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Top 100 Tempest Essay Topics for Students

Sep 1, 2021 | 0 comments

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Sep 1, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

The Tempest by William Shakespeare is a play about magic, love, and forgiveness.
Prospero uses his magical skills to torment the people of another ship to act on his revenge from when he was exiled.
As an essay assignment for students, they are given topics based on The Tempest, such as “magic” or “love,” but many struggles with coming up with novel ideas because these broad topics offer little detail that would spark their interest.
Students need to realize that there are many topics in the book The Tempest by Shakespeare.
They have to look in the right place at all of them and see what they can make an essay about!
Any student reading this piece is already on a good path because we will help you develop great ideas for your essays – both popular ones and more unique novel choices like Prospero’s isolation from others throughout the play.
You’ll also be able to use these themes as inspiration if deciding which one might work best: fatherhood-daughter relationship; nature vs. nurture debate; magic v/s science battle; colonialism v natives?
We selected some major points below to overthink before knowing exactly how they want their paper structured.

Tempest essay topics

  1. The Solution of Utopia in The Tempest
  2. Nature and Art in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  3. Comparison of Translations and The Tempest
  4. European Colonization in The Tempest
  5. Reflections on The Tempest
  6. Harmony and Conflict in The Tempest
  7. What Are the Opposition between Reality and Art in Shakespeare’s The Tempest?
  8. Bravery in The Tempest
  9. The New Orthodox View of The Tempest
  10. Digging Deep into The Tempest by William Shakespeare
  11. The Feelings of Ferdinand Toward Melinda in “The Tempest”
  12. Vengeance in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  13. Things That the Closing scenes in Shakespeare’s Tempest Proves to the Readers.
  14. The ways The Tempest Portrayed Court as The Framework for Civilized Society
  15. Reconciliation in The Tempest
  16. Discrimination Exposed in The Tempest
  17. Caliban’s Character in Shakespeare’s Tempest
  18. The Role of Magic in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  19. Distraction and Interruption in The Tempest
  20. Allegory in The Tempest
  21. Servitude in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  22. Quest for Power In The Tempest
  23. Treacheries and Rebellions in The Tempest
  24. Knowledge Portrayed As Power in The Tempest
  25. Themes in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  26. Shakespeare’s The Tempest As a Dated Work
  27. The Money Issues in The Tempest and Othello
  28. The Tempest as a Microcosm of Society
  29. What Role Did Environment Play in Shakespeare’s The Tempest?
  30. The Role of Music in The Tempest
  31. Setting in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  32. Supernatural in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  33. The Portrayal of Caliban as a Child in The Tempest
  34. What Are Masque Elements in The Tempest
  35. Slavery Cycle in The Tempest
  36. The Effects of Illusion in  Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  37. Utopianism Theme in The Tempest
  38. Interpretations of Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  39. Practical lessons in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  40. Caliban’s character in The Tempest
  41. Analyzing the Epilog of The Tempest
  42. True Villain in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  43. Resolution of Conflicts in Shakespeare’s Tempest
  44. The Portrayal of Romance and Anti-Romance in The Tempest
  45. The Various Interpretations of Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  46. How Did The Tempest by William Shakespeare Portray Utopia
  47. Revenge in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  48. Discussion of First Two Acts of The Tempest
  49. Analysis of Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  50. Magic of Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  51. The Loss of Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  52. The Redemption of Prospero in The Tempest
  53. How Did Shakespeare’s The Tempest Portray European Colonization?
  54. Is The Tempest a Resignation Speech of Shakespeare?
  55. The Duality between Nature and Society in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  56. What Special Role Did Dialogue Play in The Tempest?
  57. Is Prospero a Good or an Evil Person in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  58. The Choice of Prospero in The Tempest
  59. Christianity in Shakespeare’s Tempest
  60. The Juxtaposition Of Caliban’s Physical and Mental State in The Tempest By William Shakespeare
  61. Nurture vs. Nature in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  62. The theme of family in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  63. Fragile Hope and Bitter Wisdom in The Tempest
  64. Roles of Stephano and Trinculo in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  65. Evidence that Prospero’s renunciation of magic shows Shakespeare’s intention to leave the stage
  66. Dramatic Effects in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  67. How Language Played a Unique Role in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  68. The Role Imagery in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  69. The Struggle for Political Power in The Tempest
  70. Caliban’s Oppression in The Tempest
  71. Justifying Prospero’s Actions in Shakespeare’s The Tempest

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