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The Importance of Tolerance in Writing About Imperialism

Jun 15, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 15, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Imperialism has benefits in many ways. It can influence the spread of culture, education, and technology. It also has a lot of negative effects on society. In many cases, it causes wars and violence. Diseases, pandemics, poverty, and dictatorship also spread due to imperialism.

The British started the age of imperialism in the 1760s. Europeans went out to other countries to colonize and build them. It led to the scramble for Africa and the colonization of America. Nations in the Middle East and the Eastern regions were colonized too. Different writers give differing views about imperialism.


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Importance of tolerance in writing

Writing can influence people’s decisions and actions. Depending on the writer’s language, it can lead to hatred or love. Tolerance builds greater peace and togetherness in society.

Today, a lot of students have studied and written about imperialism. They have made different arguments in their essays. Sometimes, a student might fail to practice tolerance when dealing with such topics. That is why a student should first read essays written by professionals. One of the credible source for an imperialism essay is GradesFixer. It contains many free examples of essays that can give a student ideas. They help a student understand how to show tolerance in their writing.

A writer is free to express their feelings about a situation. However, they need to know the limits of that freedom. It should help people to live together without fear of being judged. It benefits writers and society in different ways.

  • Helps people to accept each other the way they are
  • Creates an open-minded society
  • Builds patience with each other
  • Enhances respect for one another
  • People learn from each other
  • Bridges cultural gaps and removes negative stereotyping
  • Writers respect each other’s points of view and beliefs

Building tolerance when writing about imperialism

From 1870 to 1914, imperialism affected colonies in a big way. Many European nations were rushing to acquire new lands for farming and mining. In the process, they began to build colonies. To avoid resistance from local people, they started to destroy native cultures. Local industries were destroyed too. They brought in new regions, languages, and ways of life. Many local people were taken as slaves and were denied their human rights.

Balancing Justification and Criticism of Imperialism

When writing about imperialism, some writers may take a balanced approach. In their arguments, some might lean on justification or criticism. For instance, imperialists justified their mission in different ways. They say they were focused on civilizing the world or spreading a new religion. They used these beliefs to justify ending some cultures, religions, and races.

Anti-imperialists criticize taking native lands by force. They write against violations of human rights, slavery, and cultures. Harsh criticism does not help people to change their behavior. It only increases anger and self-defense. It builds hatred and xenophobic attacks. It is crucial to balance justification and imperialism in writing. When writing essays or research papers, there are conditions for justification.

  • Be mindful of both the local and international law
  • Do not try to favor one group and pull down the other
  • Show human merit. That is, consider you are dealing with people.
  • Show logic when criticizing
  • Focus on positive criticism
  • Provide constructive arguments
  • Be practical

Showing tolerance in politics of imperialism

In the 18th and 19th centuries, politics played a critical role in the spread of imperialism. Foreign powers were seeking to dominate nations and expand their rule. They used diplomacy, military, and economic power to rule nations. Many of the nations that spread imperialism still have significant influence today.

Some of the colonized nations still rely on their colonizers to some extent. The daily politics that govern such nations can influence the perspective of writers. They can write essays based on what they hear or see daily. It can lead to intolerance when writing about imperialism.

Politicians seek to control society by influencing policies. They use bureaucracies, civil society, and local leaders. Colonization used the same strategies to divide and rule colonies. They no longer rule the nations, but local politicians still speak about their rule. This is one of the ways politicians can influence the writing language of writers.

They might use extreme language on the topic and display high intolerance. Writers need to put boundaries to political influence in their writing. In some sense, writing interacts with society. It must engage an audience to achieve its goal. It touches on political affairs in different ways.

Even if a writer is leaning toward imperialism, the readers should not see the bias. They should see tolerance in the language and writing style. There are different ways to show tolerance in the politics of imperialism.

Extend your sources of information. Do not research from one source only. Get your arguments from a wide range of resources.

Write your first draft based on how you feel. You cannot correct your biases if you don’t recognize them. One of the ways to identify them is to write what is deep in your thoughts. Read your second draft and remove the biases.

Let someone else read your copy. Someone else can easily pinpoint your intolerance. Give your copy to a person with a different point of view. They can help you edit your copy to achieve a balanced opinion.

Avoid phrases that show intolerance. Some phrases like “it must be remembered that” might show intolerance. The phrase can help emphasize your point of view. However, it will communicate a negative thought in the mind of readers. Avoid words like “ought” and “should.” They tend to tell readers what to do.


Tolerance when writing about imperialism should focus on building peace. The writer should examine his writings to see if they promote society’s coexistence. Different writers give conflicting opinions on the topic. However, they should show respect to the different opinions. This is more important when writing essays or research papers. A student needs to respect the opinion of other students. They also need to have a balance in their arguments.


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