ability to be what you want to be through working hard and making use of every opportunity.
  • Political gain.
  • Being able to make fast money.
  • Opportunities for better education.

Despite the fact the American dream being beneficial to the Americans and the people living in the US, it has negative side effects.

For example, the American dream has brought about some individuals in society wealthier than other individuals.

This means when it comes to their financial equality of individuals there some people who are way higher than others.

When you compare the income of individuals you will find that there are some people who are not able to make ends meet while others are prospering due to their financial stability.

Through studies of different scholars, they show that the growth of the US economy was as a result of opportunities that were created through the American dream and not the notion of income equality.

When you read concerning different scholars you will find that the American dream is about individuals willing to work hard to be able to achieve whatever they want.

This means it’s not something you hope to attain but you have to put your best foot forward to be able to reach where you want to be.

It means for you to be able to have a better education, to have a good lifestyle, and to live comfortably you not only have to think about it but also work for it.

This brings everyone on board to pursue their dreams and achieve them.

We have values like freedom, equality, and opportunity but they are not available to everyone.

When it comes to benefits that the American dream has, you find that not everyone is able to get them.

Many scholars are trying to understand the ideology behind the American dream and they have written different things concerning that.

There are many theories that have been used to describe the American dream for individuals to understand their accomplishments and their beliefs behind it.

From the forefathers of the American dream, it is clear that the American dream is all about taking advantage of opportunities.

The opportunities that have been availed to the Americans is to ensure the prosperity and the progress of the country and the Americans themselves.

When it comes to the achievement of the American dream the process is quite involving and complicated because it requires individuals to have the right knowledge resources determination steadfastness and also self-belief.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr acknowledged that everyone is created equal and we deserve the same Liberty to live and pursuit happiness.

His understanding concerning mankind is brought from the concepts of God being the creator of everyone.

This means that everyone is created equal and they should have freedom and equality to live a fulfilling life.

For the achievement of the American dream, there is a need for change concerning the value system of the Americans.

For the purposes of America to become a united nation and a family a lot of changes need to be done especially when it comes to handling power.

There is a struggle for power which has led 10% of people living in America to be the ones controlling the economy because they are the ones operating the 80% of the wealth in the community.

One of the things that need to be done in America is to do a distinction between classes of individuals who are wealthy and rich in the community.

When this is handled then there is an ability of America being able to achieve its dreams.

The American dream when a child will be able to bring unity to The Americans because it is a cultural component.

The American dream has been able to survive from generation to generation due to the fact that socialization has brought out this dream clearly to individuals.

When you look at the American dream it is within the American culture and can be categorized as a subculture.

The American dream has become a part of individuals’ lives and they are working towards so that they can be able to achieve it.

Though there are others who are chasing the dream others are already living the dream.

There are many opportunities for individuals to be able to achieve the dream of America and also their dreams so that they can live in a comfortable environment.

It is essential for individuals to take up these opportunities so that they can be able to make America a better place.

In conclusion, a dream has to bring out positive outcomes and when you look at the American dreams it has been able to achieve this to an extent.

It has been able to impact the Americans and also other nations in a great way.

You can consider reviewing this essay so that you can be able to see the different ideologies from different people concerning their perception of the American dream.



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